Do You Know the Real Time Benefits of Blogging?

Blogging  passion comes only in those who have the will to write and share anything with the world, it is not a platform for the light-hearted and the ones who can’t share the secrets and feelings with anyone else. I have been blogging at techfreakblog for a year now and have been really engaged with it. Blogging has been a prominent part of my life and I am really happy that it is.

Blogging is an excellent platform to improve as a complete human being and I will tell you the reasons later in this post. Benefits are largely infinite but if you take it as just a source of income then you might well end up messing it up. Blogging should be from your heart and not from your mind, eespecially with a set mind to earn.


To blog on any subject you need prior knowledge about it! So there could be two cases according to me

Case1: You might be blogging on subject that you are expertise on , but to be frank there is no subject that anyone is a master of it. Science and technology is changing at the rate of knots, even history changes every second. You need to update yourself according to that.  My whole intention of saying is whatever you write on, at the end you will learn something out of it which I refer to as knowledge.

Case2: You might opt to write on topics that are more searched on google or loved by people as this will bring in more traffic to your site. In this case you need to learn so that you will be able to share with others right?

Become a good writer

I often find people being good in their communication but poor writers. One reason can be that they are not used to write much, but this is always a negative. So a solution would be to write more! Blogging will allow you to improve. You might make mistakes initially but many experts reading your content will point it out. This will help you learn and adapt.

A part of strongest network

Blogging which had started out as a place to write and share your thoughts with people is now slowly becoming one of the strongest and powerful mass media. With the fast developing web world, blog has taken a spot at the top. Bloggers are recognized and appreciated for their works, invited to social events. This really shows that blogging is a powerful medium to connect with people around the globe.

Be the boss

You own a blog man! So indeed you are the boss. You need no perfect timings to write and update your blog. It can be any time and any place. Not only that, you can grow your blog and hire professional writers.

Make Money:

I generally don’t take money as a major point in starting to blog but you know the world without money is indeed is not sustainable. Once you start blogging and have traffic under your belt, you are just steps behind in making money from it.

Do let us know if you can think of other benefits of Blogging?

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COMMENTs ( 21 )

  1. [email protected] says

    Making money is the hardest part of the new blog

  2. Jasmine says

    You are absolutely right. Blogging can polish your writing skills and make more friends. Oh, you can also make some money online too! That’s cool, isn’t it? :)

  3. Raghav says

    Blogging is a very wonderful job if you do properly in manner. It can enhance your many skills like good reading, writing, and thinking. In the world of blogging you can grab the opportunity like “Earn While Learn”.

    • Fatima Ebrahim says

      I am looking forward to finding it wonderful, for not its exciting when you put your thoughts on paper however when you get negative feedback or no views then you question your purpose of writing…

  4. Fatima Ebrahim says

    I have recently blogging. I cant seem to find myself to beautify it, as all that is on my brain is to write. Now I read from different advisers that to attract people to your blog, you need to beautify, however you just reminded me I am the boss of my blog hehehe, then again what is the use of having a blog if no-ones read it…

    • Sandeep Singh says

      LOL :D ! Thats right , but in the starting its like that only. You can do many stuffs to promote your blog. Commenting, guest blogging will do you a lot of good.

  5. karthik says

    im also recently started my blog which is 15 days old and i am now confident to write content daily which not only improves my knowledge but also writing in english any way thanks for the post which helps most of the bloggers

    • Sandeep Singh says

      Agreed Karthik ! As you have just started , i will recommend you to guest post more ! You could also see why newbie bloggers should guest post regularly

  6. Robinsh says

    I also started blogging and got interested in developing myself with the guidelines like these directly in my inbox.

    Thanks Sandeep,
    You added another 10 years in my blogging life.

  7. Sahil BJ says

    yes, one must try to achieve perfection in his/her field and will surely help you in learning good skills and in making money, the most important thing.

    • Sandeep Singh says

      Thats your way ! If money is keeping you addicted to blogging, its also a good thing then

  8. Maninder @ says

    Blogging is really a great learning tool. If you can start blogging and can avoid thinking about making money for at least an year, yet keep writing consistently and constantly quality content, then be assured that success is not that far.

    • Sandeep Singh says

      Sure Maninder. I like people who blog and dont expect returns from it. They give some of the blogs.

  9. Suresh Khanal@SEOMMOTips says

    Choosing topic for a blog is always most difficult. Should you write about your passion or should you research and write about the popular topic. Many people suggest that you can learn a topic but your passion won’t sell if its not that interesting.

    • Michael Aulia says

      To me, having a passion in what you are writing about is a big plus. In a year or two, blogging chore will take its toll – and it’s up to you whether you want to continue or stop. If you make thousands of dollars a month or passionate, you will continue. If not, then it’s hard :)

    • Sandeep Singh says

      Agreed bro ! But i still see many blogger writing on their passion and they have been successful , the reason for success is because they know that stuff very well. On the other hand popular topics go well with SEO and social networks .