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    4 Oaths Of Blogging To Become a Better Blogger

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    This is a guest article by Kavita Arora, who blogs at DreamBloggers. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our guest posting guidelines.

    Blogging is really an interesting job in which people share their knowledge and expertise with their readers. It plays a major role in enhancing the niche knowledge. You must read this if you are planning to start a blog or even if you are a blogger. These facts will not only help you to become a good blogger but also help your blog to stand out in Blogging crowd.

    Here I am sharing some facts about blogging that you must go through if you are going to start a blog. If I ask you about “Which is the No. 1 Blog?” You would certainly think about the stats of the blog, having thousands of subscribers, lots of comments, but the real question is not about the blog, it is about the blogger. It’s the writer or author who is behind that blog who is making that blog at the top.

    Oaths of blogging 550x385 4 Oaths Of Blogging To Become a Better Blogger

    Oath of blogging

    Take these four oaths of Blogging:

    First Oath

    Patience is Life: The very first thing you must make in your mind is that you must have patience, if you have just started a blog few months ago, don’t think about money from starting, and in other words “Don’t Blog for Money”. One of the most common reasons for the failure of blog is money consciousness, this is what I have seen in many blogging sites they certainly quit very soon, because they think that they can make thousands of dollars from the day one by merely doing nothing, so keep patience and enjoy blogging.

    Second Oath

    Content Matters: The second thing is that you must focus on content. Content is the king which will lead you to the road of success. Nothing matters much, if your content is good. Don’t focus on Quantity but on Quality. Always try to represent your content written in a language that your readers can easily understand your perception.

    Third Oath

    Ready for The Change: Keep yourself ready for any change, like don’t get stick to one topic. For example, if you are going to write about blogging, android, than change to some new topic so that you as well as your reader find interesting to read your blog. Always adapt the changing environment so that you as well as your reader always get new things to learn from your blog. Though make sure to maintain a generic niche and don’t move away from your selected niche.

    Fourth Oath

    Reader’s Respect: Give your readers respect by giving answers to their questions, Always use proper language for responding to your readers. Do respond to Comments. This make them feel more valued thereby doing their best to help your blog a success. Blogger must keep this in mind that they cannot do anything without their readers. “Give Respect and Take Respect”.

    Note for New Bloggers

    Always try to Look for “who” is behind that blog success and “what” they did to reach that level, rather than focusing on the end result, which we usually do.

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    rahul solanki

    really a great post.If every blogger follow and take above oaths then i quarante that with in 6-12 moths they can earn online money.

    Patience is must for new bloggers.


    Kamal Hasa

    6-12 months is a bit too late and anyone can lose interest by that time. But in any case nice post @ Kavita..



    I dont agree…

    If you are really interested in what you are blogging about then I dont think you will ever get bored

    Indeed a great article


    rahul solanki

    i agree with you manish.Iam a blogger and webmaster too.I am blogging since from many months and running more than 5 websites since from 4 years.I never got bored and not loosed interest and now earning handsome amount of dollars

    Vivek Parmar

    look for new thing, not able to understand it. If your blog is a niche blog then it is quite harmful if you change from it. Try to focus on it only and create some unique content from that niche


    Pritam @ Specky Geek

    I totally agree! @Kavita, I guess you are new to this blogging niche. Never read anything by you before. Anyway, amusing article!



    Yes, I agree with you . I am trying hard to write valuable content for my readers


    Vijayraj Reddy

    Patience is one of the first thing bloggers should control as said, many newbie bloggers quit blogging bcoz they don’t have Patience…



    Patience & content are very very important I agree with you. A new blogger must have patience for 2-4 month am I right


    wasim ismail

    I totally agree, patience is extremely important, blogging can really test your patience, but if you stick to it, you will eventually crack it.



    WHat else i can do

    I can digg it :D


    Pritam @ Specky Geek

    Interesting! However, I do not agree with the point that says “Don’t Blog for Money”. I guess, there are two types of bloggers–who just blog and others who blog for money. If you fall in the second category, you will have to think about the bucks from the very moment you conceptualize a blog. Otherwise, everything will depend on sheer luck. This does not mean that you start worrying about ads from the first day.



    I like kavita post , I patient is good but to do when you spend approx 4-5 months and don’t have visitor on your blog and haven’t get a single google check.


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