BlogSpot Import Problem : This site has not been Registered

Finally I again started my BlogSpot to WordPress migration service and the other day when I was importing a client site to WordPress, I got this error while importing blog from  saying:

The page you have requested cannot be displayed. Another site was requesting access to your Google Account, but sent a malformed request. Please contact the site that you were trying to use when you received this message to inform them of the error. A detailed error message follows:

AuthSub target path prefix does not match the provided “next” URL.

This error popped up when you are trying to import from BlogSpot to WordPress, and after authenticating your BlogSpot access, when you hit import button you get the following error.

The site  has not been registered

Specially, these days when ever I work on any Blog migration, this is one common error we get. Though, this error can easily be fixed by authenticating your site with Google.

How to Fix This site has not been registered error:

So if you happen to see such error while importing your Blogger blog to WordPress, here is a quick solution:

Basically, you need to authenticate your domain to access Google service and it could be done with in seconds by following below mentioned method:

Go to Google Manage domain page <Link> and add your domain in the URL field:

Google Manage domain

Click on Add domain. Once your domain is added, on the same page you can click on your domain name (Manage domain name) and on the next page, you have to accept terms and conditions.

Verify domain Google BlogSpot import

Now, final stage is to add following details after accepting Google TOS:

Add Domain details

Once you hit the save button, your domain is registered with Google and you can import your Blogger blog to WordPress again.

You will also get OAuth Consumer Key and OAuth Consumer secret which you can save for later. Also, you might have to verify the ownership of the domain at times when you get “AuthSub target path prefix does not match the provided “next” URL.” error, which you can do by simply adding DNS record to your Domain.

I have seen many people asking for solution to this import problem and I hope this will help many. Even if you are stuck and you can’t import your BlogSpot blog to WordPress, feel free to ask for help here or you can take help of my Professional migration service.

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COMMENTs ( 3 )

  1. Peter Lee says

    I was stucked at that step when I moved from Blogger to WordPress back in December-2011. In the end I used WordPress Importer plugin to import my content instead.

  2. Surender Markam says

    I faced this problem before with my blog and followed the same procedure as mention above. I thought, it was necessary to register a domain for importing.