Few Blogging Questions and My Answers

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Few Blogging Questions and My Answers

Blogging questionsThis is another round of question answers, and here I will be answering some of the questions related to Blogging, asked by ShoutMeLoud readers. Usually, when a reader Email me, I try to answer them directly via Email but at the same time it depends on how much time I can put into answering individual question.

Writing an article related to that questions will help more people, as I’m sure many another user will have similar Blogging questions and doubts for their Blog. Here are some of the questions I answered the past:

Today’s Blogging Questions:

Today’s questions came from Vandhana of IntradayprofitTips.com, and here Question in the order:

Q1.What are the best WP plugins which uses for SEO purpose? Does installing many plugins in WP will affect the loading time of the website?

There are many plugins which directly or indirectly help in SEO optimization of your blog. For example, WordPress cache plugin helps in faster loading of your site and site speed is one of ranking signal. I have already shared a list of Best SEO WordPress plugin and at the time of writing, I’m using following plugins for SEO optimization of my blog:

So these are the plugins which I use. Yes, installing many plugins will affect your site load time, and you can use P3 Profiler plugin to find WordPress plugins, which increasing the load time of your site. Where ever possible, try to use manual code. For example, instead of using plugins to add Social bookmarking icons, you can use custom codes.

Q2.Does the blog commenting is good(or)bad for a website (or) it should be medium according to current Google algo? How does it affects the SEO part?

Blog commenting is always good but again, it’s good to comment on relevant blogs. Comment not only will help you to fetch backlinks, but meaningful blog comments will help in building connection and branding of your profile. Make sure to sign up at Gravatar.com and give your comment an image. You should read this guide on blog commenting, which will give you exact details and input for commenting.

Read: Blog comments: When it is useful and when it is harmful

Q3.Whats the healthiest creation of backlink according to currents google algo?

Natural links are the best, which comes when you are creating original and unique content. Specially listified, well researched, controversial posts, are the best to get natural links. Apart from articles, take advantage of Guest posting, Blog commenting, Article directory submission but only on high-quality sites.

Here is a nice guide on Kikolani where you can learn about Link building in post penguin world and also check out my earlier guide on SEO after post panda world.

Q4.Is there any free software (or) website to analyze keyword, keyword phrase finder etc?

I .use a combination of SEO tools, and here are my list:

I also try and keep playing with new SEO tools, for example, hrefs for link analysis, Hittails for finding long tail Keywords (not recommended for the price they offer for), and many others. But right now, I can remember for of the tools I mentioned above. You can check out my complete Blogging tools which I use.

Q5.And how to get free visitors to the website by white hat and comment my website?

There are many ways by which you can drive traffic, and here I will outline few of them:


SEO will help to get your site more visible in Search engine. If you are not an SEO fanatic and find it like an alien word, you just need to take care of few things. Your Onsite SEO, On page SEO and Offsite SEO. On OnSite SEO, take care of WordPress duplication and indexation issue. Submit sitemap to major search engine. Give a unique meta title and description to your site homepage with target Keyword.  Also take care of site speed and don’t over do your site with ads.

In On page SEO takes care of Keyword Research, Keyword placement, Keyword density, readability, Outbound link SEO and none the less, write high-quality content. Also, add social bookmarking icons to increase social signals to your site. In off-site SEO take care of backlink building, social signals and rest you can use various stuff to promote your blog.

Guest posting:

This is my favorite and highly recommended method. You can read my complete guest posting campaign guide for traffic to get a complete detail about it.

Blog commenting:

Another easy and best method. By adding meaningful comments regularly on some of the blogs you read will not only help in building connection, branding but it will also fetch you drive traffic throughout. You should read our earlier guide on How to be the first one to comment on a blog post, to make most out of it.

Forum posting:

Another great method and there are many quality forums like Warriorforum, V7Nforum and other dofollow forums, where you can use signatures to get traffic to your blog.

There are endless ways like Social bookmarking,video blogging, Email marketing, Social media and many more. Here are some of the hand-picked article which will help you to learn more on driving traffic:

6.How to contact you other than this? I am very impressed by seeing  your blogging skills.

I try to answer a question when ever it’s possible, but due to high volume of Email, I miss to reply many emails. But feel free to send your doubts via contact form and I will reply as soon as I possible for me. Alternatively, if your queries are urgent you can take advantage of my personal blog coaching (Shameless promotion).

Q7.What are the free way to generate income through online?

Ahh.. this is tough one because I believe in money makes money. But, yes there are many ways which work and many of them don’t work. You can get yourself a free blog on BlogSpot.com and monetize it with Adsense or other altrernatives.

If you have some unique skills, then you can sell or make stuff on Fiverr or check out other freelancing sites, and see if your skill set matches for any job. If you are exception writer, you can easily apply for any Blogging jobs or content writing jobs.

Here we have discussed some of the easy ways to earn money online by sitting at home. If you can make videos, you can easily earn via Youtube AdSense partnership which is another free way to earn by creating videos. You can use your creativity to create viral videos and earn huge. You can earn money for free via affiliate marketing programs like Dreamhost affiliate program, but again, blogging is the best way to promote your affiliate program.  You should also read: 5 ways of making money online.

Well, these are some of the questions of this week and next week, I will again take another set of questions which I will receive. Though, before you send me any blogging questions, make sure you do a search on Google and if you can’t find anything concrete, you can always drop me your questions via contact form.

Most of these answers are from my experience and things which I use, but if you use something else and would like to answer questions your way, feel free to drop it via comment.

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  1. Anchit Shethia (WinAppleWorld) says

    Great one Harshu !!
    The way you write your articles…hardly anyone would be doing.
    I have to learn so much from you

  2. Shivkumar says

    I am a newbie and I was having many query in my mind most o which had been solved here..
    It really worth me a lot

  3. raman says

    Hai sir,this article is impressed me and these are very helpful.please post this type of article once in a week.

  4. Amandeep Singh says

    Hey Harsh,

    Again a great guide! I think I have to seriously start guest posting now :)…


    • Amit Shaw says

      Yeah if you not using Guest Posting then i also highly recommend to do it.
      I am doing and getting superb result on SERP Ranking.
      Thanks for this awesome Q&A Series.

  5. says

    Very useful Q&A post. Well yes, natural links are the powerful source of getting backlinks which can be done by creating original and unique content. And yes, commenting on blogs which are related to niche of the site and guest posting are really good strategies for link building. Thanks Harsh for this wonderful post :)

  6. Gitesh says

    Thanx a lot sir, for solving all of such important queries which always comes in a mind of every new blogger…….

  7. says

    Nice Q&A session there, Harsh. I can see that this post is very much on the SEO side of blogging. Perhaps you could answer questions on driving traffic from Social Media after this.

    As for me, I believe in guest posting for SEO purpose. Blog commentating is there for me to interact with the writers and their readers. Other than that, I will finger cross in blog commentating for SEO

  8. Chris says

    Harsh, this is a complete guide to starting a career as a professional blogger and live online lifestyle. But, I think there is a forgotten part from which you mentioned, that’s is blog integration with social media like Twitter, facebook, G+ etc. Now, the success of a blog can’t separated with social media marketing. thank you

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