Change Feedburner Email Subject Title to Make it more Effective

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Change Feedburner Email Subject Title to Make it more Effective

One of the most effective way to make your Email newsletter readable is by setting up Email subject title and Email delivery time. A good and effective Email subject line, makes your reader click the Email. It works the same way, when we write a post with effective title, it gets more CTR.

So, in this post we will look into Feedburner Email subject title. You can use the same for your Aweber but it will work little different. Though, before I will explain how you can set up Email Subject in Feedburner, I want you to know: To gain the trust of your Email readers make sure your brand name is part of your Email subject. Send Email periodically or if you are one of those who sends Email once in a while, make sure you send HQ information and even once in a while newsletter, will make your readers click and open that Email. Sounds tough? No, it’s not.. Just a good strategy and smart work, and you can achieve it in no time. So lets get back to main point:

Feed burner is one of the popular email subscription option which most of the blogger use. Till some time back the only option we had in Email subscription option is Keep the title of newsletter static. Recently (Months back) Feedburner added a new option on Email subscription option in which instead of showing the same title, news letter will show the latest post title in Email sent to your Email subscribers.

This is very effective, when you are delivering more than 1 posts via Feedburner Email, you can show the latest post title instead of showing any crappy multi post subject. Single post title will make it very effective and your readers are more likely to click on it.

To access this option login to your feed burner account and navigate to  > Publicize > Email subscription > Email branding. There change the title of your feed to

${latestItemTitle} : ShoutMeloud


Feedburner Email Subject Title

ShoutMmeLoud is added by me for branding purpose. You should change it according to your brand. This is a little tip but is very effective. Meanwhile don’t forget to subscribe to Shoutmeloud daily newsletter to keep receiving the latest updates.

Doesn’t matter if you use Feedburner, Mailchimp or Aweber, in any Email newsletter branding and subject title plays a great role. Have you done any experiment and want to share what one tip worked the best for you?

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  1. sudha says

    Thanks Harsh for the info, changed mine, I think adding the logo can also add more branding to the email.

  2. Pratish says

    Great tip thanks – I have been using this but it seems since this morning the feedburner title is no longer updating.. is anybody else having this problem?


  3. Thilak says

    True! Looks like I simply overlooked this feature in FeedBurner. Thanks for the tip, serves as a reminder!

  4. Gabe | says

    Nice post on feedburner. I think most bloggers are unfamiliar with all the uses and the power of it. You could write about feedburner for a month straight and still not fill our appetites (though it would be a boring)!

  5. Sanjeev Mishra says

    This customization is really effective in branding your newsletter in proper way. Add number of new posts from the same customization window in feedburner.

  6. Avinash says

    Thanks Harsh for the info, changed mine, I think adding the logo can also add more branding to the email.

  7. izzat aziz says

    never know there is such function, but most my subscribe using google reader and browser bookmark, only few using email.

    but still a good tip.