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    Gmail Free SMS Service is Icing on the Cake

    July 31, 2012
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    I’m an avid fan of Gmail and other Google services. It’s no brainer how smartly Google integrated all their service with one Google account and instead of dealing with multiple logins, you can get access to all Google products like Google Webmaster tool, Google analytics, Google Reader, Google Plus and many more with one account. Gmail is their free Email service and according to me, it’s far better than Yahoo Mail and Hotmail Email service. Today, I ...

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    Google Algorithm Updates and Changes 1998-2013 [Infographic]

    July 14, 2012
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    Google is most popular search engine at the time of writing and many online businesses depends on Google Algorithm. Google algorithm is the set of rules and expressions which determine how a webpage will rank in Google. In simple word, when you search for any query “SEO changes”, this algo will decide the placement of search results. For any online business and Bloggers, it’s important to keep an eye on Google algorithm updates and changes. ...

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    Google Made Domain Verification Easy With Godaddy & eNom

    June 5, 2012
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    Domain verification has always been a headache for newbie, specially when you have to verify domain ownership in Google apps or Google Webmaster tool. Earlier, Google allow domain ownership verification using many methods like “Meta tag” “DNS record” “Upload file”, but they require a little bit of technical knowledge. I always wonder, how a newbie Blogger, who just started Blogging manage to verify domain, as tutorial changes with theme and domain registrar. And obviously, not everyone ...

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    How to Create Gmail Email Template and Why?

    May 21, 2012
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    Gmail is my favorite free Email client and I’m a Gmail user since 2007. I started Emailing with Hotmail, moved to Yahoo Mail and now It’s GMail which handles all my Emails. One of the reason I use Gmail is, because with one login I can get into multiple site like YouTube, Google plus,Orkut, Google docs and many more. I have already shared few Gmail tips in the past and if you have missed it, check ...

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    Google Personal Search Will change the way you Search Google

    January 11, 2012
    Google Search, plus your world

    Google personal search (Search, plus your world)is latest addition from Google. We already knew that Google+ impacts search engine results but with new Google personal search, Google+ will get great boost and more important you will notice a great impact on search engine results. We will look into all the tech details and how this is going to impact traffic of your Website and why it’s necessary for you to have a strong Google+ profile with ...

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    How to get old Gmail look back?

    December 7, 2011

    Gmail rolled out it’s new look for almost everyone today and I’m sure many of you, who are like me must be thinking: how to get old Gmail look back. Somehow, despite of neat and clean look of new Gmail interface, I prefer the old Gmail look. Probably, I’m use to that or may be in new Gmail I found readability to be less. Anyways, new Gmail look is probably here to stay but for ...

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    Google Panda Fail: SEXY ANGELICA DANCE Search Result

    November 3, 2011

    We all know about Google panda and how good and bad it is. No doubt, despite of so many iteration, Panda updates are not perfect and that’s’ why we have seen many changes in our Keyword ranking in last couple of months. Needless to mention, effect in traffic because of that, good for some and worse for many. Anyways, here is a nice result spotted by @Nirmaltv who found some weird result for one of ...

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    Google Analytics and Webmaster Tool Integration open for all

    October 5, 2011

    Last year Google announced the integration of Webmaster tool into Google analytics which will give you more details from your analytic dashboard on how your site is performing. Yesterday Google announced that they have open the integration for everyone and you can link your  site on Webmaster tool to Google analytic. Once you have linked your site on Webmaster tool to G.A., you will see a new tab call Search engine optimization under Traffic sources. ...

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