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Blog design matters a lot to keep your post interactive and let your readers stick to your blog. One thing which I want to share as a reader but not as a blogger is, I hate scrolling . Specially when I have to scroll a lot.

I have seen many blogs using full post as post structure on the front page and maximum bloggers use post excerpts on the front page. For all those who are new to word post excerpts , Post excerpts are small snippet from your main post and generally display 4-5 lines in the front page, or category/tags page.

When I started blogging I used to show full post and few disadvantages which I faced with this method are :

Cons of Full posts on Homepage

Page load time : If I show 8 posts on front page, it increases the page load time and hence more load time means less reader friendly

Landing page : To counter the first point, I decreased the number of posts to 4 and it created problem in terms of , less number of posts on my homepage and my homepage is landing page for me. And thus bounce rate increased.

More Scrolling : Even in 4 or 8 posts on homepage, readers has to scroll a lot to go to bottom of the page and this again is not user friendly.

Later on I moved to post excerpts and some of the clear advantages which I saw after using post excerpts are

Benefits of Post Excerpts

More posts on front page : I have almost 8 posts on front page and when a readers land on my blog (especially on homepage) he can quickly click on any posts title which he finds interesting.

Less scrolling :  Since lost of posts are covered on the front page and with a little scroll readers can quickly navigate 8 posts. Again this increased the number of post views and decreased the bounce rate.

SEO advantage : As My category/tag and homepage have only the excerpt and only posts have complete post. It avoided any chance of post duplication issue. For this reasons I highly recommend Post excerpts.

What do you use on your blog and what do you suggest for bloggers to use (full post or Post excerpts) and any specific reason for the same?

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  1. Nizam says

    Well yes, more posts on homepage does helps, when a visitor/reader visit the blog, it will be more easy to click on any interesting post title and agreed, less scrolling means more post views and hence bounce rate will be decreased. Thanks Harsh for sharing this info :)

  2. Vineet Saxena says

    Hi Harsh,
    You are absolutely correct. I was using full posts on my homepage and bounce rate was high. now I switched to post excerpts and the results have been amazing so far.

  3. sudha says

    I prefer post excerpts and believe that when readers visit our homepage, they have nothing in their minds about our blogs and list of excerpts is like a menu for them to choose a fresh food to ‘eat’. It’s really effective because they are likely to be lazy to scroll down the screen to see other posts (in case complete posts are on homepage) and excerpts are above the fold.

  4. Rajib Kumar says

    Yeah.. i agree with your research. I important to show few lines of a post in homepage. Thanks for share.

  5. Shahab khan says

    I think there is no benefit at all of showing full posts on the homepage from blogger point of view. But if you are showing up the posts excerpts, you will have more posts on the homepage, this in turn gives readers a lot of options (posts) to choose from according to their interest.

  6. latestphonereviews says

    Not using the read more widget now. But yes it helps to increase page impressions and optimizes Home Page.

  7. Extreme John says

    I personally prefer to have a little chunk of text with the good old fashion “continue” link, I made that change about 6 months ago and my page views went from something like 30k a month to like 150k per month.

  8. Toan Nguyen Minh says

    I vote for Post Excerpts because if use complete post on index page, it will make duplicate content on your blog.

  9. Jim Clary says

    I have been using full posts, but your arguments for only excerpts make a lot of sense. I am going to change my blog. Thanks for the great advice.

  10. Suzanne Franco says

    I’ve recently gone from full post to excerpts (been meaning to for like a year LOL). I used a plugin … do you suggest the plugin or doing it through WP admin panel? Thanks. *SmiLes* Suzanne

    • says

      Hey Suzanne you have two option.. Some themes have inbuilt functions like the one I’m using.
      You can use more tags to show only excerpts or use excerpts field to show certain para or different para from the post.
      If you have tons of posts, its better to edit the theme or keep using the same plugin you are using.

  11. George Serradinho says

    I dont like it when the home page takes forever to get to the next post, i then rely on the recent posts widget in the sidebar. Most of the times the blog has the widget.

  12. chandan says

    Recently I have changed my blogger template, this new template is really very nice than before. Please take a view on my new template.

  13. Manish Chauhan says

    Yup ,I agree with Harsh

    I am also using the excerpts and another advantage of using excerpts is that you can also avoid using “Recent Posts” Widget in your blog then , because in the front page itself you can see all recent articles .


  14. Malhar Parve says

    Hi Harsh,
    I followed the same strategy of displaying the post excerpt on the homepage. Currently I have set to display 10 posts on homepage. Because of this my bounce rate never goes beyond 10%.

  15. IndianCashMaker says

    i prefer excerpts on the home page..i will agree with the most recent post to be full but not every post

  16. izzat aziz says

    i’m using full display.. after reading this post i think i should change to excerpts too.. but my theme look better if display in full, maybe i should tweak a little to my theme so that it look okay when displaying excerpt..
    great post.

  17. Surender Sharma says

    Hi Harsh,
    Really informative guide.Full post takes more time to load instead of excerpts.If you want to show 10 posts on your home page,you must use excerpts.If you publish full posts then you can realize the scrolling time as well as page load time.
    Full posts can also break the server time if you have more visitors at a time.

  18. Phaoloo says

    I prefer post excerpts and believe that when readers visit our homepage, they have nothing in their minds about our blogs and list of excerpts is like a menu for them to choose a fresh food to ‘eat’. It’s really effective because they are likely to be lazy to scroll down the screen to see other posts (in case complete posts are on homepage) and excerpts are above the fold.

  19. Jaspal says

    i use excerpt and a grid view on my homepage .. i makes much easier to scan the posts and little details that would make the visitor feel less distracted.

  20. Avinash says

    Harsh, I use excerpts on the homepage. I feel magazine style WP Themes, make the best use of excerpts on HomePages using more screen area space and with minimal scrolling on homepage and showing more posts as said by you.

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