Blogging Dilemma: Becoming a Regular Blogger from a Casual Blogger

Starting a  blog and then enrolling for Adsense is first the easiest step in making online money. But do you know that 99% of the bloggers leave blogging after 20-30 posts and start thinking that its not their cup of tea. Why is it so and what exactly differentiate between a professional blogger and a trying hard blogger. Below are some tips for  you to help you break on through to the other side.

Blogging Dilemma

Blogging Dilemma

Choosing a topic for your blog

Choose a topic for your blog keeping in mind its demand on internet and your interest. For example mobiles are heavily searched on internet. But if you are not interested in them, you will not be able to write for long. But if you have interest  in rain water harvesting,  it will become hard to find readers for your blog. There must be some area where both world and you may be interested.  Try to find it out.

How to choose topics for your blog?

Choosing  a Theme for your Blog

Remember successful blogs are like magazines where people tend to return and read regularly. You must choose a blog with nice and cool color combination. Don’t go for louder theme with flashy colors. Go for a neat and simple layout with minimal number of required widgets only. I have seen many bloggers trying to add as many widget as they can to make the blog look like a fish market. Believe me , it really looks unprofessional.

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Improve SEO structure for your blog

WordPress has an extra edge over SEO when we compare with BlogSpot. Though Blogspot is a service by Google (Most popular search engines), so if you use it to full potential, you can make your BlogSpot blog also search engine friendly. Never assume that default set up of BlogSpot or WordPress is acceptable from SEO point of view. But if you wish to stand out of crowd, Try to integrate few things for your blog to make it SEO friendly :

Here are few tips I share for BlogSpot blogs:

  1. Remove Archive and tag cloud. They unnecessarily pull out the SEO juice to old posts and similar content at different pages of your blog look bad in the eyes of search engines.
  2. Integrate related articles on your blog page. Make sure you link them directly instead of using third party tool like linkwithin.
  3. Integrate read more hack in your blog. <Read>
  4. Remove Blog title from post title in your blog

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Improve Social media presence

Go and have a twitter, Facebook and friendfeed account for your blog. Have a feedburner account.Integrate rss feed auto submission to your blog from inside your feedburner account to twitter.Have a Facebook fan page. Also integrate bookmarking buttons ad social media sharing buttons on your blog to let your visitor easily bookmark and share your blog.

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Write Long & quality posts

There is a misconception that writing more posts even if they are short in length is good. It may be that they can boost your blog initially but in long run they will dampen your blog reputation in eyes of search engines. Write long and authoritative posts for your blog as you are evolving. If you will become a great blogger one day, even sneezing will bring visitors from search engines. Also try to optimize each and every post for certain keyword. Writing n no of posts everyday doesn’t guarantee search engine traffic all the time.

Have patience

Never ever take your blog granted for a boost. Keep writing focussed and current articles on your blog. Never lose patience before 3 months and if your graph is increasing , feel hopeful about yourself. Remember Don’t make a fool out of yourself by letting your 3 month labor go in vain.

Always believe that what a Blogger can do , a Blogger can do. Happy Blogging.

Do share your tip to come out of Blogging Dilemma?

This is a guest post by Saurav who blogs at Mera Bheja. If you like to write for Shoutmeloud, do read: Shoutmeloud revenue sharing program.

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COMMENTs ( 11 )

  1. Nizam says

    Well yes, choosing a topic is really important and one should choose a topic based on interest, it does helps in blogging for a long run. And yes, choosing a theme with neat and simple layout with minimum widgets is really useful and effective. Thanks Saurav for this sharing this wonderful post :)

  2. Robinsh says

    Great explanation you have made here, I am regularly watching on merabheja also and thinks you have given a great start with your experiences and yeah you are helping alot.

    Here I would like to follow the word of WP Content Plugins.

  3. Julius says

    Nice article. I think the most important aspect a new blogger must consider is choosing the topic. You must choose something that your readers will enjoy reading as much as you’ve enjoyed writing them.

  4. WP Content Plugins says

    One thing i notice in new bloggers is that they are coming with a blog that is about “Blogging”.
    Why one should start a blog on a topic, in which he or she have less knowledge.

  5. Jens P. Berget says

    I agree with all your points, they are all good. When it comes to long blog posts, I would don’t write longer than 500 words (at least not in the beginning before you get enough readers).

    When it comes to using Adsense, I was banned a long time ago. And I have no idea what I did to get banned. I asked Google, and they didn’t give me an explanation, and it seems that it’s not possible to get reinstated.

  6. saurav says

    @Mani Viswanathan , actually its a famous saying that what a man can do, a man can do. I have just said it for bloggers.

    what i mean to say is that what amit agarwal, shoemoney and techcrunch can do , others also can do like them.

  7. thetricks says

    I totally agree with you on having patient. Many blogger give up in first or second month after blogging. If they keep focusing on topic, quality and “not giving up”, then they can get more readers…..

  8. Mani Viswanathan says

    Good points though I don’t quite agree with you on Writing long posts. Even a short but informative (Quality) post will surely get rankings.

    Also Edit this line “Always believe that what a Blogger can do , a Blogger can do. Happy Blogging.” (Repeat of words)

  9. indihow says

    While most newbie bloggers do take care of all other points, patience is something almost all of them lack! Working hard for a month and giving up is just a waste of time, effort and perhaps money too.