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    Check your System up time from windows command prompt

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    When I was in college, I hardly used to shut down my PC. I have a record of running my PC for continuous 15 days in my hostel. Thanks to all heat solution which I had, that never let my computer auto shut down. Anyways, here is a simple tip to check your system uptime for all those who keeps their system on most of the time.

    This is simple trick which will tell you your system up time and other useful system information from system command prompt.

    Open Windows Command prompt by typing CMD in Run.

    cmd thumb Check your System up time from windows command prompt

    In the command prompt type systeminfo Without quotes, and press enter

    system up time thumb Check your System up time from windows command prompt

    You can see my system uptime here.

    Do let us know what’s your system up time?

    Meanwhile if you running a laptop and keep it on all the time, I suggest remove your battery and let it connect to power directly. This way your laptop battery life will last longer.

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    interesting, now I can easily check. for how long my brother is using my Laptop :d



    Thanks for the command harsh, I wasn’t aware of it.


    Akash Shastri

    I am getting this error: ‘systeminfo’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file. I think it is probably because I am using XP. Will check in Windows 7.


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