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    Blogging Gifted me My first Car: Swift Diesel

    By in Shoutmeloud

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    I know it’s starting of month and I should be sharing my monthly traffic and monthly income report. I will be doing that soon but before that let me share my joy with you. I have been blogging from last 1 and half-year religiously and on an average I make almost 2500$/month.

    I have started living a geek life in between but realize that might kill the passion inside me, so along with my work I started my social life too. Why I’m sharing this to you because if you used to be like me, stop doing that, and start enjoying your social life too.

    Now getting back to good news, today I bought my first car and that too from money I made via Blogging.

    I have planned this from long and I’m feeling very happy from inside that I bought my first car from money I made Via blogging and my WordPress services.

    car1 thumb Blogging Gifted me My first Car: Swift Diesel car2 thumb Blogging Gifted me My first Car: Swift Diesel

    (The guy in the Blue T-Shirt is Harsh Agrawal )

    Initially I was planning to buy Beat from Chevrolet Beat but later I changed my mind and bought Swift  VDI (Diesel).

    Since this Car was bought from money I made via blogging, so I could not stop myself from sharing this news with all my blog readers.

    I have some more news to share and I will be sharing them in separate post soon. Do let me know your opinion about Swift?

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    awesome dude! keep it up :)
    nice car

    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks Vishnu :)


    hey harsh congrats for new car.. all the very best for you future …

    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks Mohan :)

    Shahab khan

    Well swift is a nice car harsh and moreover you have chosen a great color too!
    I like it man! Keep it up :)

    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks Shahab. Finding a color is real headache. When I was finalizing colors of Swift, I was confused between 2-3 colors and finally landed with Grey and I’m loving it. :)

    Dev | Technshare

    Hey Harsh,

    That’s awesome to hear man. Congratulations on your first car :).


    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks Dev. :)

    Avi Singh

    I know the feeling when you buy something from money via blogging because I bought my First Windows mobile from money that I made from blogging.
    Best of luck for future…….. :)

    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks Avi and I believe you can understand the feeling and joy. :)
    Meanwhile till now I have bought three major things with my blogging income:
    1. Nikon D5000
    2. Macbook Pro
    3. Swift


    Hi Harsh,
    Congrates and thanks for sharing with us. I am really happy to see your progress also your mission is very inseparable for other blogger

    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks Mahendra. I’m glad to see you around of SML most of the time. Lucky to have loyal readers. (-:


    wow bro :) congo to you ……kudos bro may may lines of car comes in feat of you :)

    Rockstar Sid

    Wish you a lot more happiness and a blend of good luck all the way :)

    – Sid

    Rahul Jadhav

    That’s awesome buddy!!!! It must be a great feeling, buying your first car. Have fun


    congrats harsh for the car. Drive safe.

    Neeraj Kumar

    Congrats on your new car Harsh ! :D


    Its really a great news Harsh. I can imagine your pleasure today. BTW swift diesel is my fav car. I also want to buy it.

    Loveish Kalsi

    Congrats Harsh :)


    Dear Harsh,

    Congrats for buying a car. I personally thank you for sharing this news with your blog readers. Its not only inspire for blogging but also making you a role model in the blogging world. I am happy to sea a real man with real heart.
    You ROCK!!!!
    Best Of LUCK (*.*)

    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks Pratap for your kind words and really appreciate it … :)


    Congrats dude…Swift is really a stylish car.I love it always :)


    This is fantastic.

    Good luck and safe journey.
    Don’t forget to wear seat belt (advice from Middle East)


    Hi Harsh… Congrats!
    “We are really proud of you”.

    alamin@earn by blog

    wow. Harsh so its huge money you got from blogging!!! But i dont wonder because you deserve it. Its the result of your hard work and you are now idot of many blogger

    Debajyoti Das

    Its really good news… Although I believe you deserve a better car (like a sedan) since you work so hard.

    I am also waiting for the News you wanted to share. I am sure you have Interesting update about new projects, since you left rtcamp.


    wow – first thing first!! congrats and drive safely. i dont own a car for now, but have traveled in swift with tune-up one. amazing car. i loved it. you have taken a good choice. and you have kindle more flame inside me. now you become more and more inspiration for me.

    Good going !! Vrooooooooooooooooooooooooom !! (^-^)

    Nabeel | Create Your First Website

    Congratualtions Harsh!

    Really a great achievement by you!

    It shows all of us that success comes, but after work!

    I really like the new Swift too! I think it’s a great car!



    Hi Harsh
    I am using Swift for last 3 years…..it’s a amazing car…..very comfortable,spacious and value for money.
    But i think it is old one now.
    You could have tried-Cheverolet Beat;Ford Figo;Hyundai i10;Honda Jazz
    All these are new ones with greater looks as compared to Swift


    Great going dude, Congrats

    I am also going to purchase my first car i20 , will be getting it soon hopefully its on waiting…

    Asad @ Technology News Blog

    Congrats Harsh for the new car :). Getting a car from your own money is really an achievement.

    Ashish Mundhra

    Congratulation and God Bless You !!!!


    Exciting news, congratulations.

    When I saw the title of the post, I thought you had been given a car by one o the car companies. Anyway, there is nothing like actually seeing the fruits of your hard work. I always come to your blog to get a few tips as I feel that you can never know-it-all.

    You know I blog sporadically and it’s just a hobby I enjoy from time-to-time, although these days I don’t really know what to write about, maybe I just have way too many ideas so I never get to actually focus and just write something.

    I have the new Samsung phones, the Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung wave. I will be doing a write up on those two phones shortly, gives me something to write about. I am so excited!

    Amandeep Singh

    Congratulations mate.. :)

    Well deserved for the hardwork and dedication you have put into blogging.. :)

    Keep it up mate… God Bless you… cheers :)

    Vaibhav Kanwal

    Wow! Thats totally awesome Harsh.

    Keep up the good work. This is fantastic and a great achievement. Drive safe and have fun!

    Congrats. You have earned it.


    You know, I think you need to take more pictures of this car from the side and back so we can get a etter look, I just realised I didn’t make much comment on the car itself.

    Suzuki are getting some free advertising from you, that’s nice.

    Personally, I always wanted a Toyota Yaris, I always loved the look of that car, my last car a Mazda, which was an old banger I bought from a friend was stolen right outside my house and I still have the keys! Well, that was 9 years ago.

    Anyway, I only have a provisional licence, so I am jumping on buses right now.


    I meant to say a better look. Take more pictures of side and back of the car.

    Mani Viswanathan

    Kudos to you, I know buying something from self made money is a different feeling..:) Njoy with the new care!


    Dude!! really awesome thing man!!
    awesome… have a lovely drivin bro.. ;)


    Congratualtions Harsh, you get success within 2 years. I hope my blog get success soon.

    Amol Wagh

    Great dude,

    You are inspiration for many newcomer bloggers from India.

    Congrats for your first car.

    Amal Roy

    First of all congrats bro. Your hard work will surely make u grow much better. Harsh can i know why u changed your mind from buying Beat and bought the swift?


    first of all many many congratulations to you. But am really upset , u should have bought Beat man., it look so geeky. n why u bought Diesel car,..will you travel long distances often?…if no you would hav bought some better car in that money….instead if you like swift kind of design you shuld have gone for Skoda Fabia petrol ….. same price…[-_-]


    Congo Bro :)

    Vivek Krishnan

    Congrats Harsh! As always, you only inspire :D


    This is great news , keep it up :) hope i will get some thing like this

    Basant Singh

    Congratulations Harsh :) hard work pays…you deserved it.


    great, congrats
    try to start a travel blog too


    Motivational :) congratz harsh.


    Congrats Buddy

    too motivated…..
    nice dude keep it up…
    next should be Honda city :)

    Binoy xavier

    Congrats Harsh buddy. You the dude!! One *wild* suggestion, paint the wheel cover with WordPress logo . Hehe.. kidding :)


    congrats mr-Arsh,its nice to hear that you bought it from money.earned from blogging….!!,may god u go long way in blogging……!!!!

    Arijit Das

    Wow!!! Nice car… but why you chosen Swift?? There was more car available like Polo, i10, etc….


    This show blogging worth spending time on.more importantly the amount of effort u have put in.Congrats :)

    Ritu Sharma

    congrats harsh.. Wish you all the best for the future. You are the role model of many bloggers, even I also read your post daily.
    SML rocks :)


    Hi Harsh,

    Hearty Congratulations. You deserve it mate.. Cheers~



    Ohhh…!! Good, enjoy your professional life!


    Congratulations for your new car. Keep blogging because, you gave me inspiration for blogging. Enjoy your drive :)


    Congrats man. You are the real source of the inspiration.


    Congrats Harsha… waiting for your next announcement.


    congrats for new car, its really nice to hear.

    Rakesh Narang

    cONGrats harsh on your purchase, i made $250 from outsourcing content as well :D


    Cool dude, I am also coming behind. God bless you.


    Congratulations Harsh! I know you must be experiencing a great sense of accomplishment. Keep up your good work. Looking forward to your announcement article regarding your new Mercedes! :-)
    All the best!


    Congrats dude!! Great to know that you achieved the great heights by sharing information to others. Still more to come from you. You rock!!!



    Swift is the right choice! See you in a sedan in years to come :-)

    Hemant Beniwal


    Keep driving our Blogging Knowledge Car. ;)


    great achievement hey ! is the money you made from adsense alone…plz answer me

    Rizwan ~ tricksterminal

    Awesome Man! ;-)

    Keep up the Good Work!

    Namit Gupta

    Congrats Harsh. Swift VDI Diesel is a great choice. Good Looks, Good Fuel Milage and Awesome Pickup. Keep up the good work. All the best for your future endeavors. :-)


    Looks great and blue color is really the best color for mens (black is also a good one)..

    Well, now you have a car, you moved to a new apartment and I think now all you need is a wife in later years :D

    Shivendu Madhava

    Nice choice Harsh

    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks Shivendu :)


    Wow! Congratulations, Harsh!

    I wish you all the best!!!



    Samir@University Eight

    Wow Harsh! Congrats!
    It seems as if you have finally joined the “Internet Marketing Rich Boy” class of people :P
    Car and all :P
    When shall we see a Shouting Blueprint Report from you?

    Mukundan Srinivasan

    Congratz Harsh. Buying a car from ur own hard earned money is something great. Its the first gift for ur hard work. Still a long list is waiting for you. Keep going at the same pace and achieve more. May God Bless you.

    Julene Lory

    Very efficiently written article. It will be useful to everyone who usess it, as well as yours truly :). Keep doing what you are doing – looking forward to more posts.


    Why bro, if u r making more than 2500 USD in a month. You can also look at for Honda city or Hyundai Verna, both of them is luxury cars and i loved it and may be u as well. :)


    It’s really cool.. Congratulation bro.

    Jayanthi Ravichandran

    Really nice! Much excited about this. You deserve it! Your blog is a great inspiration for all bloggers and online workers.
    Good luck and God bless you!

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