How to Clear Internet History from Popular Browsers

One of the important aspect of online privacy is remove all your past traces. Specially, for us when we access internet from a public computer, friends computer or from a system which is shared with multiple people, you should ensure that you clear internet history once you are done accessing the internet. This will ensure, no body could trace what all websites you have accessed. You should also consider deleting browser cookies, which is one of the many ways by which hackers hack your account.

To ensure maximum safety while using a Public computer or using somebody else computer, make sure you should delete following to ensure maximum privacy and safety of your browsing habits:

  1.  Cookies
  2. Browsing History
  3. Temporary Internet Files
  4. Form Data
  5. Passwords
  6. Cache
  7.  Active Logins.
Now, there are many Popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari and many more. Here I’m sharing guide to clear Internet history from popular Web-browsers:

All the browsers have different methods of removing the history.

Remove Internet Explorer History

Remove internet Explorer History

Click on Tools tab on the top right, then “safety”, “delete browsing history”. You must tick all the options, there will be “Temporary Internet Files”, “Cookies”, “History”, “Download History”, “Form Data”, “Passwords” and “Activex Filtering and Tracking Protection Data.

deleting browsing history from IE

Click delete.

Clear Google Chrome History

If you are a Google Chrome user, follow the steps below:

Click on the “Customize and Control Google Chrome” icon (Wrench icon), which is located near the top-right side of the Google Chrome browser window.

Clear internet history

Click Tools and then select Clear browsing data.

remove Chrome History

Select the amount of time that you want to delete in your history. Select from the past hour, the past day, the past week, the last four weeks, and the beginning of time.

Select the types of history that you would like to delete. You can choose from this list: Clear browsing history, Clear download history, Empty the cache, Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data, Clear saved passwords, and Clear saved Auto fill form data.

Click the Clear browsing data.

Remove Mozilla Firefox History

Click the “Tools” then “Options”, click the “Privacy” tab, and under “History” it will be options, You May Want to “Clear Your Recent History” or “Remove Individual Cookies

Remove Mozilla Firefox History

Select “Clear Your Recent History”.

Select “Everything” or tick all the options and click ok.

Also, if you are one of those who are using Public computers to access internet, I highly recommend try not to open sensitive sites like your bank account, important Email from public computers. As there might be a Keylogger installed. Though, if situation is unavoidable, make sure you take help of online screen Keyboards to input password for sensitive sites. Needless to say, don’t use common passwords for all your logins. To ensure more safety and security, I recommend you to read following articles:

Do let me know what extra measures you take to ensure your safety and privacy when you using Public computers? And how often you clear internet history from your system?

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