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    How to Add Pages Into BlogSpot Blog

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    Usually a blog have two ways to add content : Posts or Pages. For normal content, we use posts feature, and for important and prominent stuff like “About the blog”, “Contact” “Resource”, we use Pages feature. In most of the cases, we add pages in the navbar, as we want our readers to quickly access them. BlogSpot blogs lacked pages feature till 2009, and in 2010 BlogSpot added a feature which will let you add pages. In this guide, I will share how you can add pages to your Blogger blog. A Blogger blog can add maximum up to 20 pages, and you should consider adding important pages in your navbar, like I have here at ShoutMeLoud.

    Few days back I wrote an article on Importance of an about me page for any blog. We can easily create pages in WordPress by clicking on Pages>Add new Page.  This new feature in blogspot will let you create maximum 20 pages and most important pages one should create are: About me page, Contact page, Policy and TOS page.

    create pages in blogspot blog thumb How to Add Pages Into BlogSpot Blog I’m very sure if you are a blogspot blogger, you going to welcome this new feature with your open heart.

    Here is a video tutorial to learn adding pages in BlogSpot platform:

    Meanwhile do read my earlier article on 8 reasons why self hosted WordPress blog is better than Blogspot.

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    Nodoubt one of the most awaiting features of each & evry person who uses blogspot.Earlier it used to be a modification in code & thats too a bit complicated.



    There you got it, Harse. Definitely as a Blogger user, this feature will be utilized for long posts.



    Ya good development in blogger platform but many of the bloggers start migrating from blogger to Wordpress..
    If this development arise a few years back it will be very useful for many Bloggers.



    Now Blogspot Rocks!


    Gabe | freebloghelp.com

    Having pages is a good step in the right direction but blogger has a long way to go to catch up with WP. Still, for the hobbyist who just wants a personal diary, blogger is certainly a good option.



    it’ll very very helpful but my account is not showing any options like that..


    Aditya Kane

    @Himanshu, @Beauty and Health Editor: use draft.blogspot.com and the option will appear. ;-)


    Beauty and Health Editor

    Well, I will await these new blogger features, as yet it is not incorporated into blogger a I just checked.

    Perhaps, this will bring back my interest in blogging. Lately, blogger/Google has had one problem after another which makes it particularly tiresome and boring to blog, as many features on the site are either on the blink or do not function as they should, from day to day.

    I have thought about moving over to Wordpress or Ning blogs for some time now, I am still deliberating.

    We will see.


    Ramkumar @ ByteChip.com

    Personally I feel that just by adding this Pages Option, blogspot has not improved ,there are lot more features which are yet to be provided by blogspot. But when its between wordpress and blogspot, its surely wordpress, Hands down!


    Basant Singh

    I am on blogger & I had implemented the Page option using some html/css which is not easy for a non-tech blogger. Blogger is improving.



    looks like they were waiting for me to quit blog spot
    Now they will offer everything there!



    Thats amazing but does that mean static page like wordpress , or just another post with just another widget style


    Rahul Buzz

    This is really good news for blogspot users.




    Found out a bug already… ;)

    People using automatic excepts cannot use this…



    I have totally broken from blogspot now.
    But this option will revamp blogger.com along with the amazon affiliates program(upto 15% referrl fees).


    S.Pradeep Kumar

    Hmm.. great news. But only for Blogger users. WP users won’t bother or even care about this. Many bloggers created post as page. Now what they will do? :(



    one of the most introduction by the Google team….although a bit late



    Can someone please clearly spell out how to find this new feature?? It just doesn’t show up.



    Ya good development in blogger platform but many of the bloggers start migrating from blogger to Wordpress..
    If this development arise a few years back it will be very useful for many Bloggers.


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