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Biggest mistakes while making blogBlogging has taught me many lessons of my life. Discipline, punctuality, patience, hard-work,etc are just a few. While I made my first blog on blogger, it was just for fun. I had never thought that blogging could take someone to a new level. We often tend to make mistakes and later realize how silly we were then.

These mistakes are very important since we can learn from our mistakes and avoid them in the future.

Today, I am sharing a few big mistakes that we as bloggers often make and then repent. However, it’s no use of crying over spilt milk! Among these are a few mistakes that i had made myself, while some are related to my friend’s and fellow blogger’s experience.

My Mistakes in blogging : Take away as much as you can


My first blog was about free movies and games. I used to share torrents and cracked games and upload them on my site. I thought I was helping everyone by doing this. However, later I realized that respecting Copyright is the first duty of a blogger. With all the movies and games, people used to visit my blog and I got a nice amount of traffic but then when I tried to take my blog to next level, I was out of options. With a copyright violating blog, you can not even think of monetizing your blog since various advertising companies such as AdSense, BuySellads, etc are all against piracy and will never let you earn through them. Never copy other blog’s contents or get into a niche, which people will never acknowledge.  You might end up making some amount of money with such blogs, but you will never end up making a name out of your blog. More over, with blogs publishing pirated content, such blogs doesn’t last for long.

Takeaway: It’s never too late to do the right thing. If you still running a blog about pirated content, spam, hacking, you should consider re-evaluating your strategies.

Search engine optimization-

Popularly known as SEO, this term is fully unacquainted for new bloggers. During my first blogging days, I never knew if anything like SEO existed. I had never optimized any posts or had any knowledge of keywords and stuffs. Later when I realized the importance of SEO, it was too late. Optimizing each blog out of more than 500 posts seems to be very challenging and believe me, it is challenging! Never ignore SEO or Search Engines will ignore you.

Takeaway: Don’t wait knowledge to strike you, go ahead and acquire the knowledge. If you planning to make a career in blogging, go ahead and learn SEO. If you have enough money to spend, opt for personal coaching.

Social media optimization-

Who doesn’t use Facebook and twitter for your blog? Well, I didn’t use them. I never knew what impact these social networking sites can have on the traffic and quality of a blog. We have various sites such as Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Google Plus,etc which have the potential of sending thousands of visitors and readers to your blog and if you ignore this part, you will really have to repent. Do remember, social media etiquette when you planning to drive traffic through social media sites.

Takeaway: Get your blogs on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. Engage with your fans and build a community around your blog.


Dark black theme, with flashy wallpapers and lots of widgets on the main screen seemed so beautiful. But know when I see such sites I get a really bad feeling. My first blog that I made, seems to me like the ugliest blog ever. Please make a wise decision while selecting the design of you blog since first impression is the last impression. A visitor who doesn’t like your design will never like your content. You should present the content in such a way that the viewer first enjoys the content just by seeing it rather than reading.

Your blog design is the first impression of your blog, and having an elegant and quality theme is necessity. If you have good budget, grab a Studiopress pro package or if you are in limited budget, grab a theme from theme-junkie.

Domain Name-

“” or “”. I bet no one will ever like to visit blogs with such names. Domain name plays an important role in your blog’s future. Blogs with .blogspot or .wordpress extension seldom succeed. Make sure you make a short, descriptive custom domain for your blog and avoid the free custom services since they can hurt a lot later. Godaddy and other sites provide domains at very low price. Make sure you buy your own custom domain quick.

When you are selecting a domain name for your new blog, think of it as your name. Which name would you prefer for yourself: “downloadmeforfree” or something like “ShoutMeLoud”.  Similarly your domain name will be your brand, and this is the first step where you should brainstorm a lot.

Advertisements –

Website full of ads

Showing ads on your site is good but never overdo good things. Filling up your blog with advertisements in the greed of earning more can really devastate you and your blog. A site with a clutter of ads will never appeal to readers, however nice the content would be. Ads should be limited to 3-4 per page. Companies such as Adsense even have it in their policy not to display more than a limited number of ads on one page. In the hoard of earning more, do not end up your blog’s future.

Overconfidence & Lack of patience:

Your blog can never become a superblog overnight. Making a blog is very easy but maintaining it requires a whole lot of patience and hard work. You can never dream of earning millions with your blog overnight. Bloggers must have the quality of patience in them. Also, Overconfidence can kill your blog. Never disrespect other’s work. Always have a friendly connection with all your readers. This will surely improve the traffic and quality of your blog.

These are a few common mistakes that we bloggers often make. If you have any more advice please comment below and let us know :)

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This is a guest post by Resham from EPIBlog. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our submission guidelines.

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COMMENTs ( 35 )

  1. Prakash Kanyal says

    It is nice to me, I came across the SML.I am learning every day with Harsh and other Bloggers. I had a Blogspot blog but after addiction of SML I just moved to WordPress and Bought a custom domain. It is great help guys.

    Thanks a lot.

  2. Abhinav Jain says

    Today only i got an offer from some one who wanted to advertise on my blog and is ready to pay $175 for one year contract but the problem is i know what he want is not going to help him nor will it help me. He wanted me to add some code in the footer of my blog and that way few links will start showing on all pages of my blog.

    I know i have a chance to make money but i am not going to accept it as it is definitely going to harm my blog reputation. So guys wait for right opportunity and the go for it instead of making quick money.

  3. Rajkumar Jonnala says

    failure is a stepping stone of success and the one who keeps on trying without giving up will always succeed in their life

  4. Traveler says

    You have already covered all the common mistakes one can do while blogging. I just want to add one more thing. Some bloggers are so dependent and influenced by others that they just follow them blindly. I think every blogger should make a unique identity and as you said brand name of his own.
    Whatever you have just take the basics from professionals and try out in your way. You will never learn by reading theory. The only way to learn from mistakes is when you are doing it practically. I hope it counts.

  5. Vishnu says

    Hi bro,everything is clear from your post .I liked it very much.Please keep posting such articles about your genuine experience.It will be a lesson for new bloggers.


  6. Dinesh says

    Reallly till yesterday my blog was the one u described Black theme
    and sharing torrents and games and all the stuff u described
    learnt my lesson and here is my new revised version

  7. Rapidroar says

    Thanks resham for enlightening the mistake about Piracy. unfortunately i have done the mistake of making some of Movie and games downloading website.
    I want your advice, about what to do with it?
    Should i shut down it or Convert it in to something else..! and if your advice is to convert it, What niche should i choose?

    • Resham Panth says

      I had to delete all my hosted copyrighted files and posts from my blog. That was a tedious job ;)
      Since I am interested in Technology and Android, I have made them my niche. Make your desired passion as your niche and then you will surely enjoy blogging!

  8. Lakhyajyoti says

    Great post. It is a very helpful post for all bloggers. Avoiding such mistakes will surely make our blog a better one. Thanks for sharing.

  9. says

    My dear Resham Panth one thing is clear that you fulfill the fundamental requirement to become a great blogger that is professional honesty which you did have in abundance and that is why you openly shared all your and your friend’s blogging mistakes. But my dear all these mistakes a blogger do if he does not do extensive research before venturing into this field; otherwise every newbie blogger is fully aware of the significance of contents, design, SEO, engagement and social media sharing for blogging share. Anyway you realized your mistake and now on a path to success this is really the spirit of positive blogging. Great post buddy thanks for sharing

    • Resham Panth says

      I had never thought blogging could take someone to a new level. In my starting days, I just wanted a little space of my own on the web :)
      Never thought to do anything professional but now things seem to have changed ;)

  10. stargaterich says

    You missed out one important point, notably of not collecting contacts of subscribers. As what John Chow highlighted in his blog, building leads and targeted list should be the number one focus when you start blogging.
    I don’t quite agree that SEO is important during the initial phase of starting a blog. In fact Google prefers a website that is not too optimize for keywords. Apart from that, the rest of the key points you highlighted are very important though…

  11. Stephen Malan says

    Had to laugh as we made some of these as well…..and some others that weren’t mentioned in the post. Learn from your past mistakes or be doomed to repeat the same mistakes.

    Thanks for this post!

  12. Deepak Singh says

    You are absolutely right on all points, especially about the SEO. It should start even before your blogs get online. Thanks for such an informative post.

  13. GPandey says

    Well there are more others silly mistakes .. which you may have not done but other bloggers might do.. it will be better if you try to include them also..

    • Resham Panth says

      I am sure there are many other mistakes as well. Would love to hear from you! Do let us know about your experiences via comments ;)

  14. tarique anwar says

    Thanks for sharing your blogging experience…this points are very helpful for new bloggers who are going to start their blogging career. By keeping this point in mind while blogging we can get best results.

    • Resham Panth says

      Avoid these mistakes and pay utmost attention to SEO! And I am sure your blog will succeed :)

  15. motupally says

    While reading this article , i recollected all the mistakes which i have done when i start blogging….. each and every point seems to me and my mistakes . Awesome inputs for new bloggers .

    Eespecially , i agree with this line “Never ignore SEO or Search Engines will ignore you ”

    All the mistakes mentioned above are made me strong to become a blogger ( i love to read this kind of real experienced content )

  16. Ahmad Raza says

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us… 2,3 mistakes mentioned above were also done by me at initial stages…Surely these tips will help many new bloggers…

    • Resham Panth says

      These mistakes can be made by anyone. One needs to be aware of the situation and work accordingly. Takes a lot of time to rectify the old mistakes #Waste of Time :P

  17. says

    Great tips for anyone wanting to succeed at blogging – I heartily agree with all the points you make. Another mistake is failing to fill your blog with high quality content – superficial or poorly written posts just won’t make the grade – you need to provide value for your readers.


    • Resham Panth says

      High Quality content is the basic pillar for a successful blog! You give quality Content to your readers and you get quality traffic in return :D

  18. Suresh Khanal says, hahaaa.. it really looks funny but yes, in beginning days, when there were so many SEO posts that suggests you to use keyword rich domain names, its very easy to fall in pray of such an IMPOSSIBLE domain names.

    Thanks for these awesome tips, they are indeed a great reference points to improve anybody’s blog. You don’t have time enough to make mistakes and learn, we need to try to learn from other’s mistakes too!

    Thanks again for such insightful and entertaining post.

    • Resham Panth says

      We never have that much time to rectify our mistakes. I guess this same principle works for real life too :P

  19. Neeraj says

    I do fully agree with your views and experiences. Patience and dedication always pays. One needs to overcome their expectation to become blogging superhero overnight.
    one of the critical aspect is to blog for passion and not money. Money will eventually follow you.

    • Resham Panth says

      Must agree with you. We must never try to earn a lot from our blog. We will earn only whta we deserve right? :)

  20. Aditya Singh says

    The article is really good. All the Point u have given will help me a lot and this point i like very much ##Search engine optimization..

    • Resham Panth says

      These are just a few mistakes we make on our blogs. The list is never ending :P
      And as said in the post, SEO is very important and I would thank SML for helping all the bloggers worldwide with their great SEO tips and tricks!!