Bluehost Pro Vs. Bluehost Shared Hosting : Is it Worth the Upgrade?

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  1. Steve eMailSmith
    July 12, 2013

    I’m using HostMonster (basically still BlueHost, but with a different name) and I can say that, indeed, the shared hosting works great when you get started.

    However, once there is enough traffic coming and more resources needed, I preferred to go another route and I’ve chosen a Cloud Hosting solution, not a VPS or a Pro upgrade.

    The benefits of serving content from the nearest possible server to the request, combined with a true 100% uptime (even if one or a number of servers fail, there will be still the other ones, serving the content, even if from a farther range) were the decisive factors for me.

    A downside of it (for the beginner blogger) is that usually, such hosting solutions do not come with cPanel for backend administration, sadly… But hey… it is actually meant to be a high end solution. Presumably, if someone needs such cloud hosting, they could easily afford a managed account, right?

    Steve ✉ Master eMailSmith ✉ Lorenzo
    Chief Editor, eMail Tips Daily Newsletter

  2. kapil
    July 12, 2013

    Very help full articles, harsh I would like to say that i got bore with go daddy hosting, it is good but not good in E mail. from a few time when I saw you post than i take decision to buy hosting blue host and now you suggest to buy Blue host Pro Package. It is great i will buy this one today for my new website.

  3. Stephen Malan
    July 13, 2013

    Whenever you can upgrade to a less crowded environment in hosting, do it! A pure shared hosting server has a lot of sites on it which yours is just one. If you can upgrade to a dedicated server, one with only your sites on it and no others, is the way to go if your traffic and budget will allow for that.

    If traffic and budget concerns will not allow for a full dedicated server then a move up to a less crowded server with more features is the way to go.

    Good post!

  4. Tuan
    July 18, 2013

    I am considering among HostGator, Dreamhost and Bluehost. Could you recommend one?

  5. Gautam
    August 28, 2013

    Hi Hursh,

    Exactly the post i was looking for. But i have a few concerns on how to optimize my blog. I have uninstalled the plugins which i’m not using and also installed a WP Super Cache plugin. My blog doesn’t have many images or a hefty theme. Just a simple site. Is it enough, anything more that i could do?

  6. Abhay Bajaj
    March 23, 2014

    I did the mistake of adding too many sites to my hosting, and now I can’t take down any of them. This drains a lot of resources, the end result being poor user experience on my main website, which is an ecommerce one.
    This surely has affected conversions and search engine traffic, and I will be upgrading to Bluehost Pro to tackle with this.

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