Change DNS of Domain bought from Google Apps

We have already told you about benefit of custom domain and sooner or later after buying custom domain, you might like to shift from Blogspot to WordPress. I was working on a client blog migration and he bought his domain from Google. Finding the domain setting was not very tough, but like other cpanel it was not easy. So this is the guide which will help you when you buy a domain from Google. Google use Enom service to buy domain and this step by step tutorial will help you to change your DNS.

Login to your Google apps account to manage your domain.

You can simply access your domain by typing

Replace MYDOMAIN part with your actual domain name .

Once you are inside your domain name, click on domain settings

On next page click on sub tab which says Domain names and Advanced DNS settings.

On the next page you will have a link to login to your ENOM account and username and password. Click on the link and use the username and password provided there to login.

Click on Sign in to DNS console and you will be inside your Enom account and from there change your DNS settings.

I’m sure this will help those who are stuck somewhere . Meanwhile if you face problem with team edition Google apps or getting message while login to your Google apps account

“Your IT administrator is managing user accounts. To invite additional users to Google Apps, please contact your IT administrator.”

You need to recover your Google apps password and login using that.

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COMMENTs ( 5 )

  1. santosh sharma says

    do i have to change only A record or other settings too. I changed my records but for more than 14 hrs it is still pointing to any suggestion

  2. ruth alfasi says

    hi, very helpful, except when i bought my domain thru google apps, i chose Godaddy. when i go into godaddy, (it’s not really hosted, just purchased thru them) they have no domain connect to me.

    do you know how to do this in GoDaddy? thx

  3. jenn says

    Can I change the DNS and the google mail will still work?? I want to change my dns to host the web page in another server. But I want to keep hosting my email with google. HELP!

  4. Vivek says

    As i have been learning about hosting services, this useful information has helped me a lot. Thanks for providing such a useful information to me.