How To Make Most Out of Your Blog Top Landing Pages

If you are blogging from long and keep an eye on your stats, you would realize that there are specific posts and pages which is getting maximum traffic. If you are blogging with a strategy you must be leveraging those traffic to convert first time readers into subscribers, but if you never paid attention to your top landing pages, this guide will help you to make most out of it.

In a Blog, most of the traffic comes on certain pages which are call Top landing pages. Specially, if you are into  niche blogging, you can milk out the maximum juice from pages getting maximum traffic.

In blogging and internet marketing, top landing pages hold great importance, because top landing pages are one which helps you to built your website traffic and ranking. Any of your blog post can be top ranking page which gets lots of hits and the best traffic source are search engines like Google, Bing or any other. Another useful traffic source could be social networking sites like Stumble upon, Reddit or Twitter.

Top landing pagesHow to Find Top Landing pages using Google Analytics:

Before you start optimising your pages, lets figure out the pages which needs immediate attention. If you are using Google analytics (Which you should), here is a quick guide to let you find top landing pages of your blog. Login to your Analytics dashboard, and click on Behavior > Site content > Content drill down and here you can see all the pages which is getting maximum traffic. You can set the time frame at the top to find the pages which are getting maximum traffic.

Top landing pages using Google analytics


Now your target is to find the pages with high bounce rate, low avg. time on page and optimise it to make it more reader friendly. You can read my guide on how to reduce bounce rate  to learn some of the tricks that you can implement.

The target of any blogger should be making most out of those top landing pages by decreasing the bounce rate and making them your loyal readers. First step for you is to find out the top landing pages using your analytic software.  If you use Google analytic, it is very easy to find your top landing pages. Once you have figured out your 10-20 landing pages, you can improve it by adding more content (Take care of on Page SEO), add more related content and by more internal linking. For related posts, you can use any related posts plugin on WordPress blog or Linkwithin on BlogSpot.

Top landing pages could be any small posts or could be a detailed tutorial posts. Try to make most out of these landing pages by inter linking to relevant articles.

Do you optimize your top landing pages and convert your one time reader into regular readers?

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  1. sudha says

    Thats really a great tip. Some of my posts are getting high amount of traffic than other posts. Now I will try to convert these visits into my loyal readers. Thnx Harsh for yet another great article

  2. Darin says

    I was thinking to do that tips once, but you know, there are much pretty bussiness around blogging or searching for next post :) So I appreciate for this post which remind me to do that.

  3. Mad Geek @beingPC says

    I have never given a thought on optimizing landing page but i think i should do that, between I use WP-Greet Box that’s not an alternative but its also a good option.

  4. sudharsan @ technoskillonline says

    I dont know about the importance of landing page..
    first i want to find out the landing pages for my website and have to optimise it
    thanks Harsh

  5. loveish says

    Thats really a great tip. Some of my posts are getting high amount of traffic than other posts. Now I will try to convert these visits into my loyal readers. Thnx Harsh for yet another great article :)

  6. Loudable says

    Very nice and informative post Harsh. Once you link from your recent post it results in pingback in comments so what should be done with it?