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    Change Adsense Font Size With one Click

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    Few days back I wrote about adsense font size, now if you have multiple ad slots , you might need to change all of them individually. To prevent yourself from these hassle, with one click of mouse you can change all the font size to normal, large or medium according to your preference.

    This is very useful when you are using Adsense on one site and haven’t worked on Ad optimization. More over, you can easily change adsense font size and make changes in your WordPress theme CSS and make ad blend well with your site content. Here is a step by step guide:

    Change Adsense Fonts with One click:

    Login to Adsense dashboard and on the left hand side, click on Account settings. On setting page, drop down to default ad display preference and click on edit next to it.

    Adsense default font size Change Adsense Font Size With one Click


    Make the changes as you find appropriate and click on save settings. You can change the Ad type which I prefer to keep both image and text ads, Font family and Font size. Don’t try to make your ad stand out as how many times do you really click on Ads?

    This new feature is useful and once you have applied default ad display preference, you can any time make changes on individual ad family.If you have not checked this settings, have a look and make changes as appropriate.

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    Surender Sharma

    This is really awesome feature added by google.


    Harsh Agrawal

    Surender this feature exist from the time of introduction of Font Size for Adsense. Though I forget to put it earlier and realize it might be helpful for many. Thanks for your comment.



    I need such tips now-a-days to increase mine adsense revenue and u too now-a-days posting these adsense related articles…thanks to u :-)


    Harsh Agrawal

    I’m Glad Atul that you reading my posts and finding them useful. Thanks for your Valuable comment.



    Really good post, hope it will help to increase adsense revenue.


    Harsh Agrawal

    It depends on Your post content font size too. If your Content fonts are small and you make ad font size as huge, probably this will put readers off. So try to do a match between your ads and post font size.


    Shabnam Sultan

    Nice tips. Hope it will increase my adsense earnings.


    Harsh Agrawal

    I hope the same, do check related posts that will also be helpful for you to increase adsense revenue.


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