BlogSpot iPhone App Review : It Sucks!

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On September 9, 2011
Last modified:September 23, 2014


An iPhone app for BlogSpot users which is not worth installing. Misses out many important features and functionality..

BlogSpot iPhone App Review : It Sucks!

When ever we talk about popular Blogging apps on iPhone I always miss seeing one for BlogSpot bloggers. Though we have BlogPress app for iPhone which is a paid app and most likely I would pass it on and prefer working on my laptop. Now here is some treat for our BlogSpot blog readers, Google has released official BlogSpot iPhone App which is free and would let you quickly publish blog post while you are on the move. Though with the iPhone app release BlogSpot become one of the last Blogging platform in the series to launch an official iPhone app and in my opinion this is just a cover up.

BlogSpot iPhone app

This official BlogSpot iPhone app comes with couple of basic features like adding photos, writing and editing posts, and with the launch on new BlogSpot dashboard, I expected Google to integrate some of the important features like to check stats, add videos and pretty much all basic features which you would expect a well optimized iPhone app to do. Adding more to it, Google should have optimized this app for iPad screen.

Anyways, before I would show more of my disappointment with Blogger official iPhone app, here are some of the screenshots which will explain why I’m so sad after using this app:

BlogSpot iPhone app screenshots (1) BlogSpot iPhone app screenshots (2) BlogSpot iPhone app screenshots (3)

Nonetheless, I alteast expected to see an option to moderate comments and that’s one of the most used feature on my WordPress app for iPhone. As it is, Google is trying hard to cover up the lost market in BlogSphere in last couple of years and by releasing a featureless official app, I guess they should seriously rethink their strategy for

Anyways, you can download this app for free from app store and if you have an iPhone or other iOS device, I would love to know your first hand opinion with official BlogSpot iPhone app.

An iPhone app for BlogSpot users which is not worth installing. Misses out many important features and functionality..
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  1. nSingh says

    That’s really a shameful thing from Google. They’re moving on to new and new things, but who will improve the services they already provide?
    Seems like Google’s market ruling will soon be no longer.

  2. Pranay Patel says

    It seems quite complicated one. I would definetely not goin for this. Your explanation is quite impressive man.Like your screenshots too.
    Thank you.

  3. Kunal @ TechHogger says

    It really sucks. After reading your article I too gave it a try. And you are right!
    BTW you got 61 updates :) :) :)

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