Become a Blogger or A Break Dancer; Choice Is Yours

blogger and break dance both innovateWhy to become a blogger? You may have a lot of answers of this question. To earn money, to create a community, to communicate with like-minded people or to promote your business. How to become a blogger? This question has also thousands and thousands of replies over the internet. There is a step by step guide to become a full-time or part-time blogger. Why should you become a blogger? This is the question not answered as severally as other questions’ answers you get just after the click over your query.

To make you understand why you should become a blogger I would compare a blogger and a break dancer and you have to opt any one as you like. It doesn’t mean everything is common in these two types of professionals but most of the things are common between them. Secondly interest factor would work here. As soon as I would refer a quality of break dance you would easily visualize in your mind how he performs.

Innovation the hallmark of both

Why should you become a blogger? Because you are innovative in your work. Just look at a break dancer dancing over the dance floor. He creates less but innovate more. There are a few steps in break dancing. But their ways of presentation are more than several. While enthralling the audience he performs with lot of innovation and audience keenly expect another new step just after every unique step.

In the field of blogging too, you have to become so innovative. You can create new information beyond certain extent. You cannot become an opinion factory to keep on developing a unique opinion for every type of information or issue. You just have to make innovation in the methods and procedure of blogging to stand away from the herd of bloggers.

Consistency the secret of both

You know how to do break dance and why it is different from other forms of dance. A break dancer makes illusion of his every step as if it is genuine. He pushes his hands in vacuum as if there is a hurdle over there. He maintains the illusion so consistently that you don’t face any giddying feeling and simply enjoy every illusionary step.

Same rule applies in blogging. You have to be consistent in every blogging activity. You have to interact with your community through social media without any huge lull. You have to strictly follow the frequency of your posts. You have to keep putting the element of interest in your each post.

Perfection works for both

If a break dancer does not perform with perfection he would fail to impress the audience. Because he has to totally rely over the creation of his illusion to impress the people. A little deviation from perfection can make his unique step a mess. Therefore, he has to strictly hold the level of perfection in his every step. In blogging you can’t impress your readers if you lack perfection in your blog design, post quality, layout and your level of commitment. Your every blogging work would reflect how perfect it is. Your readers would take you seriously and would become your loyal readers.

Last but not the least, this post will be so incomplete without an amazing break dancing video. Here is one you should definitely check out :

So on the basis of the above three qualities you have a choice to try your luck in the field of blogging or break dancing. Obviously you would opt for blogging because demand and scope wise it is far ahead than the break dancing.

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Mi Muba is CEO of green blog PollutionPollution ( With 20+ years professional experience he has expertise in blogging, content writing, internet marketing, social marketing, public awareness, public relation and media management. Presently he is associated with two blogs of blogging and money making niches. Earlier he developed eight niche websites for a UK-based company.


COMMENTs ( 3 )

  1. Afzal Zaheer says

    Hi Muba,
    You have a given an innovative touch to the whole concept and I really liked the whole idea when you have drawn similarity between a blogger and a break dancer. However, I just have a slight difference of opinion since a blogger can easily enter any other related field and impart his service like opening an institute etc. However, for a break dancer, he/she might lack a bit when it comes to alternate opportunities of earning bread.

  2. Akinlabi says

    I consider this a funny article. Yeah I enjoy break dancing and I like watching it on TV. Well I think innovation comes only by studying others. The King of break dance–Michael Jackson wasn’t the inventor. But he became famous with it.

    Becoming successful doesn’t apply to blogging alone. It applies to all walks of life. They are limit to what you can achieve copying others. Stay firm and do it your own style. Just your own style.

    Remember you’re a unique human being. All successful bloggers doesn’t have the same voice, tone and personality. They’re all different individuals.

    To be successful in blogging? Just start today and start anyhow! Even if it means using or blogspot. Just don’t reinvent the wheel because it will take time to come up with something new these days.

    Nice post and thanks for sharing.

  3. Vikas Yadav says

    Hello@Muba:- First of all thanks for showing me a career in break dancer. However, when you compare a break dancer with a blogger, then a blogger has a more advantages that along with blogging, he/she can enter in other’s fields realted to edcuation. But for a break dancer there is no such options available except in dancing..