How to find Bing Search API for SEOPressor LSI Settings

Earlier, I have shared review of SEOPressor, and as I promised, I will be sharing tutorial and guides to using SEOPressor (SEO Professor) plugin. As I mentioned, SEOPressor 5 got LSI feature that will help you to rank higher in searches. To activate SEOPressor LSI settings, you need to get Bing Search API key from Windows Azure marketplace. It’s free, and here in this quick guide I will share how to get your Bing API key.

How to Create Bing API Key for Search

Follow below-mentioned points, step by step, and you will be able to activate LSI feature of SEOPressor in no time. Go to Bing search API page, and on the right column, select the free plan. On the next page, you need to login using your Hotmail, outlook ID. Once you logged in, it will ask you to create a Windows Azure account. Simply fill the form and register for Azure marketplace.

Bing Search API

Now, on the Bing API Key checkout page, select TOS and click on sign up. Once done, click on the account link at the top navbar. Under Account page> Click on account keys, and you will be taken to next page, containing your Bing API key. You can click on Edit, and change the  name of default to SEOPressor. (See screenshot)

SEOPressor LSI Key

Now, all you need to do is, go to SEOPressor settings > Advanced > LSI Settings, and add the Bing API key to activate the LSI feature.

LSi feature SEOPressor

That’s it, and now you will be able to use the LSI feature of SEOPressor. Also, at the same time you also got to know about Bing search API key, and how to find it. This will be useful for any other project you are using.

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How’s your experience of SEOPressor plugin so far? Are you also in love with new features of SEOPressor 5?

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COMMENTs ( 22 )

  1. John says

    Hey Harsh, the LSI section displayed for few days using Bing API key , but now the LSI section in posts shows no results. Please help .

  2. Florin says

    Same problem with getting invalid Api key notices. I tried multiple times, regenerated the key, checked carefully to be sure I copied it all. I’m sure I copied it right, but I think there is a problem between Seopressor and Bing.

  3. says

    Hey Sir Harsh, how’s you today? So nice to be here again today! :)

    So I followed all the steps and I’m to announce to you that I have just set up my bing API Key and trust me when I say it was so easy as ABC, all thanks to your “How to Guide…” :D

    I will be here again.


    • says

      I’m doing great and how are you? Thanks for your comment and glad this article helped you. Feel free to browse more stuff on ShoutMeLoud and if you have queries which is not mentioned on my blog, you can ask them on ShoutMeLoud forum at

    • says

      You need to ensure you following the right method to generate API key. If you following all the methods and API key is giving error, ensure you are using latest version of SEOPressor. If that doesn’t solve the purpose, you should get in touch with SEOPressor support. They are usually fast in responding to such problems.

  4. Naser says

    Hello Harsh,

    Can we use same API key for multiple sites? I have already generated one API key for one of my sites and I am thinking of using the same API on my new site.

  5. himanshu says

    Hey Harsh i would like to ask that i did followed all the steps when fill the API key it states it invalid what could i do for that??

  6. Mario says

    I also have the same problem when activating the API key in SEOPressor it is coming up invalid. lol

  7. Dave says

    I followed the instructions above All I get is The Bing API Key is invalid.

    I even regenerated a new key and still. Is this still working on the new seopressor or was this an old feature they no longer have


  8. nimish says

    sir, thanks for sharing this i purchased seopressor after reading your articles but when I add bing api key it shows invalid Bing api key.

    any suggestions ? please help me out

    • says

      I followed the same process, and it worked fine with me. You can get in touch with their support, and they will fix the issue for you. Let me know, how it worked out for you.

      • nimish says

        sir, i shared issue with Daniel tan and got a problem in curl_exec() file as it is disabled in my site.I made contact with hosting provider and they are denying to enable it due to security reasons of server and hosting websites.My site runs on NET 4 India.

        can you provide me any assistance regarding what to do now ?

        thank you

  9. rakesh kumar says

    i think after this LSI keyword inclusion, seo pressor is again making some real sense for seo. Your article has given us a real chance to try this great seo tools for better ranking. Otherwise i was one of the staunch critic of seopressor.

  10. Aliakbar Fakhri says

    Thanks a lot for this, I though Bing Api keys are not Free?
    I had yesterday updated my SEOpressor to V5, but i has lot of settings like Meta TAgs and other,? I have not enabled all other Extra Settings in V5? Will this Harm My SEO?
    I am think to revert back to V4 as this was Easy for Me
    Please help Me

    • says


      1) Bing API is free and paid. If you follow the tutorial, you can get a free bing API account.
      2) V5 is advanced and offer many new features. In Short, it could replace WordPress SEO by yoast, but I won’t recommend that for now. FOr now, you can disable all advance module, and I will share a tutorial on using SEOpressor V5 soon.

  11. says

    Hi Harsh,
    I followed the instructions here and successfully added Bing API key.
    But, whenever I click on LSI in Content section, but it’s not giving any LSI suggestions. It’s again saying to go to settings and add Bing API key.

    Any suggestions?

    • nimish says

      hi avadhut i am also facing the same problem, if you get success in solving this issue lease notify me as well.

  12. says

    Hi Harsh,

    Thanks for sharing the information Harsh.Although i have’nt tried SEO Pressor But yes i am going to use it soon hope this information will help me that time.

    Thank You
    Shorya Bist
    From Youthofest

  13. Rahul says

    Hey Harsh…I read your review on SEOpressor…also you kept your promise..:-)
    I will definitely try this…Thanks..!!!