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How A Single Blog Comment Made $650 For Me & Takeaway For You

How A Single Blog Comment Made $650 For Me & Takeaway For You

Do you think a Blog comment can make money for you? Well, it certainly made money for me and if you are serious about it, it can also make money for you. In this guide I will be sharing all the steps which I took, that made $$$ for me. Last week I talked about blog comment moderation guide, and if you are a regular Shouter, you would know that on my blogs I accept only high-quality and meaningful comments.

I made a policy of accepting comments which adds value to the post and this is one thing which encourages more high quality comments from you and other shouters. After all, who would like to drop a detailed comment when they know they are not being heard. If you are still haven’t read my earlier guide on blog commenting, I suggest you to go through this post and read it word by word. This will certainly change the way you approve comments on your blog.

Yesterday I shared a blog post about Swift WordPress theme which is one of the popular WordPress themes out there, and I was getting comments from people who tried and tested this premium theme for free. Today, I got a comment from Raspal (A Shouter) who informed me about the popular WordPress theme called “X“. That’s kind of unique name for a WordPress theme; is int it?

Making money from Blog comments

The name itself is so amazing, I couldn’t help myself and researched about it. While researching I got to know this particular theme is ranking as number#2 on ThemeForest and this is kind of big deal. More over, this theme is a featured pack modern WordPress theme which we need to stand out in today’s date.

Check out X Theme on ThemeForest.

How I made money with Blog Comments:

I started researching about the theme and landed on the official theme page which is professionally done. If you have heard me before, I always talked about being visually appealing and that’s the first thing which attracts first time visitor. I started looking at the features, and this particular WordPress theme has all the latest features such as Flat UI, Google Authorship, Responsive design to name a few and it’s designed for someone like you and me with no technical skills. I will share the review soon, but first let me get back to the story.

I quickly searched for the contact form and contacted the developer to ask for a review copy. This is something which I already talked earlier on this post. This is the exact Email which I sent in the Email (Kindly ignore the typos):

review copy of WordPress theme

Within next 15 minutes I got a reply from them , and they were more than happy to offer me the review copy of the theme. Here is the Email reply which I got.

Comment form reply

And here goes my reply to the Email:

Email response

And this was the final email before I was on a Skype call with Kyle:

Final money Email

And within next 5 minutes of Email conversation, I was on a voice call with Kyle who is the marketing guy from For the first 30 minutes we talked about the them itself; and he explained what made them to create this theme and all the story behind it. I will share the details with the review post soon, but for not lets stick to the topic.

Once we are done talking about theme features and it’s inception, I asked him about the advertising options he is looking for. This is where importance of advertising page comes into the picture, and he told me about the unsold inventory he saw on ShoutMeLoud advertisement page. I realised that I have not updated the advertisement page for the months and this page still shows $650 for sidebar banner advertisement. Well it would be so inappropriate to ask for updated price, I asked Kyle to let me use my affiliate link for the sidebar banner which he gladly accepted. Within minutes he sent me the graphics and made the payment via PayPal, and his ad was live.

PayPal money

This all thing happened within 60 minute of span and indeed with the help of one meaningful comment. Now Kyle WordPress Theme “X” banner is already live on ShoutMeLoud and it made me $650 from the direct advertisement and more money would follow from the affiliate sales.


This story is not about how I made $65o from a direct ad sales, but it’s about how you can use the same idea to make more money. First and foremost, take comment on your blog very seriously. My only advice would be; before you approve any comment ensure it’s adding value to the post itself. More over, when somebody comment on your blog about something which is new to you; take it seriously. Research and see if that’s something interest you. Ensure you have an advertisement page on your blog to ensure marketing guys can find out advertisement options on your blog.

This is one quick story of just another blog comment on ShoutMeLoud and if you follow the same policy, I’m sure your blog comments will do more than just adding value to your post. If you have a similar story to share, I would like to hear your story. If you find this blogging experience useful, do share it with your blogger friends on Facebook and Twitter.