Blogger to WordPress Importer Plugin Updated to Import Images

Few days back I shared a WordPress plugin call Cache remote images plugin, which imports images from BlogSpot to WordPress and also any other hotlinked images. I shared this plugin, because official Blogger importer plugin doesn’t support importing images and all your images used to store in Picasa only. One reason, why I always advocate WordPress over BlogSpot is because you are the real owner of all your content and images. Imagine a scenario when you lose your access to Google account or your account got deleted or banned, you will lose access to all your images too. As your picasa account is linked to your Google account. Now, here is a good news for all BlogSpot users who are looking forward to migrate to WordPress.

Blogger importer plugin has been updated with lots of changelog and major additional is feature to import images too. This means, all your images will now imported to your Hosting account and it will not be hotlinked to your Picasa storage. This is indeed very useful, if you wish to have complete control over your content.

How to use Blogger Importer WordPress plugin?

Though, it’s an official plugin by WordPress but it doesn’t come installed with default WordPress installation. Here I’m sharing a quick guide on How to use Blogger importer plugin to import all your images, posts, comment and users to WordPress. The very first thing which you need to do is, install WordPress on your Webhost. Here are few guides, which will help you to get started:

Above tutorials will help you to quickly get started with WordPress. Since, you are moving from Blogger to WordPress platform and switching Blogging platform is a task, so I highly recommend you to read my guide on : How to get ready for switching from BlogSpot to WordPress. In this guide, you will find all necessary info you require before making the move.

So, I assume now you are ready to use Blogger importer plugin and all you need to do is, login to your newly installed WordPress blog and click on Tools > Import and select blogger from the list.

WordPress Blogger importer

This will bring the pop-up and you can install Blogger importer plugin. Once plugin is installed, click on activate and run importer to start the migration. Rest of the steps are pretty straight forward and all you need to do is:

  • Authorize Access to your Blogger account
  • Select the Blog you want to import
  • Once all posts, Images and comments are imported, you need to assign authors.

You can read about above steps in one of my earlier guide: How to import from BlogSpot to WordPress quickest way. Though, this plugin solves few major problem with migration but it still lacks the most important feature and that is fixing permalink. As BlogSpot permalink is different from WordPress and your redirection will not be perfect. The solution for this problem is by using Fix Blogger permalink plugin.

For now, you can import: BlogSpot Posts, comments, images and labels into WordPress and only thing which this plugin doesn’t support for now is Pages. Which you can manually create into WordPress.

Go ahead and try this plugin and make a move from Blogger to WordPress. If you still have any questions, feel free to ask via comments.

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COMMENTs ( 4 )

  1. Howardwlc says

    HI there!
    I want to migrate my Blogger website to wp and I’m looking for the best way to proceed with this. I found a source that offers the automated migration of the blog content including posts, images, pages and a few other entities, and it’s said this tool migrates permalinks. So, the question is
    Is it possible to migrate permalinks with such tool?

    I’m little nervous with this migration matters, that’s why I’m looking for the best variant.

    Your advice will be appreciated.

  2. rakesh kumar says

    This is really a great help for all the bloggers who want to migrate their blog from blogspot to self hosted wordpress blog. Does this also keep the original url structure intact?

    • says

      No…as I mentioned above… This plugin doesn’t import pages and doesn’t take care of permalink and redirection.
      For Permalink, I have added a link to Permalink fix plugin.. Which is quite easy to use..
      And for redirection.. I would recommend you to use Custom domain feature of BlogSpot, as this will make Google to take care of redirection and it’s SEO friendly.