Hey Bloggers Focus More on Blogs Than Social Networking Sites

I am not sure how this question sounds to you, but I m sure there would be many who will think otherwise. I respect everyone’s opinion but I still feel that social media marketing is over-hyped and as a result of that, most of us are literally wasting our time, money and energy in trying to achieve something that we either don’t get or with little success. I don’t mean to say that you should ignore social media, but it’s just that they are given too much of attention.

There are two kinds of people who network on social networking sites; first are those who network at the personal level with their friends and family members. Their interaction is 100 percent personal. They share songs, movie trailers, sports clipping and news articles but hardly any blog post. They do but very rare, so the returns on your efforts are low when you target them. They are not looking for anything that you are trying to sell like a web hosting, WordPress theme or a money pumping e-book.

Blog or Social Networking

Second types of users are those who are trying to sell something. They might be selling some products or just trying to grab eyeballs for their blogs and websites. Most of the time, people don’t even look at what they are doing. They simply try to promote their products. How many time you have shared some post with someone else’s affiliate link that has gone viral. Again very few, so again the conversion rate is too low in comparison of the time you have spent there.

Social Networking vs. Blogs Promotion:

Most of the major social networking sites are full of pages, groups and followers where they are trying to sell something to each other. So as a result of that a webmaster is trying to sell something to another webmaster who is trying to do same.

The biggest delimit of networking on social networking sites like Facebook; Twitter and LinkedIn are the fact that everyone is trying to outsmart other. If you can do that there is nothing better than that. But if you are a webmaster who is trying to set up their blog that is miniature in comparison of Facebook or Twitter, you don’t have to bother that much.

Grabbing eyeballs on social networking easy but creating a brand for self while competing with some of the biggest names in the industry is too tough and doesn’t worth for an average webmaster. If the purpose is to grab eyeballs for your blog or website, it’s better to target blog networks. You don’t have to go after any particular network.

You can prepare a list of 50 blogs to begin with; make sure they have good Google PR and Alexa Rank. They are better for you as they are dealing with a small but concentrated pool of people. So when you comment or do a blog post at someone else’s blog, conversion are relatively much higher than what you will get on some big social networking site. As these blogs are visited by a particular segment of internet users, visibility is too high.

When it comes to Social networking sites, you should clearly understand the difference between personal profile and marketing options offered by them. For example, on Facebook you can take advantage of Pages and groups to build your brand where as your personal profile should not be a place for self-promotion. Use your personal profile to connect with others and show them your identity as the person. Share things that you like, that could be music, images, quotes or may be a news article from web. But, if you end up sharing tons of links from your personal blog, needless to say over the time your link CTR will go down and so is your profile effectiveness.  Same goes to your Twitter profile. Have a separate profile for your Blog (ex @shoutmeloud) and a Personal Profile (@denharsh)to network with other people and share things that you like.

Focusing on the blog can yield you better returns for your efforts. You can select top blogs where you can visit them frequently and comment upon their posts. As most of the visitors there are targeted towards the same niche, chances are they will be interested in your content also. So don’t completely ignore social networking but calibrate your efforts appropriately and channeling your energy in a direction that is fruitful for you.

Do let me know what measures you take to maintain a balance between promotion and networking on Social networking sites? Do you think it’s worth spending hours on Social sites or we should utilize that time to focus more on other blogs?

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Akhilendra is a Business Analyst by professions and love blogging a with special focus on SEO, SMM and Blogging. He love reading blogs across niches. Please visit http://akhilendra.com for more.


COMMENTs ( 13 )

  1. Neil Walrath says

    Social sharing does help in bringing traffic to your site and also good medium for direct marketing your blog.

  2. Pritam Nagrale says

    Great article Akhilendra. I have wasted lots of my time initially in social media marketing. Even if you get more than 10K followers in FB & twitter, you won’t receive more than 1-2% traffic from these sites.
    Just focus on your blog contents & some SEO, Google will give you much more traffic.
    You need to use different strategy to bring good ROI from SM. In blogging it does not make that much sense.

    • akhilendra says

      Thanks Pritam for your comments, you are absolutely correct it’s just that we should also not completely ignore social media but yes, more focus on blogging is must.

  3. Raj says

    It is one of the most important ways to get rid of unnecessary disturbances which effects the productivity and it in fact is more important for bloggers/people who work online….

  4. Ehsan Ullah says

    I agree with on this akhilendra that instead of spending lots of time on social networking sites, you should try to treat your own blog as social networking blog. This way you can better understand your audience and can serve their needs is possible and easy ways.

    @Harsh, I think you linked to Twitter’s twitter profile in @DenHarsh. Check it out! ;)

  5. Ram Kumar says

    It is important to be on Social networks, as you will be able to know about things like promotions, offers, deals (recently maxcdn 1$ etc). I strongly agree with you that people should indeed focus on creating a brand for themselves rather than spending too much time on social media. I have tried the latter and the results were not that satisfactory. Blogging and branding it must be the primary focus.

    • akhilendra says

      Thanks Ram for you comment, i think we need to develop a strategy where we need to set priorities. Based upon our priorities we can devote our time and resources, i think we often dedicate too many resources on social media and ignore blogging side.

    • akhilendra says

      Social Media is good but at the end of the day, it’s too much of efforts with little output. Social media is great only if it is used with proper strategy. I think most of us just shoot in dark wasting our time and efforts.

      If someone really intend to excel in social media marketing, then i suggest to first develop a proper plan and then start implementing that.

      Thanks for sharing your views.

  6. says

    Pages are indeed very helpful not just to get ur blog viral but to get ur subscribers always updated. Coz its where most people are. But still, it depends. It works 4 me in updating my fellow nurses.:-)

    • akhilendra says

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it, i am sure it works for many, i just meant that we need to focus on blogging network also, along with focusing on social media which most of us are already doing.