How To Make Your Own Blog Formula for Success

Blog formulaTo get success in blogging, you need to build a proper Blogging business plan and you must have a Blog Success formula to run your blog for long time.

I’ve been blogging from last 8 months and in my last 8 months of blogging I’ve put together what helped me to take my blog to the next level in less time and what formula did I use. In this post I’m going to show you how to have your own blogging formula.

Real Example:

Remember Tom & Jerry?

How they used to run after each other and made you laugh? I still watch the show sometimes and can’t help but notice how there’s a small underlying formula there.

  • Toms always chases Jerry but fails miserably.
  • No matter how different themes are there, this always happens.
  • Jerry will be a US Secret Agent, Tom will be Russian.
  • Jerry will be a super hero, Tom will be be a super villain.
  • Jerry will be a thief, Tom will be the guard.

Notice how roles are opposite and they always clash?

This is the formula of Tom and Jerry. They stick to this formula and this is one of the contributing factors to their success.

You need a Blog formula for your blog too. That’s how you will succeed!


You don’t have a formula? Then read on, because this post is all about finding the blogging formula.

Making Your Own Blog Formula for Success

A formula basically means a plan. You need a plan that you will follow and succeed. Yes, it is simple but simplicity works!

Here are some formulas you can start with:

1. Publishing Time:

There are a few blogs which always publish on a fixed time. I eagerly wait for Seth Godin’s new post around evening. Because I know it will be there and it will be fun. Whole TV industry is running of this formula. They have a time for everything.

Tom & Jerry? It will be broadcasted on weekdays at 6:00 PM, no matter what. What will happen if TV channels start operating like us bloggers?

It will be national crisis and a lot of noise pollution when Tom & Jerry misses the schedule and millions of little kids start crying!

So, have a fixed publishing time. Schedule posts consistently.

2. Content Strategy:

No matter what you blog about, I am sure you publish different types of content.

You may be doing a big mistake by publishing random content types consistently. Having a content strategy in place helps you to make sure that all the categories of your blog are well fed(with content, of course!)

Here’s a small exercise for you:

Make a list of categories on your blog and then write for each category equally. If possible, spread categories on a specific day. Have a reading list published on Saturday, a list on Monday, a big post on Wednesday and so on.

3. Blog Promotion:

Here’s how a lot of us do promotion for our blogs: We run around like headless chickens doing things that may or may not make sense. One day, we are commenting heavily. Next day, we are not doing anything.

Have a plan. Set aside 2-3 days when you will do one specific activity. Give time specifically to Guest Posting as it is one of the best ways to promote your blog.

Post Takeaway

You need to get organized with blogging. Set some time aside, make a plan and then execute it well. Yes, distractions and disturbances will be there, but you can deal with them by reading following articles:

So, what are you waiting for? Set 10-20 minutes for your blog, make a plan and conquer the blogosphere.

  1. Do you have a Blog formula?
  2. What is your formula if you have one?

Do share it with us by leaving a comment below. If you find this article useful, check our Blogging tips archive.

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Ehsan Ullah is a 18 years old passionate Blogger from Kunduz, Afghanistan. He is the author of Guide And News and Healthy Geeky Life. Connect with Ehsan Ullah on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


COMMENTs ( 34 )

  1. Kshitij Jain says

    Well, this formula is very helpful to follow and work as a strategy for new bloggers. I am sure this will really help them to get boost in their traffic and make loyal reader.

  2. Sreejesh says

    Very valuable article Ehsan, failing to plan is planning to fail. Blogging without an aim or formula will lead nowhere. Setting a target and aiming towards it is best way to know how much our efforts are paying of. Without any formula there would be nothing special to learn when you look back to your footprints.

  3. Sumit Kumar says

    Great Article & Very useful for bloggers.

    Dear Ehsan, I have only 1 question, my blog speed is some slowdown & also showing feed error. Please help me to improve my blogs speed and feedburner feed.

    • Ehsan Ullah says

      Hey Sumit, There are a lot of ways to speed up your blog here on ShoutMeLoud and on my own blog.

      If you need my help, just land on my blog and contact me using the contact page or by leaving a comment on any of my post.

  4. says

    This page was referred to me by a close friend of mine. Even though I am a regular visitor to SML. I might have have missed it in the first instance. However after being referred, I again visited and read it. I was so much inspired and moved by the post, I almost instantly sat down to make a schedule for my blog. Ehsan, it’s a real value post do keep sharing similar things with up!

    • Ehsan Ullah says

      I’m so thankful to your friend than. Good to know you’re daily visitor of ShoutMeLoud and glad you inspired by my post.

      Thanks for reading it.

  5. Vipin Pandey says

    Yes, having a blogging formula is important to get success, but I was unable to collect tasks and make a working formula for me. Your post and SML help me a lot to find one, yes I am going to follow it.
    Thanks for sharing

  6. says

    Hi Ehsan,
    All formulas you have pointed are very important for bloggers. I like Content Strategy most.
    I want to add one more point that is ‘Idea Bank’. Every blogger should have a text file containing blog post ideas.
    Istiak Rayhan

  7. George says

    Very nice examples indeed. Also posting at the same time trains google crawlers to crawl at regular times. Posts are thus indexed faster. i hope to see more on your blog

  8. Priyanka says

    Blogging is a very good profession, but its promotion takes time. It takes time to get visitors, but when it jumps, it doesnt slow. Thanks for this very good article. Will improve my blog with your Hints. Thanks

  9. Nizam says

    Wow! Wonderful Tom and Jerry example. Well yes, planning/scheduling the posts is really a good strategy, so that readers can predict when to expect the next post. And agreed maintaining content strategy and publishing content related to blog niche is really important and also it improves blog’s credibility. Thanks Ehsan for this wonderful post and good to see you here Bro :)

    • Ehsan Ullah says

      Thanks for the kind words Nizam,
      I’m just trying to be everywhere now.
      Glade you liked the post.

  10. Shiwangi peswani says

    Thanks for the useful tips Ehsan, constant blog promotion is where I am lacking. Will surly make a plan now and most importantly, will stick to it. :)

  11. says

    Amazing post Ehsan.
    I face the same situation as I don’t publish regularly on my blog. That was the reason I am not getting a rise in my visitors count.
    Nice post. I love Tom and Jerry but your point is something great.
    I will surely try to come up with my own formula.
    Thanks very much bro. Amazing post :) :)

    • Ehsan Ullah says

      Hey Arbaz,

      Glade you stopped by in my guest post. In my opinion publishing in daily basis in blogging niche isn’t necessary and you don’t have to force yourself. If you’re running a tech blog than it is necessary!

      Glade you liked it ;)

  12. Outsourced says

    Hello Ehsan,

    The agenda of the blog was quite Good “Blog Formula” but the way you have stretched the article is no good, the same thing can we explained in the better and shorter way also.

    Why to keep people go on ready, just be to the point. This will make the content for user friendly and you can see a dramatic change in the number of returning visitors ans subscribers to your blog.


    • Ehsan Ullah says

      Hey OutSource,

      You’re the only one who is saying it. I don’t think the way I’ve tried to explain it was bad because I tried to make it easy to scan the post for readers and made it easy to understand.

  13. raman says

    Your formulae are well but the publishing time is changed based on the blog category.If you are run a tutorial blog it is easy to post in a particular time every day,if you run a technology blog on latest technology issues publish articles quickly because many bloggers try to post on that hot i feel publishing time is except for technology blogs.

    • Ehsan Ullah says

      Hey Raman,

      You’re right that on technology blogs publishing daily is must with the latest tech updates, but in blogging and marketing niche It’s difficult to update the blog in daily basis, but remember that having a proper schedule is must!

  14. says

    Thanks Ehsan for elaborating this thing to me. Actually I never thought to make a plan and optimize my efforts. This one seems a right stratergy for Bloggers and so. I hope this formula will help others (including me) to become better in Blogging.

    • Ehsan Ullah says

      Hey Utkarsh, Thanks for landing on my guest post buddy. Just wanted to say that you’re going on right path! ;)

  15. Nishant Srivastava says

    Its very easy to learn things by Good examples,
    I think Strategy is very Important for any blog, if you don’t have much time to write then proper scheduling and Time management can remove many difficulties, and its make us consistent and Punctual.

    • Ehsan Ullah says

      Agreed with you Nishant,

      Time management is something which I’ve been reading from long time to be able to manage my working time on my blog.

  16. says

    Nice to see you here Ehsaan and this sure is a wonderful post as well!

    I think each one of us needs a blogging formula or plan, though what works for me might not work for you. But yes, generally these are the very basics that most of us need to follow.

    Loved your example of Tom and Jerry and yes, being consistent is always the key. So is writing quality content on your blog that your readers look forward to – isn’t it? And yes, you DO need to divide your time and days doing things that need attention, or else you would land up remaining confused and rather puzzled as to how to achieve everything.

    While I do all of the things you mentioned, I’ve yet to try my hand at guest posting, something that I’m seriously now thinking about.

    Thanks for sharing such nice tips with all of us. :)

    • Ehsan Ullah says

      Hey Harleena,

      Thanks for the kind words and thanks for stopping by in my guest post at Harsh’s place.

      Well, having a formula not only for blogging, but for everything in life is necessary which almost everyone is ignoring. I’m happy to hear that you already follow the things which I mentioned in that post.

      You should start guest posting because these days after the animal updates from Google the only legal link building strategy is guest blogging.

      BTW, Appreciate your comment.

  17. akhilendra says

    Every blog need a strategy, unless until there is a strategy every blog is directionless beast which can go anywhere. Your formula will definitely help others in formulating their success formula, thanks.

    • Ehsan Ullah says

      Thanks for the kind words akhilendra. You’re right that every blog must have a right strategy (formula) to be able to grow and run it for long time.

  18. Md Sohail says

    well i got the right formula for which i have missing from so many days as i am not getting possible profit from blogging. but after reading your post i came to know some of my mistakes.. but not from now.. thanks Ehsan Ullah