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    Check Stats of ClickBank, CJ, Adwords and Many more From Desktop

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    Are you more engaged into Internet marketing and use a mass of affiliate programs such as Google Adwords, Commission Junction, Click Bank etc apart from Ad publisher programs like Google Adsense, Yahoo publishers etc.? So Logging in and out of these services will kill a lot of time. For such people, Nifty Stats is the perfect solution which allows checking statistics and performance of these programs at one go.


    It’s a free (adware) desktop utility that logs into different affiliate programs automatically, retrieves information regarding to sales and earnings, and presents them in an easily understandable format right on your desktop without you raising a finger. This process is automated and you can make it work several times a day or at a pre-defined time.

    nifty stats reports Check Stats of ClickBank, CJ, Adwords and Many more From Desktop

    Nifty Stats Reports will be generated in the form of tables and graphs for you to easily understand. The graphs allows you to compare various figures like earnings, total hits, sales etc for a period of time. Nifty Stats also provides you a currency converter which will convert and displays your earnings in the currency you preferred. The additional benefit of this currency converter is that it will total your earnings generated from different affiliate programs so that it will be easier for you to know your earnings and sales from a single place.

    There are more than 500 different affiliate and PPC programs that are supported by NiftyStats. Just enter the login details of the ones that you selected. Nifty Stats is safe to use as All communications with the affiliate program servers will be made directly.

    There is also a Premium Version of Nifty Stats Program which offers additional features like instant email alerts and Mobile SMS alerts, printing of stats, quick search and a portable version.

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    Do let us know which softwares you are using for desktop reporting which could be useful for other bloggers and affiliate marketers?


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    wow………. its really a great tool thx a lot ……you work is amazing……..


    Kamal Hasa

    Pretty useful software this is. I am glad it’s a freeware!



    Nice apps. Does this violate those affiliate networks policies?



    Cool bro,this gonna make the work more easy..


    Radha Krishna

    Hi Tinh, This doesn’t violate affiliate network policies as Nifty Stats will directly communicate with the affiliate program servers. You can see more details on this at the official website of Nifty Stats.



    You are absolutely sure this does not violate Adsense tos because those guys at Google got all types of legalities to watch out for?

    Other than that this software would have saved me alot of time back in the day..


    Radha Krishna

    Hi Caleb, It’s 100% safe to use. You can however check more details here : http://www.niftystats.com/about-nifty-stats.html



    I am using it with adsense since it appeared, and never had any issues with it. Lately they limited it to only 15 programs, but that limited version is still free. Anyway who is just starting up, can go with the free version at the beginning without any issues


    Nabeel | Create Your First Website


    Great tool to check out affiliate stats and earnings. This will be useful for people who use more than one affiliate network. Currently, I am only using ClickBank, so I do not need it. Will try it out if I start using more affiliate networks!




    500 different ways to earn money. This post is really good and new.


    Mani Viswanathan

    Usefull app..thanks for sharing it. Also the putler link :P



    I am also apprehensive about desktop applications. You never know what kind of malware could be installed along with these applications. Next thing you know they are stealing your data.

    I don’t know if such kind of threat is there with this application or whether it is coming from a trusted source. The last thing I want is someone stealing my affiliate data.


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