7 Reasons Why You should use Windows Live Writer for Blogging

Windows Live writer is desktop publishing software, which supports many blogs like WordPress, Blogspot, Windows Live spaces and many others. We always emphasize bloggers to use Windows Live writer and that’s why we have already discussed many tutorial on Windows Live writer earlier.

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Benefits of Windows Live Writer?

Multiple blog support:

Multiple blog support feature of Windows Live writer makes it very easy to manage your multiple blogs. It not only supports multiple blogs, but also supports multiple platforms.


Retrieve Theme:

Unlike other blogging client like scribfire, it also fetches the theme of your blog, and when you create a blog post using Windows Live writer, in the preview section you can have an exact preview of your blog post.


Windows Live writer is WYSIWYG What you see is what you get Editor. So when you do the formatting and changes, you will get the same preview on your blog.

Backup and Local draft:

Windows Live writer has draft feature moreover when you write a post on WLW, it keeps taking backup by saving your post automatically. So in case of windows crash or any other Error you will not lose your work.


Image editing capabilities:

Windows live writer inbuilt image editing and Image enhancing feature, can give a complete new life to your screenshots and images. You can see these previous posts to understand Windows Live writer image editing features.


Offline work:

Another big advantage of Windows live writer is you can use it offline. You have an idea about great blog post, but no Internet connection. Start writing your article on Windows live writer and save it. Windows Live writer become time saver in such cases.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

Who doesn’t like keyboard shortcuts? Windows Live writer is full of Keyboard shortcuts. Try pressing F2 in windows Live writer, you will see a new set of features, which you might have missed. We will cover the complete set of windows live writer in the upcoming post.


What next?

If you have not tried windows live writer, download windows live writer and give it a try. If you are Windows live writer user, do let us know what your review about WLW is?

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COMMENTs ( 5 )

  1. Sahil Kotak says

    Windows Live Writer is surely a good tool and I used to use it earlier before WordPress 3.2 but now I am happy with the interface of WP 3.2.

  2. Tycoon Blogger says

    Good info. I usually just use MS Word, but this is way better. I like the image editor feature.

  3. TechZoomIn says

    I’m using WLW from long time now..It’s awesome and i can’t continue work without that :)

    • says

      Thanks for your comment. Even I started using it late after recommended by one of my friend. Since than I never looked back to wordpress editor.
      I will recommend it to any blogger who blog on wordpress or blogspot.