Want To Be Successful? Here Is A Secret

Secret of Success

When I was small, I have been taught to sit straight in the class, taught that handshake should be firm , When toasting drinks look into the eyes of your friends, and while working sit in a perfect posture. Believe it or not, your Body language have a great reflection on your personality, and your state of mind. For example, many of you must be reading this article while sitting in a relaxed position, or lying on your couch or bed, or many of you are in attentive mode and reading it carefully.  Depending upon how you are sitting, also demonstrate your attention level to what you are doing.

Think about time when you hang out with your friends or business colleagues, and notice what’s their body posture when they talk to you. Where their eye contacts are, and are they restless in any form ( playing with their fingers, moving their legs, looking around), and this clearly shows how attentive they are in the conversation. This doesn’t shows the level of interest, but also helps you to create a mindset about the person. Your body-language is the first form of non verbal communication and understanding the psychology of body-language you can not only become a better person, but you will incline yourself more towards success.

Psychology of Body-language

Here is a TED presentation by Amy Cuddy, who is a Social psychologist. This video made me improve my posture at every level (When I’m alone or when I’m with other people), and I could relate the change inside me, and people towards me after improving my body-language. Watch this 21 minute video, and in next 21 minute you will have a refreshing

Take away:

  • Your body language reflects your power and confidence.
  • Fake it till your make it.
  • Our body change our mind.
  • Your high power poses will determine your chances of succeeding.

Another great takeaway of this video which starts after 16.00 minute is “Fake it till you make it”. Many of us are accidental entrepreneur, and we often battling with this question of “Do we deserve it” and despite of doing it, we always consistently asking this question. This part of video answers that dilemma.

If you are one of those who are looking to implement simple life hacks to improve your life, and improve productivity, this video is for you. Do remember, it will take time to form a habit, so Fake it till you make it.

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COMMENTs ( 7 )

  1. says

    A nice analysis and a way to improve ourselves. Body language simply denotes whatever is going on in our mind and in the beginning, it may be tough to coordinate it consciously. On the other hand, the body language and the thoughts in our brain are interconnected to each other, which means that if we can change one then the other aspect will also get changed.

    I am sure, practice can let us learn anything and then I believe in a very simple thing – Nothing is impossible in this world.

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful thought about success.

  2. Parag K says

    Very True… With out Confidence & lack of Expression Self existence becomes a critical problem & develops a feeling of Inferiority complex. An Energetic feeling & Positive thinking about self is of utmost importance to over come fear of criticism & gain Confidence. …..”Never Underestimate Self”…….

  3. Edson Hale says

    It is very common advice that one should maintain his body posture while being in people but this is quite new for me to manage yourself even you are alone and that enhance your chances of success. But your great arguments and those in this video proved it is quite rational to do this.

  4. Arup Ghosh says

    Confidence can make the wrong go right. I don’t mean over confidence, but someone always be confident an full of positive energies to be successful in life.

    • rakesh kumar says

      and that confidence comes with, wither knowledge or money. Without these two no one can survive. Am i right arup?

  5. Afzal Zaheer says

    Yeah, you are right that the body language plays an important role. I have seen people with drooped shoulders walking as it clearly signifies that they are not confident enough. Similarly, during exams or at any tensed moment, there are others who can be seen biting their nails. It again shows that you are not confident. Nice and informative article. Keep it up :)

  6. Amal Rafeeq says

    Hi Harsh,
    I see things have changed a lot on Shout Me Loud so far. You’re cracking some OUTTA Box items for sure. Way to go.
    And that part when the PM hesitated to handshake and walked away from that guy is so funny. I gotta share it.