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BuddyPress Forum for WordPress : Review

BuddyPress Forum for WordPress : Review

BuddyPress forum lets you create social networking around your WordPress blog. It extends the existing functionality of your WordPress blog and transforms it into full fledge social networking site. Sounds interesting? It is and read on for more details.

Last month, Anand wrote about the effectiveness of forums to promote blogs. Well, for all our readers who wish to introduce a forum to their blogs or other websites, we just reviewed BuddyPress, the latest and most talked about WordPress plug-in that adds a forum to your existing WordPress installation with the very functionality of a social network.

BuddyPress is aimed at social interaction between the members of a website. With WordPress 3.2, you can install BuddyPress social networking plugin and get start with forum on your WordPress blog within minutes.


Top features of BuddyPress Forum :

Profiles & Groups

The very basic element of every Forum, each member has a profile for himself carrying as little or as much info he wants to share about him. They can form groups. For instance, there could be one group for WordPress fans and another for Joomla.
Ease of use is what pleases me most about this plug-in. You can search for members, add them as friends or browse other friends. So there are all basic features you could possibly require.

Private Messaging

Each registered member is entitled to a mailbox on the site. Members can send private messages to each other without revealing their own contact details.


This feature is similar to your wall on Facebook . Your friends and you can post messages here.

Blog Tracking

This is my favorite feature among all. BuddyPress allows you to see all the information aggregated in one place. For instance, you have three blogs. So you are able to see all recent posts or comments from one particular user in one page itself. No need to check the same thrice.


BuddyPress has full support for your themes too. Every part of it can be customised to suit your existing installation. The latest release version is 1.5.2 and requires a WordPress MU version 2.8.4 or higher. Head over to to start building your blog’s very own social network. Before you convert your WordPress site into Buddypress, I would suggest to create a trial account here and take a test drive of this social networking plugin for WordPress.

Here is a slideshow which explains more about BP:


Here is a video demo showing BuddyPress installation  and configuration:

There are many dedicated plugins for BuddyPress which extends it’s functinality and add more features to your buddypress forum. You can download it from official repo here.

Let us know if you’ve tried Buddy Press WordPress plugin yet. If any of our readers have it up already, do share the link with us so that the others can experience the numerous advantages of this marvelous software.

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  • Nicolás Galarza

    Hi, I’m looking for help, hope I can find it here.
    I’m trying to disable the function of posting in the home page of each group in buddypress. So the only way to interact with other people of the group would be in the forum of the group and inside each theme oppened.

    A mean this:

    Also, how can I forbid the users to create new topics inside the forum of each group? So only the admin can?

    Thanks for your time and help


    • Nicolás Galarza

      If you could errase my last comment would be great. But now I’ve reach this moment:

      After 10 hours of research and trying, I surrender and ask to people who know more than me.

      I’m trying to change the default tab “home” of each buddypress groups for the “forum”, so I can Hide or delete the “home” tab and only use the forum.

      I’ve tried hundreds of different codes I’ve found on diferent blogs and with some changes I made but no one does ANYTHING in the way the tabs are shown or oppened in the groups.

      The last one I tried is this one (the simpliest one)

      There is also the root in which I created the bp-custom.php file.

      I can’t think anything to fix this. Please could anybody help me with this? Does anybody thing about anything that is causing this?

      Thank you all!

  • Rajesh Kanuri

    buddy press is not a forum it is social networking which is meant for wordpress mu.. instead u chose bbpress from wordpress group..

  • Gautam

    Also, the latest version of BuddyPress is 1.1.3

  • Gautam

    BuddyPress is not a forum software. bbPress is a forum software.
    BuddyPress is something like for social networking.

    • Anish KS

      I am using bb press for one of my site. its good

    • Rajat

      thats true

  • mad geek

    Thanks for sharing this Rajat…

    • Rajat

      most welcome mate


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