Blogger Threaded Comment is Live : Two Level Commenting

Blogger threaded comment feature is one of those basic feature which we always missed being on BlogSpot. That’s one of the many reasons at time, we suggest to use third party commenting system like DISQUS or Intense debate.

Here is a good news for BlogSpot bloggers, Blogger threaded comment is live with two level commenting. Here is a screenshot of threaded comment in action on BlogSpot:

Blogger threaded comment

By two level commenting I meant, this reply to comment feature is 2 level deep and you can’t reply to comments which are added as a reply. Though, for blog owners who like to acknowledge every comment, this new threaded comment feature is going to be very useful.

For newbies: How to start a free blog on BlogSpot

How to enable Blogger Threaded comment:

This new feature is enabled by default for all BlogSpot bloggers but there are two requirements for this threaded comments to work on your BlogSpot template.

Blog commenting feature:

BlogSpot comment Embedded
You need to have blog commenting feature enabled for this feature to work and it should be in embedded mode. Many bloggers disable blogspot comments and if you wish to enable commenting on your BlogSpot, go to settings > Posts and comments

Full feed:

BlogSpot full feed

Your blog should be offering full feed and not partial feed. If you are using anything apart from Full feed, you can change it  by going to settings > Other.

Personally, I feel it’s a good addition into list of features that BlogSpot offers but threaded commenting on BlogSpot is still immature and need more refine like nested commenting with more level, but for those who are on BlogSpot and using default commenting system, they will find this new feature really useful and it will make blog post conversation more fun.

Alternatively, you can embed Facebook comments on BlogSpot which will help you to drive more interaction to your blog posts.

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I would love to get opinion from BlogSpot bloggers on this new Blogger threaded commenting feature. Do you think it’s going to be very useful or you will be utilizing any 3rd party commenting system for better comment nesting?

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COMMENTs ( 6 )

  1. Rajib Kumar says

    It’s a good move by blogger. Going to enabled threaded comment on my blogger blog. Thanks for tutorial.

  2. Avi Jit says

    yeah its a good feature from blogger but the bad thing is that it does not works in case of customized u ‘ve any solution ??

  3. Muhammad says

    Thanks Hars but it’s too late I discover this news, after I already installed Disqus for my Blogspot blog, I will take this as future reference. And one more thing it seems the threaded comment can only be applied to blogger templates officially from Blogger not the ones we downloaded from other sites that share free Blogger templates, unless may be with modifying the free templates first to be supporting the threaded comment.

  4. sreekumar sukumaran says

    Hi Harsh, I do not find the links ‘blog commenting feature’ &’Full feed’, though I have tried in my blogger

  5. Sagar says

    Finally Blogger has it! But its not working for me as I have designed a custom layout for comments I guess, will try and work out with this :)