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Blogging As Career Option in India [Video Discussion]

Blogging As Career Option in India [Video Discussion]

5 years back when I started blogging, it was not a well-known profession and blogging was at it’s prime stage in the country. In these 5 years I never regretted my decision even once, but a lot has changed around blogging, and it is growing as a major online business in India and countries around the globe.

Unlike old days, blogging has not only become a lucrative industry in terms of money but also have become very competitive. In last 5 years number of hobby bloggers are rising exponentially In India due to internet penetration. At the same time, all big companies understand the importance of bloggers as brand influencer, and they have a dedicated team for blogger outreach. Many popular companies like Samsung, Nokia, Truecaller is endorsing bloggers to reach out to a new audience base with the help of an existing blog reach.

Many hobby bloggers are becoming internet celebrity from the comfort of home with their blogging skills and have huge following in the form of blog traffic and social media reach.  Blogging definitely require few skills like domain knowledge, good writing skills to name a few, but above all it requires dedication and passion when you plan to opt blogging as a full-time profession. For all those who are into blogging or considering to take their blog as serious business, below video discussion is for you; as it will answer many of your questions related to blogging.

Career in Blogging in India

In this 12 minute video , Arun from and Ashish Sinha from Nextbigwhat are sharing their views on Blogging as a career in India. Both of them are well-known professional bloggers and I have already mentioned them earlier in Indian Professional bloggers infographic.

Recommended read: Blogging in indian society, which talks about challenges which many bloggers are facing when it comes to explain their profession to anyone.

Career as a professional blogger in India

Key takeaways from the video:

  • Blogging industry in India has matured than what it was in 2007-08.
  • Internet penetration is one major reason for growth of blogging in India.
  • Blog which is created for the money and doesn’t add value are more like pocket money blog. It’s hard to create a career in blogging with such blogs.  Check out: Blogging for passion to understand more about this takeaway.
  • Blogging tip: For budding bloggers, your blog should be more focused on your audience rather than SEO and other stuff.
  • The major issue with blogging in India is, majority of bloggers are rehashing other content rather than creating something original.
  • Patience is one major requisite for bloggers. You can’t always expect your blog to make decent money in within 3 months. Check out: Patience – A virtue to blog – ShoutMeLoud
  • Bloggers should focus on latest technology. Ex: mobile apps, Responsive sites.
  • Do set up proper office at home for dedication and discipline.  If not, rent a office. (This tip is for existing bloggers who are facing lack of passion when working from home). Do check out: Blogger’s home office for Inspiration and learn how to setup office at home.

Also check out these two videos;  where you can learn and know more about our two guests.:

Arun Prabhudesai : How I started blogging

Ashish Sinha : My blogging Journey

If you enjoyed above insights and experts take on blogging as a career,  do share this post with your blogger friends. Also here are hand-picked article for bloggers who want to opt for blogging as full time profession:



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  • Sourabh Jain

    Hi, Harsh
    First of all thank you for this video and one most important after watching this video I will fell inspiration of blogging and I will choose blogging as a career.

  • Swapnil

    Really great post and video. I’ve been the visitor of trakin since 2012 but I didn’t know the Arun was in US!!! Thanks btw for the discussion. :)

  • Ghamdan Hassan

    Very nice Video, Blogging is one of the best things in this virtual world because you let your feelings and thoughts go to the other people and make them more and more respect and like you.
    Thank you so much

  • Vinay

    Highly motivating, Whenever I am demotivated, I lookout for your motivational articles at shoutmeloud. Thanks for this.. :)

  • Tanveer

    Great video. Nice to hear from people who are successful in their field. Rightly pointed out that bloggers need to focus on audience rather than rehashing the content. The video is indeed very inspirational.

  • Trivedi Jay

    Great Video ; It will inspire new blogger & experienced bloggers. Well i have done affiliate marketing from email marketing. And i was earning 2000$/month which is very much for indians. Now i also want to increase this earning & so i make a websites and start my affiliate marketing on my website. This website great to learn blogging.

  • Mayur Chettiar

    wow, after seeing this post i believe i am far behind you guys ( that’s too obvious) , just started blogging a month back and have learnt quit a few tricks because of your blogs..i hope i can impress my audience to some extent like you do.

  • Vishwajeet Kumar

    This post is really inspirational. From the Starting of my blogging career I follow all the articles here in shoutmeloud and found it very encouraging. Yes! Definitely Blogging in India evolves rapidly. Now I am very enthusiastic about my blogging career and want to make it my full time profession.

  • rahul

    First of all i would like to congratulate you Harsh for this wonderful video discussion with Ashish and Arun. All the point’s discussed i agree totally with you.. Especially about working from home because i have experienced that in first 2 years of my blogging career and another point i like which Arun discussed that out of 100 blogs 90% are about make money, tech blog’s and as Ashish said what we lack is we don’t review our article’s about gadget’s after 6 month’s. I liked that point and i am looking forward to work on it. Wonderful Word buddy. Cheers..

  • Utsav

    Thanks for sharing this video. I have a question That is there any future of blogging in Hindi language in India? Plz give your views about this topic.

  • sudhir

    Harsh, thanks for share the very informative article.I am also interested in blogging but i am 40 year old .can i start blogging in this age ?please give me suggestion .thanks in advance..

  • Sahith

    Very inspirational, thanks for the wonderful videos. This is the place where I usually come to, whenever I get distracted.
    Thanks once again. :)

  • Mapreet Singh Sandhu

    awesome, it motivates me. Actually I used to focus on seo and adsense but now I think I should focus on my audience first be myself.

  • Kamal Pandey

    The competition has gone much higher and a lot has changed but the industry (blogging industry) still natures its bests. Great post Harsh! motivation is great. Good to see the mainstream bloggers discussing their experience.

  • Noufal Binu

    Harsh, Thanks for sharing very useful popular bloggers inspirational videos. I really appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your further write ups thanks once again.

  • Mohammed Saimon

    Just watched the videos and found it very inspiring to me and one request to you Harsh please try to post video as much as you can.


  • Manoj Kumar Rana

    Such posts Encourage To the Newbies who Want to Make Blogging as His Career, Thanks Harsh Bro For Sharing Such things

  • Rajat Kulshrestha

    Thanks alot harsh for this great article and video. I was searching about this topic from a long time and was not getting a satisfactory answer. and you know what , you have given me the answer !!
    I loved the point of Arun prabhudesai sir : “Everyone is just rehashing others content” .
    !! Thanks alot :-)

  • Rajkumar

    Excellent, Now indian has also begain to believe that they can earn some handsome money from blogging, You are awesome Harsh

  • Aarish

    Thanks a lot. Really motivating. Atleast, now I think I am going the right way..

  • Vikas Yadav

    Woo, the three most popular Indian Blogger videos in one article. I have see all the 3 video and they encourage me keep blogging. But, one thing that I found after seen these videos, that to success in blogging one must have to keep patience. Thanks a lot@Harsh for sharing these three amazing videos with the shoutmeloud readers.


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