Blogging Success Revealed: The Bird’s Eye View of Fishing Strategy

Blogging has evolved in this new era. It’s no longer ideal for you to call yourself a blogger and still cling to the old systems. We all know what has been happening before in the world of blogging. It’s traditional to always update your blog posts with fresh content and build backlinks here and there. That hasn’t changed and up till this moment, fresh content and backlinks still holds a great throne in Google ranking.

However, there is a better way to blog and achieve great success. I’ve been marketing on the internet for the past 4 years, and really, great things have happened to me. (good, bad and ugly). It was of recent that I came across a system that works no matter matter the niche you’re involved in.

Blogging can be a lot interesting and lucrative when you learn from the Bird. In this context, I don’t mean any special bird, I mean birds that fly in the air – they’ve got special and similar characteristics. When you consider it critically, you would discover the birds are fishers.

We also have human beings whose occupation is fishing. Therefore, fishers whether man or fish, have 3 things in common. They’ve three problems to solve. They know that until this problem is solved, nothing happens around them. When it comes to blogging, you need to be creative and look for problems to solve. That’s so obvious; because you’ve heard about this countless times.

But that’s the beauty of blogging. You need to solve a problem. Come to think of it – the world is filled with problems. It may not be visible problems but it (problems) exist. What you do to alleviate this situations is equivalent to how much money you earn. But it’s not all about the money, but how much impact you deliver on people.

Before I share with you the Bird’s eye-view strategy to fishing, and how to utilize this strategy and earn some respect (income, fame, credibility etc), and increase internet traffic, let’s hit the nail on the right spot first.

Specialization Is The Key

In this high tech age, the brain is running so rapidly that you must coordinate bird blogging strategyit. If you chase the wind, you ain’t going to catch it. Specialization is the key.

Although, there are several blogs out there that are jack-of-all-trade, but bear in mind that they started right before the fierce competition emerged. We are facing a lot of competitions from business around us.

What sets you apart to overcome and elevate your business is “specialization.” You must be skilled and knowledgeable in a FOCUSED NICHE.

If you are into internet marketing, you know it’s too vague and no one is going to know your specialty. If you niche is on shopping, you can focus on how to get free coupons and discounts that makes for convenient online shopping.

Cut off the empty chase and focus your energy into one unique thing. I discovered right from the onset of setting up my blog that specialization is the key. So, for internet marketing people, choose the area you know well and explore the diverse opportunities it’s got. That is why I chose “traffic generation” as my area of specialty and guess what? It’s so wide that I even need to specialize the more.

So, now that we have the nomenclature out of the way, let’s channel our minds on the bird’s eye view of fishing and how it can result in your blogging exploits.

The three problems of fishers are: find fish, approach fish and capture fish

1. Find Fish – Find Your Voice

The first assignment you need to solve is that of finding your own voice. Just like the fisher; bird or man, they have to find the fish. If you wallow in the the entire sea of fishes, there is every tendency that they fisher is not going to go home with a catch.

It calls for focus and consistency. Blogging is interesting when you read an informative article from someone who has his/her voice embedded on it. Pouring out your heart on paper and then on your PC is a work of nature. You are creating and it’s only you that has the copyright to your work.

So, find your voice. Don’t be a counterfeit of another blogger. Don’t try to blog like someone else, your readers ain’t going to love that. Set yourself apart from the crowd and write articles and posts using your own voice. If you’re hilarious, then incorporate that into your posts – if you’re marriage counselor, then don’t pretend – let it flow into your blog posts and you’ll enjoy the fruit of your voice.

2. Approach Fish – Interest Your Readers

Time has come for you to win the hearts of your readers. If they don’t like you, and your work, there is no way you can make recommendations and expect sales. I have seen a lot of newbie bloggers complain that they make no money from affiliate products, on their blog. The problem is not the affiliate offer, but how he’s seen from the reader’s perspective.

Get your readers to accept your word. If you say a thing, make sure it’s the truth and nothing but the truth. You can’t go on lying to your readers, all in the name of trying to make money off them. No way, it doesn’t happen. Tell them the truth, share your best and secret tips and never hoard them.

Don’t be scarcity conscious and look at life from the poor-man’s perspective. The more you give out to your readers, the more they are willing to buy your products, and put money into your bank account no matter how much it cost.

Once you build your fan-base and cause readers to fall in love with your style, you’ve automatically written your paycheck. It’s time to go to the bank to cash it – won’t you?

3. Capture Them – Build A Relationship That Lasts

Until a fish is captured, you cannot tame it at home. So, after you have found the right God given voice, interest the people that read every of your posts with quality and informative contents, delivered in an interesting way. Then go right ahead and build a relationship with them.

It begins with the capture of their email address – not cunningly but by permission. Let them know why you need their email address, set your first impression right and explain why subscribing to your email list would benefit your readers.

Your follow up emails should be far from hype. Know that in blogging, majority of your subscribers and readers already know what and how WordPress blogs work. They probably have their own blogs, all they need from you is insight on business growth and great web penetration.

If you can give this – even experts will patronize and love you wholeheartedly.

So, follow up on your subscribers with the mindset of building love, enhancing peace in their lives and creating the enabling environment where communication is the order of the day. If your subscribers have never answered or replied to your emails, then you’re getting it wrong.

That does not mean you should not promote affiliate offers to your subscribers, off course you have to in order to pay your bills, but let it be on permission basis, and offers that would benefit them. For affiliate email marketers, endeavor to send only affiliate offers you’ve tried.

All in all, the bird’s eye-view of shipping can be applied to every form of business, aside blogging and affiliate marketing. Even in the offline businesses, you need to employ these strategies in order to experience a life-long success. See you at the top!


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    I have little different view,what if that thing fails or you getting low money because so may businesses are emerging everyday and everyone provides best features in lowest rates ,specialization is must but try to explore all things ,So that you can switch and do side by side all things ,Great tutorial anyways ..Thanks

  3. rakesh says

    Initially, The best tip i have taken from your article is “specialization” . It is the key factor now a days, Jack of all and master of None will lead you nowhere. So according to me, You must have a lots of passion about your niche.

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    Nice article and well explained..Great Strategy indeed :-)Thanks

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