How to Check Alexa Rank For Specific Country

Alexa is the Amazon Web Company which lets you to check your website’s ranking Globally. It determines your ranking after considering a lot of factors like your website’s traffic, pageviews, keyword ranking etc. When your website starts gaining good amount of web traffic alexa rank determine your site’s global position, that where it actually stands.

When you type your website’s name at Alexa Search bar, Alexa will show you your website’s global Alexa rank as well as rank in a country where it is enough good. For very popular websites, It shows Alexa Rank in maximum of 30 countries.

Now, if you wants to know your Alexa ranking in countries other than those 30 ? Or if your website is not much popular but still you wants to know your website’s ranking country-wise ?

Alexa Ranking

Obviously, you can’t get these stats just by searching in Alexa’s Search bar. If you try any other websites to know your rank in different countries then you will only find those stats which you got from Alexa because other websites grab Alexa’s details to show your ranking in their report.

So, here is a small workaround which lets you to know your website’s country-wise Alexa rank . Not only in those 30 countries but also in all other countries worldwide.

To check you website’s ranking country-wise you need to follow these simple steps.

Steps to get Country Specific Alexa Rank:

1. Create Account At Alexa

First, Go to Alexa and search for your website. After your website’s Alexa Rank appears, click on “Create Account” link at the top-right corner. You can sign up there either from Facebook or from your mail account. Sign up there and click on the confirmation link of Alexa you get in your Inbox. For more details you can read: How to verify your Website on Alexa and here is a quick recap.

2. Verifying  Ownership

After login-in to Alexa’s account again. Now, you need to verify ownership of your website.

Just upload there provided file to your website’s root folder and add the given meta tag to your website’s header.

Benefit Of Alexa Verification:

Verification lets you to fill up your website’s information that will be visible publicly. So, you can put appropriate and attractive information of your website here and also you can put two of your website’s or social link here.

Alexa country Ranking

3. Checking Out Your Website’s Ranking Country-wise

Now, after filling details of your website, check out your website’s public listing. After 2 or 3 days, when your site start getting rank, login-in again to your alexa account.

Go to Alexa Dashboard, choose your website and click on “Edit Listing”.

Here, on the left side column, you will see a drop down menu with your country rank that alexa shows publicly. Now, on clicking drop-down menu, you can select any country for which you wants to check your website’s Alexa rank. There are a total of 200+ countries so, which ever you select, your website’s rank data will be shown instantly.

But this feature is not available for public use. You need to sign up and create your account there. :-)

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  1. says

    Great tips there; however, I feel alexa does not provide update information on websites, thus cannot be completely relied upon for traffic estimation

  2. abhishek says

    i has singed up for alexa 4 days ago. but still its not showing any rank (india) of my site.
    it says NO DATA.
    tell me what to do now.

  3. says

    Thanks for sharing this information. But I also read that alexa depends on the installation of alexa toolbar install in the visitors computer. Is this true?

  4. PCdigger says

    This is really amazing. I never knew this before. Now i would get better look at my alexa rankings for sure!

  5. QStacks says

    Amazing. I wasn’t happy of finding only 20-30 countries alexa rankings. Nice observation!
    BTW, Every blogger should use Alexa Tool bar (Chrome extension) in order to add some contribution to their website rankings as they will be around their website, which might get some rank in the eyes of Alexa.

  6. rakesh kumar says

    Humm never thought like this, but i am happy to use my alexa toolbar. Thanks for sharing this new idea with us.

  7. Ravi says

    Thanks Saurabh.. Checking Alexa Rank for a Country really helps to analyze and pull traffic for specific country and to target it according the reports..

  8. says

    Hi Saurabh,

    Thanks for sharing the inforamtion.I think worldwide rank and the country you are targeting should the prime focus in terms or progress.

    Thank You
    Shorya Bist
    From Youthofest

  9. says

    Saurabh that’s a really nice trick for finding the country wise alexa rank for your site. But I was wondering that after following the whole procedure that you mentioned, will others also be able to see my websites country wise rankings. Or its only restricted to me (owner).

    • Chris says

      Hi Ankit,

      You’ll be the only person to see those stats, because you are the verified owners of that website in Alexa, so the information will be private and be visible only if you login to your Alexa account.

  10. Ravi kumar says

    Good Tips, Sometimes, you see your alexa ranking, by default, it show U.S. ranking, but always see your country ranking by this tips.