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Live video broadcast is becoming popular these days, and everyone wants to be the first one to grab the news, or watch a video. There are many paid and free tools are online, which will help you to live stream your video. For example, when ever I attend a blogger or a gadget launch event, I stream video live on my YouTube channel, using Google plus hangout feature.

When you are using a 3rd party tool to braodcast a video, one major problem you will be finding is lagging of videos, slow buffering and many other issues which are mostly related to bandwidth. When ever I have attended a Webinar, and if the broadcaster internet speed is slow, I usually find the streaming video to be lagging, and it gives a bad user experience. BitTorrent Live is a new service which solves the problem of buffering by utilizing the P2p technology.

What is BitTorrent Live and how it works?

Bittorrent Live serviceBitTorrent live in a nut-shell is a live video streaming service, which works by utilizing the P2P technology. If you are aware of Seeds and peer terminology of P2P, you will not find it as a technical jargon. If not, here is a quick explanation:

When you broadcast or live stream a video using BitTorrent live, your viewer will become a miniature broadcaster, thus making sure your your live streamed video will not be lagging, when thousands of viewers join you.

This is very useful for bloggers, internet marketers, when they are doing a live stream/broadcast, and they are on a slow internet connection. With BitTorrent live service (Currently in Beta), your viewer will not face any issues.

This service is currently in Beta, and is completely free. Anyone can become a broadcaster by signing up for an account and creating a channel. Though, I have not yet tried and tested the service, but I have created a channel with the name “ShoutMeLoud“.

How to use Bit-Torrent Live Streaming service?

To view a video or broadcast a video, you need to download Bittorrent live from the official site here. This is available for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu OS. You can broadcast video using your Webcam, Flash media live encoder or other 3rd party apps which can stream to RTMP server (Ex: VLC). For flash media live encoder user, you can refer to this guide here. Once you start streaming, your channel will start showing you on Air.

Live stream video on P2P

I find Bittorrent live to a solution for many broadcaster, who are suffering from slow bandwidth issue. This web based live streaming service is in beta version, and hope to see many new featured added with time. Right now, this web app lacks many feature, as you can’t stream live using your mobile devices or even with tablets. Similarly, you can’t watch a BitTorrent live streaming video on your Smartphone or tablet, which is a big flow, especially when the number of smartphone users and Tablet is rising with every day.

One good thing about this live stream service is, it also offers broadcasters and viewers to chat with each other, using Live chat feature. Which is one very effective tool for broadcaster. There should be few features like kicking out, and blocking certain users, which will make it more effective. Since this service is free, there is nothing to complain about.

Time will tell, how people are going to use BiTorrent live broadcast feature. For now, this is one step taken at the right step to fight slow bandwidth issue for video broadcaster. How likely you are going to use this service to live broadcast your webinars?

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