Blogging Psychology & Gaming Psychology : One and The Same?

Blogging PsychologyIf you are at all into computer games, particularly PC and mobile phone games, then you have more than likely noticed the recent trend in game design to offer free games and then give the players the chance to purchase premium content that will make your game better than every one elses.  Now, many of you must be wondering what it has to do with Blogging psychology, read on and you will understand some great marketing tips from gaming industry here. I have a friend who works in the game industry and makes these kind of games and we often talk about how the games can make money if they are free. I am not one of these people who likes to pay extra once I have bought a game or even got a game for free to make it better. It just seems to me that once you have paid that should be it. And that is apparently the view of most people, there is only a small fraction of people that will pay for this premium contentbut yet the games company still makes a profit. This is a break down of how gamers are viewed by games companies.

How Blogging Psychology and Gaming mind work alike?

Let me give you example by breaking down your blog visitors and readers into three categories and compare it to Psychology of gaming industry and gamers.  Specially, if you are into selling some product or service, this article is going to offer you something new here.

The Casual Players : Non Profitable

These are the players who  play the game and then either dont pick the game up very often, only play it once and forget about it or play the game but never even consider paying for content but keep grinding away and get as far in the game as they can through all the free methods. This accounts for the vast majority of players, they see that they have what they ordered and don’t want to pay any more. I can see a lot of comparisons in this to blogging. The casual visitors are the ones who only come to your site once and then never come again. They may come to your site a few times and even sign up to your RSS feed but they will never be willing to pay to get your ebook or any premium content that you offer on your site. These visitors are good to keep your traffic numbers up but they are never really going to be highly valued customers because they are never going to be willing to give anything back to your blog.

The Casual Spenders : Where you need Max Marketing Skills

This section of gamers is much smaller than the casual gamers but with the important difference that they are willing to spend some money if they believe that the benefit they get is either going to be a massive help to them or they simply really want it to make their game better.  These gamers are likely to play a lot more than the casual gamers as well because to want to spend some money on the product then they must be involved with the game on some emotional level. These kind of personality types are likely to be the ones that interact with your blog on a regular basis and have an active interest in a lot of your social networks and possibly occasionally your comments section of your blog. They will take a look at all of the products that you bring out and judge on a individual basis whether the quality of the product is good and whether it suits them. In other words they are only going to spend the money if the product or service that you are offering is going to give them massive benefits. This is where your marketing skills come into picture, as you have to convince them to buy. These are the type of buyers who are willing to spend, but they need a push to buy. Positive reviews, great design and an attractive landing page will do the magic here.

The Whales

Last but definitely not least the affectionatly named Whales. These are the kind of players who will buys all of the premium contentthat the game has to offer. These players only make up about 1-2% of all players but they are the most important for the games companies and these are the people that the game is designed for. A lot of these types of games are developed with a lot of ‘polish’, that is lots of colour and visually appealing things when you achieve goals.


This makes the game more rewarding for players. There are two possible reasons that these gamers are willing to spend the cash, that they want their game to be as perfect as possible or they want their game to beat everyone elses (eespecially all of their friends!). This is the reason that games, particularly on Facebook, encourage and in a lot of cases force you to be involved in other peoples games and go and have a look at how their game is progressing. This gives the whales the knowledge that their park is better than everyone elses or needs fast improvement so time to get out their wallets again and spend. This gaming personality type can be compared to your avid Blog readers. The ones that come back to your blog every day looking to see what you have done and have joined all of your social groups. Because they are so involved with your blog you may even know many of them by name. They will buy any product that you bring out simply because they trust that you will offer them the information they need to get them further on in that particular field than anyone who doesn’t buy the content.

The lesson that you should take away from this is that if you want to be making money from your website then you should be targeting it towards the whales. Make your content unmissable so that you get these readers coming back and back for more. Do series of posts so that people can have reasons to come back day after day. Make sure that if you release a product that you make your readers have the chance to know about it before it comes out.

This will give them a sense of being able to get there first, getting this valuable information before anyone else and being ahead of the game. From a blogger point of view, it’s basically the whales type of readers are more profitable and they are your real followers. Here is a nice post, which will help you to get back and retain your loyal blog readers. It’s always a good idea to understand your readers psychology and habits to offer them something they like the most.

Another take away is understanding the demographics of your blog. For example, games like counter strike is very famous among school and college students, where as you will find people in 50-60’s playing Mario often. Similarly, when you are working on your blog business plan, make sure to target a set of demographic. Sometime, it’s better to have less traffic but targeted visitors are more profitable. Well, I hope you understood how gamer psychology works and hope you will use this knowledge on your blog for creating more profit.

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