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    How to Cheat RapidShare and Download Unlimited

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    Don’t let the title of the post misguide you. I’m not going to use or share any unethical method to tell you how to cheat rapidshare. Instead, I will be telling you nice Rapidshare hack (Social engineering) to download files from Rapidshare or any other site like Putlocker which imposes the limit of file download or video view per I.P.

    rapc7dc4 How to Cheat RapidShare and Download Unlimited

    How many of you use Rapidshare to download file? It’s one of the most popular file sharing site and you will find many sites upload files to Rapidshare. Though Rapidshare comes with it’s own limitations and you might not be able to download lots of file at one go. If you are using a Free rapidshare account, after single download you need to wait for a while to start with other.

    Here I’m sharing a cool trick which will help you to download unlimited files from Rapidshare despite of having a free account. This trick will work only for those people who are using Dynamic I.P. For example, you have internet connection from Airtel, Reliance and rebooting the modem will give you a new I.P every time.

    How to Cheat Rapidshare:

    If you are in college or office, you are out of luck and you should search for other alternative like Rapidshare proxies, or software’s which uses proxy to download parallel files from Rapidshare. Rapidshare make you wait for certain period of time when you have downloaded a single file, sometime it goes to as long as hours if you have downloaded some big file, and specially when you are downloading a movie which is in parts, and It is frustrating..

    So here is the solution, you can download the file by using this command and you don’t have to restart your modem.

    Follow the following steps:

    • Go to Start>> Run>> TypeCMD without quotes!
    • Type ipconfig/flushdns
    • Type ipconfig/release
    • Type ipconfig/renew
    Watch these screenshots, which explains it in easier way:
    ipconfig flushdns How to Cheat RapidShare and Download Unlimited

    Ipconfig release How to Cheat RapidShare and Download Unlimited

    ipconfig renew How to Cheat RapidShare and Download Unlimited

    I’m sure, many of you must be wondering how these three small CMD prompt command will help to cheat rapidshare. Here is what these commands are doing:

    First command will flush your DNS, and it will release your current IP and with the last command it will ask for new IP. So, all you need to do is clear your browser cache and start downloading from Rapidshare or watch another video on Putlocker again.

    Alternate method:

    In case if you finding running these three command a task, you can always restart your modem and you will instantly get a New I.P.  But, I assume since you reading this post, you would like to use the first method. You can bookmark this post for future reference.

    Do you know any other method which will allow rapidshare parallel downloads? Do share with us.

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    i would really appreciate if you write an blog on how to cheat rapidshare making parallel downloads..>>


    You can download parallel from rapidshare by using various rapidshare leeching site

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