What is Blogging All About?

What is BloggingFew weeks back, I asked a question ‘Why did you start blogging?’ I got replies of which most of the people who replied said they started blogging because of one passion or the other. One thing that got me thinking is that most of them also said that part of the reason they started blogging was to make money. Of a truth, there is nothing bad in using your blog to make money. What is bad is thinking and acting as if all you want from blogging is money.

If I ask you, what is the major niche in blogging? You will be right to say that it is making money from your blog. Many bloggers do this successfully while many more have nightmares in trying to make money from their blog. I wouldn’t discourage such people because I know it is very possible to make a six figure income from blog. What I won’t encourage is the way bloggers go about making money from their blog. I’ve been there done that.

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Let me tell you a little story about me. I have read countless number of blogs and e-books on how to make money from your blog (I’m still reading more though) but anytime I implement what I read, I get less or no result. This is not because what they teach is not feasible. It is because I did not get it right that blogging is not all about making money. That is in the past anyway. Now I know better. I once wrote a post titled, “Income Secret Exposed”. It was one of the things I read that opened my eyes to what blogging is all about.

So lets look into What is Blogging all about:

1. Blogging is all about making impact.

What impact are you making through your blog? What do people find interesting about your blog that they do not get anywhere else. If you are not making any impact through your blog, I’m afraid, making money should not be considered by you. People should be able to read your blog posts and be challenged to take a positive action. Your blog should influence and not manipulate your readers. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care about them. Your blog posts should carry a sense of care. Its focus should be people and not search engine. Give updated information; provide easy means to accomplish a thing; help people to learn skills to pay their bills. When everything you do on your blog is about others, you are making serious impact. In a little while, people will be willing to pay for your services. They will be VERY willing to buy your products.

2. Blogging is all about solving real life problems

What problem are you solving through your blog? If you are not solving any, it’s time to find a certain and common problem that you can solve and start solving it. The money in people’s pocket, bank account or online account is yours only if you are the one solving their problems. You can’t expect to make money from your blog if your blog is not solving any problem. You can put up diverse advert spaces on your blog, no one will advertise on your blog if you won’t help them solve their need for customers. Many people have problems. They search daily on how to solve their problems. People are in need of information; give it to them in the form of e-books or membership sites. Many of the bloggers I know who make six figure income online are good at these. You too can join them.

Your blog’s niche does not have to be making money online niche. Good for you if you truly know how to train a dumb dog to become a smart dog. There are many tired dog owners out there who needs their dumb dogs to become smart. Stop looking everywhere, start looking inward. Develop yourself and start making impact through your blog. Start solving real life problems through your blog. Don’t limit your capability, extend your reach and start making all the money through blogging.

Over to you, what impact are you making or what problem are you solving? Are there other things you know blogging is all about? Feel free to share your thoughts, we will all learn from what you have to say. You will be doing your blogger friends a lot more good by sharing this post with them.

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Adesoji Adegbulu is an entrepreneur, consultant and a patriot who provides solutions for people, business and nation(s) in the good way he can through "Problem Solvers Wanted". He also lives the internet lifestyle and teaches people (mostly Nigerians) on how to do the same on Make Money Online Nigeria


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  1. All Is Well says

    You are talking about personal blogs. Still you need user base to solve problems. I guess yahoo and other big sites are good for attracting traffic. I don’t think making six figure income from single blog is possible untill you are pro in blogging.

    • NpXp says

      Profitable blogs are an integral part of the booming Internet worldwide. It is just like a daytime job for many :D