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Blogger Announces New Mobile Templates

Blogger Announces New Mobile Templates

Google’s has just announced Blogger Mobile Templates for better and faster reading of blogs on smartphones. Mobile templates are really great for all blogs and WordPress users have already been using it for a long time.

First seen on Blogger in Draft, Mobile Templates are now available for everyone to use on Blogger. There are 27 template designer templates that can you choose from at the moment for your blog. These work with all smartphones that have a webkit based browser.

blogger mobile template example 2 blogger mobile template example 1

It has been noticed that blogs which have an optimized mobile theme get much more traffic from mobile users. For the same reason, we had earlier shared with you 3 Simple ways to make your Blog Mobile friendly. A lot of WordPress users have been using WPTouch wordpress plugin on their blogs.

Now even Blogger users can make their blog smartphone friendly. Here’s how. Go to your Dashboard and then on Settings > Email & Mobile tab and enable Mobile Template option.

blogger enable mobile template

You can click on the Mobile Preview to see what your site will look like when browsed using smartphones. The QR code allows you to alternatively see it on your smartphone directly by scanning it.

No matter what theme you are using on your blog presently, you can choose any one out of the 27 mobile templates. When smartphone users come to your site, they will automatically be redirected to this new template.

Apart from this there are a few more features for mobile templates that bloggers will like. Firstly, it includes the ability to add comments and watch videos on the blog right from the smartphone itself. Also, Mobile AdSense ads will be displayed at the top of the post pages and at the bottom of the index page if the blog has an AdSense gadget or in-line blog ads.

So head over to your Blogger Dashboard now and make your blog more mobile friendly right now.

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  • ajay s bisht

    thats a nice move by blogger..its must to mobilise as number of people using mobile internet is increasing..

  • bhushan

    ya good news for us.. but it can open only in iphone and android devices.. no symbian and opera.. although we can forcefully do by ?m=1

  • Rajinder Singh

    well i updated this but didn’t saw any changes when i saw my site with my mobile phone what is wrong can anyone tell?

  • Jasmine

    This is a great addition to Blogger. Gonna activate it on my blogger blogs! Cool stuff.

  • Rajinder Singh

    that will make blogger number one blogging service in world… i still think whch is better WP or blogger and blogger come infront and say I M BETTER :D

  • Elizbath

    Thats an amazing features offered by Blogger. Thanks for sharing that…

  • Digital Bunch

    And I already enabled it to my blogger blog :)

  • HDBloggers

    When the smartphone users visits site it will be redirected to mobile version its a cool feature thanks for sharing this.

  • shyam

    good news for bloggers…

  • Atish

    Nice but it would be great if it released when i was using blogger But i congrats to bloggers who still uses

  • Blogger specialist

    This change in the Blogger family was required since long.. finaly geting it..

  • Extreme John

    These mobile templates are really cool and very useful in driving additional traffic to your site because of the ever increasing popularity of online access through mobile phones. I have seen the mobile marketing stats and it’s pretty impressive. Building a website that is mobile-friendly is really very helpful to any kind of business.

  • Mahesh

    I’m happy that Blogger announced new mobile templates. MobilePress was available for WordPress mobile site, glad that Blogger launched similar service.

  • sreekumar sukumaran

    I have seen it earlier. But after reading your blog, I have decided to activate it.

  • Rajib Kumar

    I am using this. Its really great. Nice post, thanks for share.

  • Pranny

    Interesting! transform the blogger blogs into a mobile friendly version plus effectively within a few clicks :) Thanks for sharing