Do Brands Effectively Help to Increase Conversions?

What do you think is more important to influence your site’s conversion? Well, there are several factors that are revolving round your head. However, if you ask me, personally I believe that one of the biggest impacts is branding. Did this factor come to your mind? Well, I am sure it did, but somehow you did not realize its importance. The perceived value and the trust built through the funnel processes involve content and strong brand indicator that a site builds to promote itself.

Honestly speaking, the majority of the clients I have acquired for my site are majorly attracted from what they see from the content and hear about my brands.

Brand building helps in Engagement

Attitude, Awareness and Usage are the three important metrics related to the Hierarchy of Effects. Your customer progresses from the stage of lack of awareness, to the initial purchase of a product and finally to brand loyalty.

The trick is that if you build a strong online brand, it is easier to acquire more traffic that can be easily converted into leads and sales. Therefore, it is crucial to increase the conversion rate of your eCommerce site.

Optimizing a site conversion is a broad marketing principle. The process involves creating an experience for a website visitor with an aim to convert them into customers.

Do brand awareness increase conversions?

Many of us would argue to the point that ‘is brand awareness really important, or it is just a hype’? Well, I had conducted a research work, focusing on brand awareness on two eCommerce sites. The analysis included the use of the catalogue in one site and without catalogue in another site. Do you know what the outcome was? The site conversion rate with a catalogue was 5.95%, whereas, the site conversion rate without catalogue was only 0.52%. Isn’t that a huge difference?

Brand Conversion Pyramid

How the brand influencing factors enhance the site conversion?


Certain brand attributes such as pricing and value proposition can augment the brand’s chances of receiving more interested consumers as compared to its competitors. However, you need to be proactive with the task of highlighting how your brand is exclusive and can create an image different from the crowd. You have to indulge in different brand activities both on and off the site.


If you use brand awareness through retargeting, it will capture the lost leads. Retargeting is the method of reconnecting the customers who have almost bought a product and encourage them to close the sale. A transaction can be abandoned for various reasons, therefore, it is important to follow-up with the customers who have loaded items into the shopping cart and capture significant revenue.

Perceived value:

What people see, actually believes it. The way they perceive and think about your products and services and most importantly, your brand can hugely affect your site’s conversion. Not only this, the perceived value also measures your brand’s marketing process. It generates endorsements from the satisfied consumers and increases your brand’s integrity.

Customer loyalty:

Acquiring new customers is definitely an expensive process and retaining them is critical to long-term business sustainability. However, a brand creates a level of security for the business. It plays a significant role in repeat customer activity. A few simple actions such as newsletter, satisfaction survey and promotions can sustain brand awareness amidst the pool of existing customers.


You can educate your target customers and make them know that your brand can solve their problems. It is one of the important aspects of online branding. A good brand is always preferred by the users and can quickly influence their buying decision and brings them a step closer to your aim.

Executive metrics:

Executives are always in search of metrics as evidence for the company’s success. Thus, increased brand awareness can indicate the yield on efforts to bring in new markets and offer tangible evidence of a company’s potential growth.

You must be thinking that if brands can create such wonders, there should be mediums to strengthen it further. Well, your thought is on the right track. Of course, you should find out the effective ways to strengthen your brand. But how?

The efforts you invest to get your brand out in the market, opens more opportunities. Therefore, let us find out the mediums you can use to get your brands stand out of the crowd:

Content marketing:

It is popularly said that ‘content is the king’. Content marketing is the best platform to educate the prospective consumers. You can use videos, blogs, infographics, images, EBooks and other web based learning materials to effectively communicate and engage your audiences. However, there are a few other promotional techniques that you can try-

Authority building:

Be the leading brands in your space and see how people know what you are capable of providing. Besides, there are several online marketing strategies; you can use to give your brand its deserved popularity in the industry.

Optimize the experience and engage the audience:

The best user experience is imperative for online marketing. It helps to get you endorsements for your site. However, the following area should be tested to improve the user experience and their engagement-

  • Thematic internal link
  • Design
  • Readability
  • Content structure
  • Meta tags and headline.

Therefore, by enhancing your site’s engagement rate, you can increase your site’s conversion and thus the revenue. Here are few tips for bloggers to brand their blog:

So what are you waiting for? Your brand needs your effort to make it more successful.

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  1. kapil says

    nice post and interesting topic william and i do agree that brand awareness is really very important and i also love to apply content marketing on my blogs and websites.

  2. Altair Goh says

    It is true that branding will be a factor in building trust in people, eespecially potential customers. Branding and actual product/service quality go hand-in-hand. Good word-of-mouth, in my opinion, is vital in building up one’s customer base. :)

    • William Johnson says

      Yes , absolutely. There is a lot in the “name” eespecially when everyone is looking for the fame.

  3. says

    Hello William

    U said absolutely correct if we wants to gain a best traffic for our website we should target offers on products compare to competitors, If we give good offer peoples can attract with that offers and that customers will visit the site when ever they wants to by any product…….

    Really a good stuff u shared with us thanks William…

    • William Johnson says

      Yes, competiting against own strength works wonders. It’s good we constantly develop ourselves to bring in something new.

  4. Ravi Singh says

    Yes William, Its proved Branding effects sales for sure. Attitude, Awareness and Usage are the main points. If we use it in a proper manner, its really works. Today every big brand work on Optimize the experience and engage the audience. thanks keep sharing.

    • William Johnson says

      Thanks Ravi for the insights. The problem is that getting into the right shoes is never an one-time effort.

  5. Amal Rafeeq says

    Hi William,
    Excited to see your 4th post here on ShoutMeLoud, and it’s yet another interesting topic.

    Optimizing the experience and engaging with the audience seems to be a great idea.
    Well, thanks a lot for all those awesome tips to stand out from the crowd.

    ~Regards, Amal Rafeeq.