Blogger’s Block: 6 Easy Ways To Overcome It

Blogger Block

So, you are a Professional blogger or a part-time Blogger, and your daily routine includes writing new articles for hours and publishing them and making money. Sounds good, but after years or month, you will find your Blogging routine monotonous and find it hard to write or you will notice your hungriness of updating your blog is not the same anymore.

All bloggers face that blank wall at one point or another. Call it Writer’s Block or anything else, all bloggers (and all sort of writers be it news, features, editorials, etc.) will come to face to face to this wall. Don’t think that the problem is unique to you. Also, don’t think that it’s the end of the blog. It can only become the end of your blog if you let it beat you by no longer posting. We decide our end. Remember this.

So how does one beat this problem? Here are 6 tips I usually use to overcome this problem of Blogger Block, and I’ve been using it since the last three years that I’m blogging.

Beat the hell Out of Blogger Block situation

1. Backtrack and Expand

Go through your old posts and see what and how you can expand them. You can never exhaust a topic to blog. There are always “branches” of a topic that can be further expanded and posted. What is important is that you set aside the time to take a look at what you have written about in the past and closely study the “branches” that you can further discuss. You can even edit that old post and add new information to it and republish it.

2. Interaction Gold Mine

A blog that has a good readership has an endless well of information, feedback, or reaction that is a great source of related ideas for your blog. Since they are reactions to the topics you have blogged about, then the connection to your topic is there. All you need to do is further expand them or go the direction they are leading to.

3. Flexible Tone

If your blog has always been “newsy”, try writing humorously. If you’ve been blogging editorially, try self-help. Get the picture? Just play on points of view and posting style. It will give your post on an old topic a new twist and may even lead to new, fresh topics.

4. Follow up Posts To Update Them

Topics always have new views as time passes. Take a look at what you’ve posted and see how those ideas and opinions have changed since you first posted them. Remember, the only thing that doesn’t change is change itself. Several hundred years ago we KNEW the world was flat. That isn’t the case now, right? NEW TOPIC!

5. Guest Posts

Yea and that’s what I’m doing right now for – Having a guest bloggers post on your blog is also a new twist that can keep your blog fresh by giving a different point of view on an old topic. Remember, you’re not the only one with an opinion and knowledge on any given topic. It will also give your blog a more “rounded” personality and character by allowing different points of view to be read.

6. Hire Bloggers

Of course the downside of this is the cost involved but, well, it’s the easiest way out – if you have the bucks. As at now I’m managing two blogs related to my country Mauritius with on average five posts a day. I’m also working on my new blog WP Spells (WordPress codes and tips) and two other projects related to online publishing. You think I can write for each of them myself everyday? The solution is to hire and outsource when needed.

7) Try something new:

There are times when your blog is growing at a consistent rate, and you are not getting that internal boost to work on it, as now growth rate is consistent. It’s time to implement something new. Work on Video Blogging and create videos for your Blog. Or work on adding the new layer of the element on your site. The idea is to bring a change into your daily monotonous routine and see what works and what not. May be you can start working on eBook, which you have planned from years. The only thing that you need to do is to start.


These are but a few tips on how to keep your blog fresh and get out of Blogger Block situation. You can develop other ways just as you go along and as you continue to read reactions to your posts. The most important thing to do is to find the time to explore these techniques aside from being keen to notice new ways to keep things fresh. Don’t get overwhelmed by that “wall”.

Get over it, around it, go underneath it…just do it. Remember old is gold, and most of the time, re-using your original old topics is the key to rejuvenating your blog.

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Kurt is a webmaster and Wordpress front end developer based in Mauritius. He is the owner of 2 popular satire news websites and recently launched his new blog which is all about Wordpress tips, mods, plugins and theme reviews.


COMMENTs ( 9 )

  1. Kurt Tewin says

    Thanks to everyone for reading. Don’t forget to share the post if you find it useful. There are many bloggers out there facing the same problem.

    One sad case I remember though is Maki from who eventually completely disappeared online. That was one awesome blog back then and many probloggers of today were inspired by him.

  2. Jayaar says

    Though we understand that it is inevitable to keep writing good contents to maintain the blogs, we are sure to be affected by the routine work. We do need articles like this with good suggestions to keep us brisk and consistent. The point that tells to try something new is sure to work. Thanks for the article.

  3. Kunal says

    Yes, one cannot maintain many blogs together, even if he is a full time blogger. Your article might actually help other get out of fear block of quitting to blog!

    • Kurt Tewin says

      You are right. I actually maintain 4 blogs, being a new one I’ve just launched. However even while being a full time blogger, time is never enough and even if you have plenty of time, a change of air and breaking away from the daily routine helps to avoid the writer’s block.

      I usually hire paid authors and accept guest bloggers on my other blogs and write only twice a week so that I can spend more time on my new projects and write better articles.

      But the worst and last thing to do is to abandon.

  4. Zion Amal Rafeeq says

    well written bRo! :)
    It helped me to become more confident and i think i must give priorities to these subjects on my blog.

  5. says

    I personally think, that hiring bloggers & the follow up posts are the best way to overcome. By using both of these ways, a writer’s brain can rest a little bit and can regain its creativity. Overall, a nice post. Keep it up.

  6. akhilendra says

    i think guest post and doing something new for blog could be a good way of refreshing self. Adding new features to blog or guest post could be the good driving factors.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  7. Antish says

    Nice article. The writing and the tone is very clear..

    Makes me want to blog again. I did gave up on blogging as according to me, I did not have enough time. But you gave me courage to start blogging again man. Thanks