Blog or Website: Which is Good for Small Online Business?

For a small-scale or large-scale business, online presence is a need of time. The way, internet marketing and importance of social media presence has changed the presence of any brand in last 2 years, this is the time for every small and large-scale business to rethink the way they put their website.
Blog or Website

Most important question is, what’s the need of time for a Business site in terms of  Static Website or Blog. In my opinion, the way people are seeking information online, a business needs website and blog both.

Blog or Website for Business:

Typically when we think of any business related website, we think of a website with 10-20 pages containing all vital need to know information about a company. A company should have all important pages like About, contact, locate, FAQ, services and so on. Though the downside of having a static website of 10 or so pages is less inbound links to the website (SEO) and fewer pages indexed in Google.

The best way to have a website for a business is integrating website and business on  the same domain or sub-domain. Having blog on the same domain, will increase the online presence more and also brand value. Imagine a link like


Now a business related blog usually contain information about the product and how to use product. For example Nokia official blogs, keep updating their blog with latest how to, new mobile phone release and so on. Thus this helps in online presence and increase awareness about the product.


Another biggest advantage of having a blog along with Website in the same domain is increased traffic. If you have followed usual SEO guideline for your business related website, gradually you will be increasing traffic to your business website via search engine. Such traffic converts more into sales and becoming a customer.

Indexed pages:

As I mentioned above, by including a blog along with your Website you will be adding more pages to Google along with your major pages like about, Homepage, contact pages so on. More indexed pages means, people will reach to your blog by searching for different terms. Where as if you have a website with only 5-10 limited pages, you are limited to number of search keywords people would be using.


Link building is one of the viral part when it comes to online presence and better search engine ranking. Usually most of the company spend thousands of $ every month on buying links and building links by different methods. By including a blog along with your website, you will be building natural backlink for your website. Provided you are sharing useful and worth sharing information.

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In the next post I will be sharing how you can create static website and blog using WordPress. For now, I would like to know your opinion on Blog or Website for a business? What do you think is more beneficial for any business related website?
Website and blog together? Only Website? Only Blog? Do try to justify your choice.

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Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


COMMENTs ( 20 )

  1. Alexia V says

    Some more it’s very easy to create pages such as About, contact, locate, FAQ, services etc in WordPress blog :D

  2. Alexia V says

    A company that has lots of activities or news to announce should make use of a blog. Whenever you publish an announcement or new activity or products, this will also notify the blog search engines and directories. Some more Google seems to like blog better. And you can design a WordPress blog template to look like a company website, such as having the home page showing some company information and having links to the blog posts etc

  3. Wasim Ismail says

    I think both are good, and to gain full exposure you need to have both a blog and a website.
    A website to list you main business and to show you services.
    A blog to post news and events, articles and to position your self in your industry as an expert.

  4. Siddharth says

    Yes, Website + frequent blog posts on which the site is based, can help the website grow and also this lets the customers know more about what the company actually does :)

  5. Ben Waite says

    According to me website with a blog is good for business. Ranking a blog in search engine is very difficult, where as ranking a website is not difficult as compared to a blog. Where as when both are combined together its even better its quiet difficult and costly to create a page on a website (if you are not using a cms) whereas in a blog many new pages are created easily and with out spending money. So you are creating that means search engines are getting fresh content frequently which search engines like.

  6. Brij says

    Current Trend is to use CMS. You can create your site with
    blog very easily using CMS. WordPress is going towards CMS.
    Wordpress 3.0 Custom Post Type feature is an example of

  7. S.Pradeep Kumar says

    Maybe a blog + website? Corporate blogging? Every
    brand/company should have a website, and blog attached to it will
    be a great deal. Helps in SEO maybe. :)

  8. Raja says

    Thanks Harsh for sharing that…..I think blog is best……Eespecially if your blog is on wordpress. it is easy to manage it on wordpress as compared to static site……

  9. sumanth says

    yeah.!! u r rite harsh.these days many companies are having both static websites and blog..nice explanation for the advantages for this concept..

  10. Vivek Parmar says

    Blog is good one. create a static site first and on navigation menu add a page with the title name blog where you update about the latest happenings or anything you like to say about ur business or company and the home page work as a landing page.
    Might be SML network will be planning to launch a static website.

  11. Vijayraj Reddy says

    You are right Harsh, now a days its a need to have a blog for the business along with their static website…

    • Sharat says

      Yes Vijay.. I am totally agree to you. I have already seen many of companies having their website, side by side they mention their company blog URL. At some corporate websites, there are also link of workers blog who work in their company. :)

      I loved that concept :)…

      Thanks Harsh ..