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    [Blogger/Blogspot SEO] Meta Tag Generator for Individual Pages

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    This is a guest post by Suhas, who writes at Suhastech. If you want to write for Shoutmeloud, Do read Shoutmeloud revenue Sharing program.

    Meta tags are very important to optimise your blog for search engines. If you add high ranking keywords to your posts, your blog will rank better in the search engines. WordPress users can easily do that using All in one SEO Pack but Blogger users aren’t left behind. Using this generator, you can generate meta tag code to optimise your blog.

    1) All you have to do is, put in your Blogger URL and the number of posts.

    meta tags individual 550x326 [Blogger/Blogspot SEO] Meta Tag Generator for Individual Pages

    2) After that, Fill in appropriate meta descriptions and keywords. Use this guide to choose the good keywords. If you don’t find good keywords, leave it blank.

    fill in descriptions keywords 550x396 [Blogger/Blogspot SEO] Meta Tag Generator for Individual Pages

    3)  After you click on Submit, the script will generate a code.

    Go to Blogger Dashboard –> Design –> Layout –> Edit HTML. Add the generated code after the “<head>” tag.

    paste template 550x133 [Blogger/Blogspot SEO] Meta Tag Generator for Individual Pages

    It’s sad that unlike WordPress, BlogSpot doesn’t have the field for Meta description and keyword. In WordPress, you can use ALL in ONE SEO plugin or many themes like Thesis comes with inbuilt SEO options. We all know meta tags are very crucial for better search engine ranking. Though its lots of manual work if you have tons of Blog posts, but it’s worth your time. Instead of spending time on writing 3-4 new posts, you should work on your old posts to optimize them better for search engine and drive more traffic.

    Do let us know if you SEO optimize your blog post in BlogSpot? If not, are you considering moving to WordPress?

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    Amrish Singh

    Hi Suhash. This codes are only for site index page . Is their any way to add this to every post of blogspot blog



    This generator is just for that purpose… Uses conditional tags

    @harsh… you have my blog address wrong… its now http://suhastech.com/ not co.cc


    Shiva @ Link Submit

    Hey there Suhas,
    This is really a great post for a blogger.com blogger who really lack behind in the SEO feature that Wordpress offers with All In One SEO. Thanks a lot I am going to inform my Blogger.com friends



    It doesn’t work. Whenever i click submit, nothing happens



    You have to put in your blog URL in the field…. just “yourblog.com” not the whole URL of your blog post…


    Digital Bunch

    Nice tool! Helpful for every Blogger users.


    Geet | HobbyIdeas

    Very useful tool for Blogspot bloggers. But does meta tags make any difference as far as Google SEO is concerned?



    Yes it does…

    This is the only way you can optimize your blog. The end result is the same as the “All in one SEO” pack but yes, its not as user friendly as the wordpress plugin…

    I think for Blogger is the easiest way to add meta tags..





    Beben Koben

    interesting…nice nice nice



    This post is really useful for Blogspot Users. Although I am not using it now, but many users have asked me about this and I hope they will learn from this post.


    shyam jos

    great tool



    Almost forgot.. the keywords should be separated by commas.

    something, like, this,

    @harsh …. can you update the post?


    sreekumar sukumaran

    What I hear is that meta tags are no longer important for Google. But Yahoo still uses it. Is it true?



    It still is…


    The All in One SEO Pack uses Meta tags. The end result will be the same.



    code not well formed.. i have tried it many times but it didn’t work.. i think there’s something wrong with the code.


    Amol Mhetre

    Hey Suhas, Interesting Post !! I will surely gonna use this !!! Thanks


    Sathish | TechieMania

    Hi Suhas, I think this is a valuable article for all the blogspot users out there. I think using this tool to spice up old blog articles will help a lot when it comes to SEO rankings.



    This is excellent for Blogspot users.

    Anyway, what do you think of my blog’s meta tags? Are they OK… need your opinion and advice here since you are obviously the expert here. Thanks, pal.


    Kavya Hari

    Yeah, it could be helpful to all blogger. Great work, Suhas. Keep doing :)



    Hey Suhas – This is meta tag generator for the blog an not for individual posts right?

    Useful for blogspot users.



    Its for individual pages…. says in the title “[Blogger/Blogspot SEO] Meta Tag Generator for Individual Pages”


    Rajib Kumar

    Hey Sharma, my blog in blogger platform and I am using this since 3 years. So, these thing is not new for me. But you did really nice job. This will help all new bloggers as well as senior bloggers. Thanks for share.




    Blogspot has a built-in function for spitting out your META data.

    A quick Google search for “blogspot meta tags” should provide a few resources to help with your META data.

    If you include a META link to your feed visitors can easily add you to their reader of choice from the address bar in their browser.


    sumit rana

    the tool is not working,folowing error is coming:-
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in C:\Program Files\BitNami\apache2\htdocs\www\meta\processb.php on line 291

    how should i souht out this???


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