How to Overcome Writers Block in Simple Ways

Writer's Block

Being a writer and a Blogger is not an easy Job. Every day, getting up and writing content can be boring some time and I always feel like quit writing for a while. Often, I stop writing for few days and when I try to come back, I don’t feel like writing anymore. Such kind of situation can put a road block in our career growth and we have to make sure, we should not get into such situation or if we do, we need to come out of it ASAP. Such kind of situation is called Writer’s block.

Web definition of Writers Block

In case you are wondering what a writer’s block is, let me quote wiki’s definition of a writer’s block:

Writer’s block is a condition, associated with writing as a profession, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work. The condition varies widely in intensity. It can be trivial, a temporary difficulty in dealing with the task in hand. At the other extreme, some “blocked” writers have been unable to work for years on end, and some have even abandoned their careers.

I don’t really wish to scare you, so lets overlook the “abandoned” part!  Blogging is synonymous to creative writing (unless you are creating links to other people’s posts and calling that blogging) and at times we find ourselves at our wit’s end, unable to write anything. Overtime I have come with effective ways to rekindle my ability to write while in a writer’s block situation and remain creative even while I am suffering from one. Here are the best three of them:

Easy Ways to overcome Writers Block mindset:

Buffer it up

A buffer is your fall back cushion. At times you get that writing rush where you can write tirelessly for days, 5-6 posts a day, even 10! But any sane head would confirm the fact that its not wise to be publishing so many posts every day. What you can do is- balance out this writing rush with those lean phases that might be right around the corner.

Write posts when and as you want to, but don’t just click that publish button as of yet. Hold back, and there you have it, your own, neat little buffer. The only thing you should take care of is to buffer posts which hold relevance despite what time they are published at. For example this post itself can be published today or a month later and would still hold relevance but any new post would not be as hot a month later as it is right now.


One of the main reasons for getting a writer’s block is monotonousness. Blogging requires you to write on a dedicated subject so that you can clearly define the niche you hold expertise in and that to be fair, sucks at times.

The solution here is to change your topics once in a while. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should change the topics on your own blog. You can:

  • Write a guest post (this is probably why I am here right now). Apart from breaking your monotonous routine it helps you in (the obvious) link building.
  • If you have more than one blogs, its better to have them on contrasting niche’s. Not in mood to write on one? Its time to hop on to the other.
  • If you can’t really manage more than 1 pro blogs, maintain a personal one. Rant out casually, a personal blog is a place where you can lash out no-holds barred, believe me it does you a world of good.


I was watching Scrubs last night and they had this episode where they simply do a recap with clips form previous episodes. Like a little walk through the memory lane. Lets transform that idea into you blog. Why not? In fact this has been very effectively implemented by Harsh through monthly traffic reports and monthly guest writing sum-ups.

It doesn’t only help you cover up for an uncreative day, It helps you expose your new readers to your previous work. Do take care not to over do this though. And try recapping with the best of your content, not just any trivial info you may have put up.

Now thats just three ways of overcoming writer’s block condition and since the post is quiet long already, I would stop at that. Let me know, if you find these helpful. I will cough up a few more. Do let me know how you guys deal with your writer’s block condition, lets create a pool of ideas through your comments.

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COMMENTs ( 12 )

  1. sudha says

    And well, creating your identity on a famous blog is a different task altogether. In the current context writing a guest post helps in rejuvenating your writing abilities eespecially if the host blog is of a different niche since it breaks your boring monotonous routine.

  2. Sahil Kotak says

    I always look up to other blogs to get some innovative ideas and write them down in a paper. Then merge all the ideas and create up an interesting post.

  3. Ruchi says

    I agree with you , all the three steps are absolutely imp. to get out of writer‚ĄĘs block

  4. Curious Little Person says

    Excellent post.. really liked it! I think i’ve just got out of a writer’s block or something else! Don’t know what it really was!

    Interesting ending, i reall liked the wasy you used “let’s create a pool of ideas froim your comments”

    All the best my friend!


    • Zubin Saxena says

      Thanks Sandeep. Yeah its all about mutual Lets hope some great ideas come out of this discussion.

  5. Nischal Shetty says

    Nice post buddy. Taking a leaf out of Scrubs.. now that’s interesting and innovative!

    I guess every blogger goes through a writer’s block at least once in hisher blogging career. The trick is to blog as if your life depends on it (and yet not be desperate!). But the most important thing is to love what you’re writing.

    I’ve seen a lot of my friends complain about the lack of time, however, on hindsight it’s really just the lack of commitment. It’s alright if you aren’t into blogging as a career but if you intend to take it up full time (like harsh has) then you definitely need to avoid the writer’s block!

    Writers should only have blogs not blocks :D

    • Zubin Saxena says

      Thanks mate, Yeah it does boil down to commitment in the end and you just nailed it with your last sentence…”writers should have blogs not blocks”..brilliant.. :)

  6. Himanshu says

    First of all congratulations Zubin for writing such a nice article,your writing skill is really appreciable. Also you have covered most basic points which is common for every Blogger, even i also faced the blocking condition. I think the most suitable way to avoid the problem is mind mapping where you create your writing niche sitemap in advance. So that you never face lack of ideas. Writing 10 post in a day is not a big deal but writing 10 good and unique post a day is really a big thing.
    Guest post is really a good idea but writing only 1 post for any famous blog is not so good idea, because anyone can lose its identity after few days. The best example is Mr. Anonymous, Thanks got he came today with his second post, he again ping my mind today in which his memory is almost faded.So anyone who is writing guest post should came with his new idea after a certain interval of time.:-)

    • Zubin Saxena says

      Thanks for the kind words Himanshu. :)

      Well I was just trying to deliver my point, I didn’t really mean one has to write 10 posts. I meant one can write 4-5 posts a day at times and save a few to be published later on. And I have to agree, writing 10 quality unique posts is a tall task.

      And well, creating your identity on a famous blog is a different task altogether. In the current context writing a guest post helps in rejuvenating your writing abilities eespecially if the host blog is of a different niche since it breaks your boring monotonous routine.

      And I love that mindmap point you have made here. I implement that myself. It helps to plan things in advance. :)

      • Anonymous says

        As a writer, you cannot force yourself to write … It’s just impossible to churn content as and when you want.

        A lot of ideas strike me when I’m watching a movie or out with friends or see something interesting. I make a quick note on my scribble pad, if I’m around one, or make a mental note to scribble it down on to the pad the moment I reach home.

        I may or may not work on the topic immediately. I keep them for the dry days when I run out of fuel to churn out content. This is one of the ways I usually continue work on a piece of writing.

        • Zubin Saxena says

          By when and as you want, I mean whenever you feel like writing, good writing is an art in a way and you can only come up with great content if you are in ‘mood’ to write great content!

          The point you made about using a scribbler is exactly what I mean by Buffering. When you have an idea you don’t necessarily need to convert it into a write-up. you can complete it later when you are running put of ammo.

          In the end it depends on a person him/herself if he/she buffers and ‘idea’ or a ‘complete post’. :)

    • Anonymous says

      Mr Anonymous has a real world job of marketing planner that he/she needs to take care of… unfortunately that leaves Mr.Anonymous with little time in hand. Mr.Anonymous just hopes to have enough time in hand for just running campaigns someday :)