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    Is BlogSpot Testing Lightbox Effect for its Images?

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    blogger logo Is BlogSpot Testing Lightbox Effect for its Images?We have seen a lot of changes over the past few months from the various products of Google – be it the introduction of new social networking site – Google+ (or) just upgrading its products like gmail, blogger,etc.. with lots more features. Today, as I sat to test the working of a script, I found a unique piece of script attached with the template – light box effect for images on blogger. May be you have a question on your mind say, what is actually a Lightbox effect?

    Simple, it is an effect wherein only your images are accessible while the background goes opaque. In other words, when you click on a image in your blog, you will be able to see only the image while the other widgets and content go black with some opacity added to it. You may Google about the same, to further find information and live demos, about various Lightbox scripts available around the web.

    With that being said, I found that the blogger team is about to roll out a similar effect on blogs run on blogger – may be they are testing it or they’ll soon be launching it in common, to all the blogs. The reason for this confusion is simple because, I can see the CSS and JavaScript added to my page source whereas I don’t see the effect. However, a friend of mine who runs his blog on blogger is able to view it – check out the screen shot below for Blogger’s Lightbox Effect.

    blogger lightbox effect Is BlogSpot Testing Lightbox Effect for its Images?

    Screen Shot illustrating Blogger's Lightbox Effect

    As mentioned earlier in the article, I’m able to see the script for Lightbox effect on my blog’s page source. You may check out the screen shots below.

    lighbox css pagesource Is BlogSpot Testing Lightbox Effect for its Images?

    Screen shot showing the CSS file for LightBox Effect

    lighbox javascript pagesource Is BlogSpot Testing Lightbox Effect for its Images?

    Screen shot showing the JavaScript for LightBox Effect

    Well, do you see a similar script being attached to your blogger/blogspot blog? Or do you see the effect straight away? Please, share your opinions via comments below. I would love hear from you guys:)

    How to check whether the script is added to your BlogSpot blog?

    It is pretty simple to view the page source of your blog when your browser is Firefox. Just a right click anywhere on the web layout will show the page source of a blog. Now, search using “CTRL+F” for the following text – lightbox. I’m sure you’ll find it somewhere on your blog. Do you? Users on other browsers (like IE, Opera) can view the page source by using the Menu Bar – View >> Source.

    So, don’t forget to share what you see via comments below – be it the complete effect or just the addition of scripts.

    Update: So it’s confirmed BlogSpot rolled out Lightbox effect and here is a tutorial which will show how you can disable Lightbox effect in BlogSpot.

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    The light-box effect has been enabled for my blog, you can see it by visiting :)
    Thanks for the update Mukund, I did not notice it ;)


    Yes! It’s been enabled on my blog too:) Probably on all the blogs! I’m just figuring out how to disable the effect:)

    Sahil @iBlognet

    Hey thanks for noticing that…
    I can see those two codes in my blog too!!
    How can I add those lightbox effects??

    Sahil @iBlognet

    Yes! You don’t have to add them! It works without adding them too:)


    works not good for me. if I click on 2nd picture, it open the third…
    can I disable it ?


    I’m just figuring out a way to disable it! I’ll publish the same as soon I find one! So, stay tuned:)


    My blog has been broken by this bug and almost all the art blogs I follow now have images that are difficult to view in detail. It’s horrible. I hate it. I don’t want it, I didn’t ask for it. I hope blogger get rid of this very soon.

    It’s also tediously slow.

    Sorry to rant here.


    There has been a massive backlash against this new ‘improved’ viewer, especially, as Andy points out, from bloggers who run art, architecture and astronomy sites – basically anywhere where it’s useful to be able to zoom in to a hi-res picture. This is a feature not possible with the ugly new ‘lightbox’ implementation. See http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/blogger/thread?tid=73493b0be3a4116d&hl=en for further information


    @Alex: Yes! I checked the discussion long back! You’ll soon see an article about disabling this effect as well – script from the link you mentioned here:)

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