How to Replenish Your List of Blog Topic Ideas

It’s finally happened – you’ve ran out of things to say on you blog. While many people don’t really mind this much because they only blog for personal reasons, it’s completely different when the blog in question is your main source of income or if it’s an essential part of your brand and business. In which case, you really can’t afford to not have content up there. Usually, you have an entire list of topics lined up for an entire month. But now that the well has gone dry, and you have no idea how to approach your niche topics without repeating yourself, you’re starting to panic.

Blog Topic ideas

Stop. Breathe. That’s not going to help you think of creative and innovative ways to talk about your favorite subject. Accept that it happens, and try doing the following to get your creative juices flowing:

How to bring back creativity & find new Blog Topic ideas?

Go to the coffee shop

You’ve probably noticed that more and more creative people choose to work in a coffee shop environment. While this most certainly has a lot to do with the coffee – which is a mundane equivalent of the elixir of life for many knowledge-based workers – it actually has more to do with the environment. As it turns out, the ambient noise generated by a crowded coffee place actually boosts creativity. Why? It’s because the noise forces your brain to work harder than it normally would when it tries to shut out potential distractions. Since it is working hard anyway, you may as well take advantage.

Get into a sarcastic flame war

You know how your brain works extra hard when it’s trying to shut out coffee shop noise? Well it also works hard when you’re trying to juggle the different levels of meaning in a sarcastic comment. Hearing or reading a snide remark from someone puts your mind on overdrive, with the added bonus of getting the determination to prove other people wrong. It’s surprising how well that kind of energy can be refocused to help you find creative solutions to problems. What’s more, you don’t overthink things when you’re that angry – and overthinking tends to kill a creative idea.

Drink that White Russian…

Speaking of not thinking, there are few things in the world that can get you as effectively mindless as a good refreshing drink. Have you ever noticed how not thinking about something miraculously gives you some of the very best ideas and solutions for many challenges? It’s because focusing on a problem makes you focus on the problem, rather than finding a solution for it. By addling your brain even just a little bit, you distract yourself from the consequences and thus find solutions that you otherwise wouldn’t have thought of.

…Or forego some sleep

If getting drunk isn’t your style, you can just keep yourself awake until no one can understand what you’re saying without a zombie-human speech translator . Being sleep-deprived has effects that are remarkably similar to being drunk (but without the pesky inconvenience of an alcohol-driven hangover). Don’t think you can stay awake for more than 16 hours? Then go get yourself some coffee (bonus points if you go to a crowded coffee place). Coffee may keep your body awake, but that doesn’t mean that your brain catches up with it. So you get energy AND your mind can shut up its overly-analytical department.

Remember, though, that these tactics are best for coming up with as many off-the-wall ideas as possible without the paralyzing fear of judgment. You still have to go through your ideas at a later time, sober, well-rested, and in a place devoid of noise, sarcasm, and other forms of distraction. But it’s guaranteed that you’ll find great new blog post ideas.

Here are few more resources which will help you to find more Blog topic ideas:

Do let me know what do you do when your creative juice is running out of new topic ideas. What strategy you use to find creative ideas for your next blog post?

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COMMENTs ( 4 )

  1. hrmehrotra says

    good suggestions buddy but bloggers hv very few time to spend outside so better to search ideas using current trends on web

  2. Chatung says

    With no doubt, the above tips will does work to light’s up yours creativity but if you ask me i will rather take a different route instead. I would rather post on the topic like ‘How was the day’, ‘Today’s weather’, ‘On Current social burning issue’..n lots more.. After all it’s a blog, and followers do love a post with a personal touch.
    What i believes is, though a blog may be of a any niche topic, but sometimes a posting on “off the Topic” does creates a uniqueness, and most importantly the process gets more easier,and it does sparks out a new idea….!
    It’s just an personal experience advice….. Thanks for the article.

  3. Matt Hayden says

    Re the sarcastic flame war idea: It’s very true that when you’re a bit angry you can come up with lots of new ideas. That’s why I find it very easy to come up with content for my political blogs. Politics is often about ideology, but it’s also about emotion, after all.

    If I just read the paper, or scour the articles on Google News, I’ll usually wind up so annoyed that I could write about three blog posts. The problem then is focusing on just doing one!