Blogging in Indian Society, and How You Can Bring Change

Blogging in India is growing at a rapid pace but the question is whether blogging will ever be considered a mainstream career option in Indian society.

Many of you who are part-time bloggers in India may not yet understand what it takes to be a full-time blogger in Indian society.

In this article I will be sharing some funny facts as well as the bitter truth about working from home in Indian society.

Blogging In India

Professional blogging in India is still not considered a full-time job. In fact, anything involving online work is considered a part-time job. Some of this is due to computer illiteracy and the generation gap.

Let’s look at some of the facts about professional blogging in Indian society.

Working from home is not for everyone :

Accept it or not, Indian society is very conservative, and as always bringing change to the long-term mindset or belief system of a people or culture is a very difficult task.

Working from home in India is always considered a part-time job, and only for passive income. Moreover, a young person (23-35) working from home all the time is somehow unacceptable in Indian society.  While we can say that we don’t care about society or about what people think, truth is that at the end of the day it does matter to most of us.  And if it doesn’t matter to you, it matters to the people connected to you.

One reason why Internet work is never considered as a main source of income in India is that a large percentage of the Indian population (70-72%) lives in rural India, and the Internet is still not in widespread use there.

Explaining blogging to people is hard:

I’ve been a professional blogger for the last 5 years, and probably more than 1000 times people have asked me what I do for a living!  When I respond that I’m a blogger, I can see the confused faces asking “What is blogging ??”

Blogging in Indian Society

Even if I manage to explain blogging, the next question becomes “Do you really make money from blogging??”

A couple of days ago I was waiting in line at the passport office and I happened to have a conversation with part of the rising and shining Indian future, a young BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) graduate. I was surprised to learn that he had no knowledge of blogging, Internet marketing, or anything to do with the various ways to make money working online. What’s worse is that is not an isolated case.  The majority of the Indian population is unaware of the existence of blogs or blogging.

Most of the time I end up answering questions about my work by saying “I create websites.” I’m sure I’m not the only one explaining away my profession in this way out of frustration.

If I have to blame anyone for the ignorance that exists related to my work and other Internet based work, it would be the Indian education system which is limited to text book education rather than practical application.

Bringing about a change in Indian society with blogging:

If you are familiar with my style of bloggin, you are likely expecting me to provide a solution or work-around to the issues noted above. Further, if you are reading this article, you are one of the bright minds of India’s future, and you hold the power to bring about real change in Indian society, (or any country in which you reside).

Start educating:

Invite your friends, relatives or other people you know who are in need of work, and educate them about blogging or other online work. Tell them blogging is not just about writing poetry or your midnight thoughts, but it’s a way to bring work and change for you and for others. You can also earn smart passive income from it, and you never know when your ideas may turn out to be next big thing.

Let people know that not only will they have the opportunity to educate and change society, but they will also have the opportunity to make a name for themselves. They may be a part of the process of opening new doorways to passive income for themselves and for others.

Here’s an example:  Tell your retired army officer relative that he has protected the country from its enemies, and now it is time to use his knowledge and wisdom to educate the young future of India!

Start a blog in any niche in which you can offer knowledge.  If you don’t like writing, start video blogging!

Here’s another example of a dramatic way to have a hand in changing the world:  Tell your friends who are angry about girls being raped on Indian roads that instead of ranting on Facebook, they can write a blog on self-defense for girls! Write an article on what the Indian government should do to ensure women’s safety! The scope is endless.

Educate the people you know about the most lethal weapon we humans have: writing.

Show them the money:

Whenever I write about blogging, I am not referring to your daily diary blog, but to using your blog to earn some income. As we all know, money is one of the biggest motivational forces because everyone needs money. Blogging is fun and interesting, and if people were aware of the fact that money can be made from blogging, it would heighten the interest around blogging for sure.

Many professional bloggers from India are making up to 1-10 lakh every month from blogging alone, which is equal to two to three years of income for a software engineer!

Note for our American friends:  1 Indian lakh = 100,000 rupees

Updated on April 27, 2015 for re-publication of this blog:

1 lakh = 100,000 rupees = 1,579.20 American dollars

10 lakh = 1,000,000 rupees = 15,792.05 American dollars

So – there are professional bloggers in India who are currently earning up to 1500-15,000 PER MONTH from blogging alone.

No one can say in truth that blogging is not a decent profession!

Back to your starting point:

There are ad networks like Google AdSense which are easy to use and can help you to start earning passive income.

Corporations are also taking blogging seriously:

We have already discussed how much social media has changed society and the role of social shopping in consumer decision-making. There is no doubt that blogs are influential in the decision making process of their readers. For this reason, many PR companies are taking blogging seriously now, and they engage with bloggers in an effort to expand their business models.

Mobile companies like Nokia and Samsung are working closely with bloggers to get the word out about their products, and this is working out very well for them.

Realizing the importance of inbound marketing, most large companies are now setting up separate budgets for engagements and events around blogging. In fact, many of them also hold separate events for bloggers apart from press events.

Here are some observations from my experience:

  • Males are currently more active in the Indian blogosphere.
  • Females start blogging, but very few of them continue it for long.
  • A majority of Indian blogs involve the technology niche.
  • A major problem with the Indian blogosphere is a lack of initial funding and adequate direction.
  • College students and the age group from 16-25 are very active in the blogging world.

In nutshell, the blogging industry is booming, but what is missing is direction. You and I together can bring about great change. The most significant changes in human history have long begun in a small room. Let that room be us!

This is my perspective.  If you would like to add your thoughts to this discussion, please feel free to do so via the comments section below!

And as always, if you find the information in this post useful or interesting, please share it with your friends and colleagues on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

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Article By
Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


COMMENTs ( 62 )

  1. says

    Agree, There are many tech guys still who does not know blogging,even if they know they still do not believe that we can make living with blogging.

    There is another category like me who knows about blogging but as you have already mentioned we need some guidance to start with …

  2. Amrit S. Lotay says

    When I was reading this article, every cell of my body was screaming at those who don’t know what Blogging is. People read Blogs everyday and they have no idea what a Blog is. They read an article online and never share, like or tweet it on social media just because they don’t want their Facebook Wall to become dirty(Trust me, this is a deal with people these days). iGyaan is one of the famous website for Gadget reviews in India and they review latest products within a week of their launch. People read those articles, get the info they need and leave that website without even knowing who wrote that review. They always think that these Tech websites are owned by some Million Dollar IT Companies but what they don’t know is that those Blogs are published by people like us who are Blogging from under the Blanket. Now talk about our Education System – Even our teachers and lecturers don’t know what a Blog is. They still recommend W3Schools for learning HTML or CSS. They have no idea about other great resources on the Web such as Tuts+, SitePoint, Codrops etc. TutorialsPoint is a great and biggest resource on the web for learning Code and the best part is that it is created by Indians. But our teachers(North india) don’t even know about it. I am a BCA and in last semester of my Graduation, there was a module on “Introduction to CMS – WP, Drupal, Joomla”. That module consisted of only definitions and history of these 3 CMSs. Thats it. I have lot to say about this but I don’t want my comment to be longer than this post.
    P.S. – This article inspired me to publish my own thoughts on my Blog :)
    Thank You

  3. Venish Rai says

    Hi Harsh,
    I enjoyed reading your opinions.
    Very well written and it has definately encouraged me to join the bloggers fraternity.

  4. says

    Hi Harsh… I loved this post of yours. Though I am good in studies and manage a balance between my studies and blogging, my parents think it is a ‘waste of time’. But after I showed them your income and income of many other Indian bloggers, they have agreed for this passion of mine.
    But still when I get bad marks in Hindi (my weak subject) they still think its because of me, blogging…. Who cares, I will keep blogging…..

    • says

      I can understand how hard it is at times to convince parents on blogging or even anything which is online. It’s like an invisible work which they can’t see apart from seeing that you are on computer.

      I’m glad my income reports and others helped you to make them understand how this could be a profitable thing. Now it’s time for you to prove yourself right and make your work shine!
      Best of luck!

  5. Rahul says

    same here also when i am blogging my family and parents get angry for he doing all day time-pass in front of computer and when someone asked me what you want to be in your life then i replied Blogger and same reaction from them blog?? What and what is this ???? Then i am also end with “I want To make website…..” like Facebook and then they Stop asking and go their way

  6. Rajkumar says

    Yea, it is true, there is a huge lack of professional education in India. I also use to say i am a web developer rather than a blogger, because i will have to explain everyone what is blogging

    • says

      This is irony of the situation but I would suggest: When ever possible explain the other person about what is blogging and how it works. You never know how word of mouth will help in creating awareness about blogging.
      Thanks for dropping by and for your comment.

  7. Vishwajeet Kumar says

    Hi, Harsh! Great Article. Yes, It is 100% true that People in India does not believe so much in work at home. But In this way I am very lucky, because I will get full support from my parents and they really encourage me in this field.

  8. Rahul Singh Solanki says

    yes bro, you are right. I am going to start a blog and also my blogging career tomorrow. I asked my parents to give me money. They know i can, but when it come to the point that how will i make money from it, it always become to describe.
    But the thing i do always, i have completed 12th and waiting for result.When ever any one ask me what will you do after 12th, i only say don’t know about anything but blogging is fixed. If they don’t know about blogging , as it always happen, i explain them. And it take too much time and they put question and question in front of answer that i give them. Now just waiting for tomorrow..

  9. Luan Tran says

    It’s a great article Harsh. I imagined about blogging in Vietnam when reading it. We have some same funny facts here.
    Thank you for sharing your thought!

  10. krishnan says

    Trure. However, our family & beloved people supports is necessary because hearning negative words redecue our hope and may thinking to chane the profession too. Here, i am luck.

  11. rahul says

    Great article Harsh.. I am working in an IT company since 1.6 years but there is nothing called saving but only the Rat race (subah jao raatko aao).
    I am much passionate about blogging but due to lack of time i am not being able to continue my blogging. So soon i am taking a decision of quitting my job and turn into a full time blogger. I want suggestions from all the readers who is reading …

  12. Aakash Salunke says

    Great article bro. I am doing my first year engineering and I constantly meet other people of my age. Many people don’t know about blogging or that you can earn through it. It’s a disgrace. Even 4 th year engineers don’t know how to build a website. Very sad.

  13. says

    Speechless Harsh you cracked out each and every fact.! Even making my parents understand about Blogging OMG! Just can’t think of it.Even I’ve experienced many funny facts while talking about Make Money Blogging to my friends and relatives.In Kerala Blogging is :P “Sorry what the hell is that” :P Have a Great Day Harsh Keep Posting this kinda stuffs :)

  14. says

    Blogging in India society is like doing something illegal the right way!
    I can still remember when I got my first AdSense check and my parents were like, who sent you this :|
    it’ll still take quite a few years for everyone to get to know about Blogging, and thanks Harsh you’re always a great Inspiration :)
    P.S. you haven’t posted any Income reports recently :P please do it!

  15. says

    Hi Harsh
    Me too have the same experience when i say to my Friends i am a Blogging ,they have no idea about it and all thinks i am Crazy and ask me to stop wasting time .With this all negative talks by others i still believe to be a successful asap.

  16. Naocha says

    Hi, Harsh Agrawal….
    This post made me smile, laugh and a big inspiration. People gets confused about your job and there I was asked myself. Hey, even the Animators in India feels the same like you with that confusion in the face. Anyways it is just an amazing article and whoever read this article will start something new to the Indian blogging community.

  17. Abhishek Gupta says


    Blogging in India has evolved drastically over the years. I still remember that when I was in college we used to treat it as an activity to earn some pocket money.. However, today I know many people who actually earn a few lacs a month by just blogging and maintaining a few websites online….

  18. Anchit Shethia says

    I don’t want to influence others to join blogging seeing my money or my blogging ventures.
    Instead, I want to bring change to Indian mentality by writing and publicising what is right.
    I am trying hard to get people to me and tell them their social issues so I can write on it and try to change people’s mind.
    I recently started my personal blog and I encourage everyone to leave comments and email and tell me about their social issues, poor Indian mentality like child marriages in their area, abortion etc.
    I want to influence people’s thoughts on these issues using my blog.
    I want to make a community of like minded 21st century thoughts. I am not telling be open minded like Americans and Europeans, but the typical Indian mentality (Child marriage, Dynastic rule etc) needs to be eradicated asap!

  19. Apurva says

    Hi Harsh,
    I read your views about blogging as career in India which If am not wrong is still in nascent stage. Nevertheless it’s encouraging and the stage is set for a positive ramification while netting more young and independent minds to adopt this platform. Blogging as career, I believe is a “Eureka” moment for CREATIVES and those souls who are pissed off slogging for someone else. One striking point about MONEY MAKING popular blog is that most of AUTHORS (including you)/CONTRIBUTORS/COMMENTATOR are techies and write about technology or hardcore IT related bottlenecks and how to solve them. I would go one step ahead and call them “Mini-consultants (MICONS)”. These Micons and their blog make money. Money no doubt is the biggest pull and more so in this part of the world for blogging and there is nothing wrong in it. Amit Agarwal ( is the grand daddy of blogging in India I guess and you all show deference to him. I was shocked by his monthly earning which a common Yankee after a good college work makes in a year.

    So what brought me here (at This is the first blog where I am writing any comment. Although the “B” word was humming in my mind for long (probably since mid 2011) it was at the beginning of this year when I decided to do something about it. I can visualize your red face, a response for my great procrastination. The effort wasn’t exacting thanks to Google which knew what I was looking for when I typed in the slim blank rectangle “top 10 bloggers in India”. And out of the zillion links which it throws probably 4th or the 5th one summed up my curiosity. In the top 10 list I zeroed on your blog. Why? Although all of them are technical your differentiated and scored on the point that tells about the nuts and bolts of blogging.

    After browsing many blogs I still consider myself toddling in dinosaur era when I observe how blogging which encapsulates in it the richness of content, technology and the opportunities opens new frontier. A Naïve, it would be an exaggeration on my part even if I say that I have scratched the surface.

    Oh! Sorry I forgot to tell about myself. Not some James Bond but a simple guy who survives by instructing BBA/MBA guys about Economics and allied subjects. Not a Harsh Agarwal yet:) .

    Phew! So these are my simple query for which I need an answer:

    # As I mentioned in the beginning Is it so that it’s the TECHIES again who are the winners in the blogosphere both in terms of big money and traffic? I can walk and talk Economics but I guess it’s no adrenaline for general readers(at least here in India). What blog ideas you would recommend for $ and traffic for an Indian blogger? Apart from economics I have interest in Brand, strategic management, world cinema, philosophy and Inspirational and motivational books.

    # Blogger Vs WordPress?

    # Does the free service attract anything (oh! No, the typical of an Indian?). What minimum I have to shell out for generating more traffic?

    # An adage you assert intermittently is that unless a blog attracts western reader chances are one in a million for greenback to enter its vault. Is it so that Indians are not serious readers/writers of blog and hence a “lesser” denizens of blogosphere who can contribute to substantial traffic?

    # Terms like Aweber, WordPress Plugins, RSS, Internet Marketing, Akismet, Hosting, Domain name….I mean what the heck Am I still a baby or what??

    #How come blog like Huffington Posts makes millions?

    # Have I missed the blogging bus when I say that I in my early 30s?

    # Is it so that I will have to reorient myself as a techie and write on topics like:

    Blogging Tips, Tools, Marketing
    WordPress Plugins and Themes
    Entrepreneurship- Running an online business
    Make money online tips and ideas
    Social media marketing, online marketing and inbound marketing
    Technology How to and listified article
    SEO Tools, Software’s, Case study

    Help me to attain my own “Emancipation For Everything”


  20. Sk. Noman Ahmed says

    Very good post on Blogging. I appreciate your writing and the kind of the language you used in your blog post. You have discussed very true facts of Blogging & Yes. It’s Really Our Time to change the Face of the Blogging and India.
    Thanks a Lot.

  21. Aliakbar Fakhri says

    Awesome Article, I started my blogging when i was at 10th but all in my family members and friends need to scold me as what i was doing, But after receiving my First check all were surprised and most of my friends started asking me how to make a blog and start online Income.

    In India very less knows about Blogging, even many of them thinks blogging is just a flexible income

  22. says

    Hi Harsh, I always follow you blog and undoubtedly you are one of the my favorite blogger in India. Even I can say that you are inspiration to me to start blogging. Same question I got from people in my society and I found myself in awkward position to let them understand that what is blogging. At the end of the our conversation I only can say that i create websites. This post seems like I am talking to someone about my experience.


  23. Abhay says

    Yes Harsh, what you have mentioned is true. I would say Indian society is more ignorant rather being conservative. If you take example for work for home, most of the rural and small businesses are getting energized from homes. Internet is a new medium to Indian society, it will take time to get it into mainstream. These days railways and banking are the synonyms for professional internet usage for an average Indian, though urban Indians have stretched their hands for more of these. It is a natures fact, things which establish slowly last longer. There will be a day things and thoughts will change to change the future and the destiny of India.

  24. says

    i’m totally agree with your points. Now-a-days blogging in India is passion, there are many aspirants bloggers out there. The biggest problem is that no-body have patience, everybody just wants to make money by hook or by crook. If i show my adsense cheque to somebody then they just want to learn it so badly, but after 1-2 months, they ended up doing nothing, its because they don’t have patience, We can earn through blogging, but its not overnight or in a month, it takes time.

  25. Nihar says

    You are absolutely right. I myself have faced this problem of trying to explain what is blogging and how we can earn money out of it.

    Even in most of the young people, very few know that you can actually blog and earn money…

  26. krishna chaitanya says

    hi harsh
    Its a great way to change the indian society but i have question
    in india we only have blogs about tech or blog or entertainment but do we scope for any other subject like politics , sports, innovations in world etc…

    • says

      There is scope for every niche, but what matters is how you take it to next level. Remember, FakeIPLplayer?
      One problem with niche lie Politics and sports is, they are seasonal and money from ads is less there. Though, you can always create them as a brand and earn from it.

  27. says

    Well the best way to do that in India is to, blog blog and blog and then show your Adsense check doesn’t matter if it is even Rs. 5000. But after that no one can say to you that its all fake you won’t ever get anything. Actually it gets to the nerve when you trust something like the only ray of hope.

  28. Fazal Mayar says

    What an inspirational post Harsh. When I first discovered blogging, I discovered my dream. I discovered that making money online and at home is possible. Travelling while you have a business online is a good dream. Without proper education and contacts its not that easy to succeed, reading a lot is a must thats why blogs exist. I stopped my activities because of dry eyes but my main point is that when you pursue a dream, it can be achieved. Internet marketing or blogging ventures takes time.

    Anyways, you are representing indian bloggers very well Harsh, you just show your humanity side of yours. India needs more bloggers as employment can be limited and those living in rural can make a living online. What if blogging can end a bit of poverty in India and provide some food for poor kids? Im positive blogging in india will just grow day by day.

  29. Dhruv Bhagat says

    I told my parents about doing work from home and earn through internet.. I didn’t tell yet how much I earn from it.. Being a student, they are happy seeing me doing something at home instead of other guys going to late night parties and get drunk and all.

    But still, they say that nothing can be prepared to 9to5 job..

    Though, I don’t earn much but I want to show how much exactly a person can earn through just “sitting at home” (their words)..

    That was a great post man..!! Quite motivational :)

  30. says touched my mind too! Its not only our education system but our approach toward education is also a cause…..we get degree only to get a JOB (Just Over Broke) and end up RUNNING A RAT RACE instead of OWNING A BUSINESS!

    I do earn descent amount of money online (I do micro-blogging) but it is hard to convince my friends that blogging can be a business. Lets see if shout network can able to bring some change in this!

  31. says

    This is truly awesome article.
    and center of this discussion is “Direction towards blogging”
    i totally agree with that.
    i do agree blog brings passive income but at the same time u r creating some business path as well
    also i agree with the point of invoking awareness amongst friends and relatives

    keep posting such motivating articles

  32. says

    Its about time that Digital Marketing and related are taught in schools and management schools. There is no doubt that DM is gonna be huge. Blogging is gonna grow. The number of Readers and Bloggers are growing fast. There is no doubt that blogging will be placed along engineering, accountant and others as a career option. Maybe we need more time! Eespecially in India where accepting changes is sort of a taboo

    • says

      I agree with you, change will happen, but it will take some time. Meanwhile, here at ShoutMeLoud, we accept comments from people with real name. I would, request you to use your name while commenting. Thanks for dropping by. :)

  33. Reeta says

    Very interesting article and you do have a point (a couple actually!). Blogging as a source of income has a huge potential in India. Maybe not for the 70% living in rural areas, but even the remaining, seemingly small 30% translates into a huge number. Just because we are that many :)

    But I’d like to point out here that even in a tech-savvy, advanced country like the United States blogging might no longer be a novel concept; but blogging as the only source of income still is. Yes, there are a lot of people doing so very successfully. But I doubt if it’s recognized as a full-time job.

    Hope that changes with time!

  34. says

    nice points harsh, i totally agree that explaining blogging to someone is very hard work but there is also a point that if anybody understand what blogging can do for them then its a piece of gold.

  35. says

    Hi Harsh,

    Very nice article bro, starting with the experience when you say you are a blogger and you earn money by blogging and from the opposite side you get a face expression as if you have said that 2 +3 = 6. Same happened with me every time when my friends and realtives ask me what do i do.

    The facts you have mentioned are very correct which also do believe ,third point what you said almost indian bloggers write technology ,i think this is because intial technology blogger got success so everyone think that this is the key.

    Indian is really lacking behind in internet.As you said more percent of India is in rural areas.So education and awareness is very important i really agree with you on this point.

    Thank You
    Shorya Bist
    From Youthofest

  36. says

    You have raised a very important point regarding the attitude of people towards full-time bloggers. In our Indian society, as long as your working outside your home, everything is okay but if you are working from home, people don’t take you seriously. The only advice I would give to aspiring professional bloggers is to just answer people’s question with a smile and leave it at that. Let them know that you earn a decent income through blogging and it has a great future and if they are interested you would love to discuss it with them sometime. Leave it at that. If you are confident about your professional choice, it will definitely show through and people will stop bugging you.

  37. Ravi budhwar says

    Well This is the problem always in our society and Infact in My area students are also not aware means they are also thinking same that you can’t make money from Internet and also they think it is just time waste activity and i am part time blogger who just started blogging and even i am surprised more when students don’t know what is blogging.

  38. Ankit Bansal says

    I just love blogging as a hobby and I’m interested to make money from it too. Due to my parents pressure and society, I worked in one import and export business for 1 year and I didn’t gained anything after 1 year and I also left blogging. This is the main problem that in our society people gives more value to person having office or business not the person working at home. But now I’ve left that job and stepping back in the world of blogging and this time I want to build my career in it along with my hobby.

  39. raman bathina says

    Harsh i agree with you,i also face the same situation from my friends.They asks me blogging is really worthful?i say yes but they are not satisfied with that answer.So i want to show a powerful proof with blogging and definitely i will prove it.

  40. says

    I agree with your enthusiasm as well. Me too think you’ve a point. However, I don’t blame India education system because India, as a country has achieved a lot of success with the education system we have.
    Yes, everything needs to change with time and a large ship like a nation doesn’t move as fast as technology does. Therefore, rather than blaming the system for our personal failures as students, professionals and entrepreneurs, the key is to take charge of our lives, keep an open mind and adapt.
    If we as individuals take care of ourselves and our own families on fronts like education, finance, ethical values etc, the country will take care of itself pretty well :-) What do you think?


  41. Santanu says

    Very nice article Harshe. As a software engineer I know how much time I can get for my blog. But from last 2 year I have learned a lot. I came to know about blogging on my 4th year of profession and within 2 years I am able to reach 7K this month. I just can’t explain how it feels to me. Earlier I don’t feel like sharing about this sight of me to anyone, but now I feel that I should tell about this to my friends. I did that but unfortunately none of them found it useful or meaningful.
    Anyway I am doing blogging too feed my passion like all of you.
    Thanks for sharing such a nice article Harshe.

  42. says

    Hi Harsh, Great Article bro. You are right bro, Many people asked me what is blogging..How we earn with blogging ? I said them clearly but they couldn’t understand and finally i end up with saying that am a Web Designer.

  43. Search Ramble says

    “I create websites” — Nailed it..
    leave blogging aside.. it’s hard to explain that there is something like optimization..the websites you visit on a daily basis needs optimization and proper marketing and there are ppl behind it to do the same..

  44. says

    Time is changing and now people have started understanding what internet is all about but what is blogging they have no idea. It will take time and till then we have to say the same thing. We Make Websites.

    Nice post Harsh.

  45. tejas says

    well said harsh..:)
    its mentality of people what should change..And look towards blogging as a bright future..:)

  46. sid says

    Noob bloggers need right direction and funds. This was the most lightning point in your article. I also agree Avi Jit’s opinion.

    One true fact.

    My parents and relatives used to scold me for sitting in front of computer just after the arrival from school. They actually didn’t know what I was doing in front of it and that’s why. But I could shut all their mouth after the arrival of my first check. Which was around 28 k.
    The funny part

    The most unsupported uncle later approached me by saying ” can you please tell me how to start a blog like this?”

    India must put forward some acts to raise blogging to the next level.

    PS : Usually I don’t comment with long texts. But after reading this, I couldn’t actually cover my experience. Awesome penning and interesting.

  47. Ravi says

    Everyone tries to find a Job where he can act like he/she want with good money and stability, nobody will deny such Job.But Indian Society is generally obsessed with Office Jobs to show everyone what status they Pursue. But is such office jobs they don’t get neither Personal Improvement Nor Professional Improvement. Just like they are stuck to something for nothing. So Blogging is far Better as you have to constantly read and write which gives great Knowledge and ability to express yourself to the world.

  48. shyantan says

    you are true harsh ,
    the first point that ” Indian society does not accept the person who work from home” they really think that he don’t work
    and the second point ” explaining the people”
    it is the most toughest thing even itis difficult to explain my mom-dad what is blogging and what its future. they think i am just playing in my computer,
    one hope blogging become popular that it became a subject in our course and we don’t have explain peoples

  49. jaspreet says

    lol…that line you written I create website…dats the same story with me happen everytime :P great post bro

  50. Ravi kumar says

    Absolutely said that the development of blogging in India is not yet. No body know about it. I am also Full time blogger and Freelancer after my B.Sc.(Information Technology). Now I have done my MCA and doing the same. In the initial phase, no body is going to believe in this work, because lot of struggle were there, and money had not come also. So people take this crazy and funny.

    Now, as it is my full time job, so people(parents, society) aspect money from it. If you are earning good also, people of Indian can not believe on it.

    It takes time to understand the people of India, where people can not think about women safety and security.


  51. Arpan says

    Hey, Harsh I also agreed and experienceed all the facts you discussed in the article.
    Specially fact about (BCA) guy. I faced that problem most of time in my college even after my college is a engineering college max. Students and teaching faculties don,t know about blogging.

  52. says

    Dude I Too agree with u ..

    we both are in same age group . i am working for on of the Leading It Company .i started my blog with 80 k investment for content writers and all . every one is saying you are just wasting your money. i have discussed about blogging with my company web-designer he told its waste of time don’t waste your money in blogging . every one is discouraging only shoutmeloud is encouraging :)

    • says

      1. Dont be discourage, forget about what people say about it. keep your head straight and face it. Close your mind off negative talk from people.

      2. I will advice you to go offline or online and learn skills if you did not have already, then come and teach people what you learn online

      3. You can not just give writer keywords to keep writing what you don’t have experience about. how will you build relationship with your blog users

      Harsh Agrawal help him out you experience more than me 5 – 6years is not joke …

  53. Hemanth Kumar says

    Hi Harsh, We can blame education system, but there are so many other things to do. When I was a student I started blogging but I didnt have good internet connection, and no encouragement from people around me, most of them think am wasting time. I didnt continued blogging properly, and now also am doing blogging but as an professional employee not able to get the time required. And also not many bloggers got succeed, in India anything is measured with $$$$$$… earned. I can say, start and do blogging for money, but if you want money you should be passionate and persistent.

  54. says

    I agree with you brother, Right now I am a full time blogger, but When I asked my parents about to start my blogging journey, they just told me do whatever you want. Well, you are right, it’s unacceptable in our society by sitting whole day at home. Whether we are working or not. In my society many society members asked my family members about me that what he doing ? They simply answer them in simple words “Website Designing at home” :D Because that people can’t understand blogging.
    Well, I am not a professional blogger yet, but raising my income slowly as everyone do.

    About The Funny Fact :
    “A young BCA (bachelor of computer applications) graduate and I was surprised to know he had no idea about blogging, Internet marketing”……..

    Recently, the same thing was happened in one Indian Television questionnaire based Show.

    A questioner asked the question for a BCA Graduate Girl, the question was “What is .Com means ?”
    She doesn’t know the answer, questioner surprised too!! . The girl replied that she never learned about it during her whole study !!!! !!!

    That’s a real fact about Indian study. No Practical knowledge and its Only limited to textbook knowledge. Well, I am not blaming the whole education system, because 40% of universities in India provide quality education.

    Another Fact :
    When I was studying in my BCA Last year, during our regular talk on email topic, the professor asked us That what is Yahoo ? Almost 60% students are silent and with question marks on the faces!!!

    I hope this all things will be changed soon.

    PS: Because of this long comment, I Want to tell Akismet That i am not spammer :P

  55. says

    Hi! Harsh. I appreciate this article of yours. And the point you mentioned “Show ’em the Money”. Really, without seeing proofs none will take our advice or route. You’re right, it’s our time to develop ourselves and also others. So educating others and showing them the power of blogging is the right way to bring a change. Keep it up bro. :-)