Tips and Tricks for Upcoming Bloggers

TIps for upcoming bloggersThe following tips are for those new bloggers who are not just new in blogging but the site or blog for which they are writing  is also new and has very little or no traffic at all. Blogging is on rise these days. Everyone is posting on the web whatever he wants just to generate some good traffic. But getting traffic is not easy, don’t believe me? Ask  yourself.

Pre-Writing Activity

Just don’t jump off writing quickly. There are some pre-conditions that should be met before you start writing any thing.

Finding the Right Topic

For me, this is the most difficult job. Finding what to write about is a such a vast topic that I cannot do justice with it due to limited scope of this post.

The right topic depends on what your targeted audience is looking for and what you have to share with them. For example, if you are into Gadgets and Gizmos then its better to write something about them. You can also share news items with your readers.

Let us work with an example here. Lets say your site is mostly about iPhone. Below are the steps you can do to find your Topic.

  • Apply for RSS feeds at Apple
  • Any news from Apple is a potential  Topic


In order to write something you need to have some knowledge of the subject you are about to write. You need to plan before you start. To make plan, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Who is going to read this?
  2. What are the areas I should cover?
  3. How many things can I leave for “obvious” which I don’t have to define?
  4. After reading this, what knowledge would my audience gain?
  5. How would my writing effect my site’s Search Engine Position?
  6. What would I gain from this writing?

If you just start writing without any proper plan, you may end up having some lines of text that is not useful to anyone at all.


Now, you have chosen the Topic to write and planned for the areas you want to cover, its time for research. Research is important for any thing or every thing your write because blogging is not just about educating and informing others. Its about learning new things too. No matter how much knowledge you have about a particular subject, there is always room for more knowledge. The more well researched article you write, the better.

During Writing

Killer Heading

The most important thing about writing is to find that killer Topic Heading and subheadings that bring your reader to your site. The heading is the doorway to your article and if it gets attention of the reader, your text becomes source of knowledge; if not, it’s just some text.


No matter how good your writing skills are, there is a possibility of error. To make sure your readers find your writing fun to read, you need to get someone to review your article before  posting it. Review makes a lot of difference and makes your writing.

You should review your writings too in order to see if the message you are sending is properly conveyed. The best thing to do is to write your stuff and then give some gap before you review it yourself. Take some sleep and with fresh mind re-read your stuff. There is a high probability that you might find errors in your writing.

Post Writing Activity


Once you have written something, its time to market your writing. I assume you are new to blogging and there isn’t enough traffic on your blog. To bring in traffic you need to know where are the people and how to attract them to your article.

You should make a standard procedure for marketing your writing.

Bookmarking it on Social Bookmarking sites.

Social Bookmarking  sites Reddit and StumbleUpon are the best place to bring traffic to your site and to your post. You should bookmark your post at these sites and hope that people like it and bookmark it. The more Bookmarks you get on your link, the better.  Another advntage of bookmarking your post on Social bookmarking site is, faster indexing. Specially for new sites, where Google crawling and indexing is slow, active social bookmarking sites will be very helpful. Here is a list of bookmarking sites

  1. Delicious
  2. StumbleUpon.
  3. Reddit

Share it on Social Networking sites

Facebook, Twitter, Google plusetc. are also very good at generating traffic for your site. You should share your links with your friends, if they like your content,they would share with their friends. This is a very good way of bringing traffic to your site.

DoFollow Blogs

There are a number of Blogs our their  that allow you to add a comment to there posts and in return you have a link to your site. head over to directory and find your self some blogs to to comment on. The commentLuv enabled blogs are better as they give direct link to your Posts.

Comments on Your Posts

Once comment are received on your post, reply to them in a sense which opens a new window of discussion. Interesting comments can help increase traffic the more comments the better (but don’t feed the trolls)

Do share your secret tip to compile a perfect blog post?

This is a guest post by Umair who blogs at Techrux. If you like to write for Shoutmeloud, do read: Shoutmeloud guest posting guidelines.

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COMMENTs ( 29 )

  1. Jarret says

    I’ve been reading Shout Me Loud for a while now. It’s funny because every time I look something up blogging related with Google, Shout Me Loud is right at the top of the SERPs. Great work here guys!

    I agree that after a while, the hardest thing is finding blog topics to write about. Some people recommend things like Google Trends or Yahoo Answers to find topics, but it depends on your niche. One thing that always works is writing about things pertaining to your blog topic that you’re currently using or doing—if you try a new plugin or something for example.

    • Umair says

      Yes I agree. The topic has to be related to niche and yes sharing personal experience is also fruitful.

  2. Sathish @ TechieMania says

    Well written mate. This is a must read guide for newbie bloggers. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Tech Maish says

    Umair this is great post for newbies. Very well explained. Planning and Reviewing Phase is very important, every one should do this before posting a blogpost.

    • Umair says

      Thanks for liking it. Surely, without planning one cannot produce content that can be of any benefit to anyone.

  4. Jens P. Berget says

    Very interesting tips.

    I’m just wondering; do you add your new posts to many social bookmarking sites yourself? I have never done it with my own posts. I have added it to twitter, facebook and stumbleupon, but that’s it.

    • Umair says

      Well, I dont share all posts and not at all sites either. But it surely is helpful to share your post with more and more people and social bookmarking makes it easy.

    • Dev - the New Kid Blogger says

      I was asking myself the same question too.

      And beside those 9 SBM sites above, I add my website to RSS Feed Directories, and I ping them as well.

      However, how can I get the most traffic from doing that? or am I missing something?

      • Umair says

        This post is not about getting the most traffic. Your Question may be answered better in some other very useful post related to SEO, on this blog.

        All I can say is that these sites help in bringing traffic but these do not Guarantee traffic. For more traffic you have to have good content and proper marketing. One post is not enough for that which means you will have to come up with good content again and again.

  5. BLOG404 says

    Hi , i am recently got into wp mania and this is what i have been looking for ! Will help me a lot . Eespecially marketing is a must for new blogs :)
    Hope to see you around in blogosphere :)

  6. Free Hosting @letwebhost says

    I think content is most important part of any new blog.If u write quality content u will automatically get traffic with some marketing

  7. Umair says

    Thanks for the appreciation Dev. Yes Research is important because no one would like to quote wrong figures (if any) in his post.