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    Bing : Video search is amazing

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    Bing was launched on 3rd June and with some amazing feature, it seems like Microsoft decision based search engine : Bing will keep up the hype this time.

    One of the amazing feature of Bing is it’s video search.

    What’s so special about Bing Video search?

    Unlike other search engine, Bing not only display search result, but you can also play the video directly from the search engine. All you need to do is hover your mouse to any video and it will start streaming from there. You can also control the video volume from search page.

    Moreover when you will click on any video, it will play the video in the Bing search page, instead of redirecting you to original page. Here are some screenshots of Bing Video search.

    bing video result thumb Bing : Video search is amazing

    bing embed video result thumb Bing : Video search is amazing


    I find this new feature very efficient and time saver. I’m sure I’m going to write a lot about Bing in coming days.

    Do let us know about your opinion on Bing search engine.

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    I expected the name to be Kumo…But surprised to see Bing online. even Kumo.com redirecting to Bing..

    Bing Bing Bang :)



    I just hope Microsoft has pay a lot to have such feature.



    good point… when you move your cursor on video. video plays with good loud sound.
    Microsoft will pay more but definately dominate and grow in search share.



    Bing is in its initial stages, its too early to declare it as a fine search engine. Although it promises to be a great one. Lets see what happens after a month or so !



    Harsh its really great feature. I like bing. I think it will be a big competeter for google.



    This is a huge benefit. It is a definite time saver. I’m very impressed with Bing so far. I do think that Google will counteract with something else as well.


    Manoj Varghese Mathew

    luks wise bing is much better than both google and yahoo..
    but much people dont even know that there is search engine called bing
    unless and untill UR windows or IE is updates and notices it when the default search change to google…
    since google is there frm da beginning of internet in india.. much of people by default log in to google for any simple search


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