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Host Tracker : Check your Webhosting Performance

Host Tracker : Check your Webhosting Performance

Host Tracker is a free online tool to check performance of your web host. With Host-Tracker you can perform a quick test of your web host by putting your website URL or perform a deep analysis by signing up on HostTracker uptime monitoring service.

Guaranteed 99.99% hosting Uptime. Is it real?

hosttracker1 550x81

If you are running a blog other than Blogspot such as WordPress,Drupal or Joomla then you should be careful about your web host because Web hosting is a pillar for your blog. Without a well performing Web host you can never be achieved a good ranking in Google. For example, if you are getting too many down times and Google bots are unable to crawl your blog most of the time, you ranking will eventually drop. I’m sure none of you wants that and here this uptime monitoring service will help you to see if your Hosting company deserves your site or you need to move to one of best Webhosting.

What Depends on your Web Hosting

  • Your website speed i.e. kilobytes downloaded per second
  • Your website response time to search engine
  • Your website availability i.e. if it is up or down for bots and visitors

If you website is passed from all these parameters then it can be understood that your web host is ok.

Host Tracker Web Hosting Analysis

With its quick host analysis you can check web host performance from different locations of the world. Host Tracker makes simultaneous hits from the several locations and give the quick report within minutes.

  • You can see the analysis of a website hosted on Hostgator below with perfect performance

idealhostperformance thumb

  • Now see a poor server analysis in the image given below

poorperformanceserver thumb

You can also use its uptime monitoring service. Host Tracker can monitor your uptime after every 30 minutes free and it sends daily,weekly,monthly report to your email. If you are using its pro service then you can also get uptime report via SMS.

Host Tracker Link

Now do let us know what you find about your web host with Host Tracker

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  • Bilal Ahmad

    Hmm that’s great, let me try it. I know hostgator is the best one, but let see what the tool say.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Bilal I tried it on hostgator and like you said they are really good… God all success!! :)

  • Designer's Digest

    I just tried Host Tracker. it works like a charm. How about, I have been using it for long time.

    • shariq@shoutmeloud

      Pingdom is also good but host-tracker takes a comprehensive analysis.

  • Mahendra

    Just checked my site and uptime is okay that is my host is Good!
    Thanks for sharing the same

    • shariq@shoutmeloud

      Your welcome Mahendra.

  • sureshpeters

    nice share :) thanks .Really helpful to select from different hosts :)

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Well yah you can check status of blogs who are hosted on different hosting and it will make your work easier to pick best web hosting…

      • Arif Nezami

        gr8 idea harsh… started doing that in no time after reading this..


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