4 Tips for Building A Blog For High Traffic

As part of your overall website or standalone, blogs really do provide the opportunity for increased web traffic. However, to get a high traffic blog, you can’t just sign up for a Blogger or WordPress account, post once, and expect the whole World Wide Web to come knocking. Moreover, once the traffic does come in, how will you keep those readers? Therefore, your blog should be built with high traffic in mind already.

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Here are our suggestions for building a blog for high traffic:

Offer Newsworthy Content

Why would millions of online readers want to spend time reading your posts? The answer is they find something of value in your posts and subsequently, your blog. Value can be insights, facts, and yes, even recommendations for how their lives can be dramatically benefited. Much like persuasive ads and convincing testimonials, what your content essentially sells is the reader’s need and most likely didn’t know the needed until your blog pointed it out.
When thinking about what you will be writing about today, think about topics that will literally stop traffic or make a whole football stadium audience listen. Okay, maybe not that dramatic, but what would make five or ten of your regular readers (friends and family, included) want to share it with their friends?
While this is very challenging to do on a weekly much less daily basis, it will put you in the mindset to deliver newsworthy content.

Make One-Of-A-Kind Content

Blogs are not pages of links linking to other people’s posts but original posts sharing unique content and point of views. You want your blog to contribute to the community or a topic, not merely settle as the portal or highway sign for others. You can only bypass this status by delivering one-of-a-kind content.

To create the value in your readers’ lives that we discussed above, you need to share more of yourself than linking to what you like.

If you are having a difficult time with this step, sit down and think about the industry you are writing about or involved in and brainstorm what you like or hate about it. We are sure many others share your feelings whether negative or positive.

Make Content That Stays Fresh

While you can write about topics with an expiration date such as current events or bargains you can’t pass up at a big holiday sale, most of your content should avoid being short-lived. Your content should provide value to your readers even after the dates and statistics have changed. Newspapers and the rest of the media already cover this type of content. However, your reactions to these events make for better timeless content even if Lindsay Lohan turned her career around and won an Oscar.

Writing with this mindset also keeps our first two rules intact: newsworthy and unique. Yes, a fresh perspective even on a tired old issue remains newsworthy, unique, and fresh.

You Are Writing For Humans Not Search Engines

Finally, while you might think that by catering to everything you’ve read about getting higher search engine rankings by “tweaking” your blog copy is true (and some of it does work), don’t forget who will be reading your blog. Therefore, even if you get a million new visitors thanks to your new#1 ranking for keyword “books,” will these readers understand what you are trying to say?

We suggest writing to get your point across first and keep these new visitors coming back. After all, even in retail, the repeat customer is more valuable than the first sale.
If you’ve spent a lot time and energy to draw in new readers but fail to hook them because you sound like you are writing for Google, they won’t subscribe or purchase even once and will most likely not come back as well.

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  1. Nitin @ virtual assistant says

    Thanks for your support guys, I am glad you liked the article. Personally, I feel you should have really awesome content but the focus should be on marketing too.

  2. Kartik@DailyTechPost says

    Nice article Nitin..Offering quality content is oxygen for a blog…and should never avoid this… :)

  3. Dinesh says

    If you write only for Search Engines, its bad. If you write only for readers, its bad too. You have to write an article for humans and at the same time you should include worthy keywords appropriately in the content.

  4. sumanth says

    nice rite up nitin…wat u said is correct…one shud write unique content wich attracts the attendtion of readers..

  5. Rahul says

    I guess content which people is searching and will be searched for long time. And ranking for them will surely help you to gain high traffic. That is called ever green content.

  6. Vivek Parmar says

    building a blog is easy but maintaining it and offering unique content is hard. for huge traffic only thing works is Content is the king rest how much you work on promoting that content