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What Does Consistency in Blogging Mean & Why You Should Care

"Be Consistent" - This is one of the most talked blogging success mantra you must have been reading all the time. Today I was putting down some points on future of blogging, and I realised that one of the major key point for creating a memorable blog is "Consistency".  Now, many of you who are [...]

My Business Blogging Workshop At Reseller Club Hosting Summit

Few days back I told you about Reseller club hosting summit 2013, which happened at Hyatt, Gurgaon and I was one of the speaker for WorkShop over there. This was my 2nd such Workshop, and it was a great learning experience for me. At the workshop, I interacted with many small business owners, who are [...]

Podcasting Vs Broadcasting: Which is Best For Your Blog?

You know those moments when someone rich or smart turns out to be wrong? You know, those moments that we secretly like? Well, we got treated to one of those moments recently. In 2005, a Forbes magazine ran an article who’s headline proclaimed “Cuban Says Podcasting Doomed to be Forgotten,” and to be honest, many [...]

5 Working SEO Tips For YouTube Videos To Rank Higher in Search

All we know that youtube is second biggest search engine on the planet after google, it generates an estimate 92 billion page view each month which also provides huge traffic to different websites and blogs, and about  35 hours of video are uploaded every minute. Read- 21 Mind Blowing Youtube Facts Youtube also offers you to [...]

Do You Know These Business Blogging Pitfalls To Avoid Disaster

Your business blog represents you and your business besides your target audience. Your blog forms part of the first impression that a client has of your company. It’s vital that you take enough time as well as resources to create a blog that you will be proud of. It’s imperative that outdated and clichéd blogs [...]

Stuck! What to Write for your Next Blog Post? Try Socio-Fantasy Blogging

Every blogger in their blogging journey goes through a phase where he/she is out of ideas for their next blog post which is usually called as writers block. As a blogger there are many times when they simply struggle on how to keep their blog moving with some interesting stuff. Every time bloggers cant write [...]